Bernadette Calls A Lawyer

Bernadette is a 25 year old,5’2”,long hair brunette,petite,and cute. She looks like and dresses like a school girl with well developed breasts for her size.. She ‘s been asked for ID when ordering a drink. She is divorced and living with her friend and lover Ernesto. He’s 50 years old and president of a bank. He loves “Bernie” as she prefers to be called. He knows and understands her sexual needs. She is sexually adventurous.It’s the seventies. One man is not enough for her.

Bernie was looking in her pocket book. She found a business card that was given to her by an attorney. She remembered she was having a nice meal after Girls Night Out. He seemed nice. His name was Anthony. She called his office. He picked the phone up. She told him about the business card. He said he remembered how beautiful she was. She said she remembered him as being handsome. He wanted to meet her. She said she was going to the mall in Big Town Sunday after “Black Friday.” They could meet for coffee at the Coffee Hut at noon. He said that would be nice.

Saturday Bernie told Ernesto she was going to a department store at the mall in Uptown Sunday as they had a big sale on things she was buying for him. He said he wanted to stay home and watch football on TV.

Saturday afternoon Ernesto took Bernie to the Euro XXX Theater in Uptown for her gangbang. Afterwards they went for a steak dinner. When they got home Bernie was Ernesto’s desert.

Sunday, Bernie went to the mall early. She bought several items for her lover Ernesto. It was fun Christmas Shopping for the man she loves.

At noon she went to the Coffee Hut. She saw Anthony the lawyer. He waived and helped her with her packages. They sat down at a table. He asked Bernie if he could get her something to eat? She said coffee and a cookie would be great. They sat and talked. Anthony talked about his divorce. Bernie talked a little about hers. Because she looked like a young girl he was surprised of what she had been through. He asked her what she had planned for the day? She said she had few hours of playtime. She asked what he wanted to do? He said he would love to go to bed with her. She asked him where? He said his house. She said she had a better idea. She told him the Euro XXX Theater. He asked why? She said it was closer and secure. She said a family owned and ran the theater. He hesitated, then agreed. She said she would meet him in the lobby of the theater.

They met in the lobby. He had to buy a ticket for the Euro side. She led him downstairs, then followed a dimly lighted hallway and to the right. The walls and ceiling were finished to look like a cave with tunnels. The first cave on the right was where she had been yesterday. The gang bang room. The next room was the BDSM room. The next room after that was the Swingets Room for open sex. Finally, the Caveran with small caves for Private Intimacy. A curtain could be drawn indicating occupancy. Anthony was amazed that this girl knew her way around this place.

Bernie hugged and kissed Anthony. She took her clothes off. He was stunned how beautiful she was. Her nipple rings with gold chains. Her choker collar, with a gold necklace with chain around her breasts and another chain connected to dangle at her waist. She also wore her gold waist chain He saw her belly button diamond. She showed him her clit piercing and of course her tongue piercing for stimulating his cock.

She got on her knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out. She licked, sucked, and pulled his cock. She kept eye contact with him showing her love and respect for him. He undressed and she helped him. They kissed. She put her arms around his neck as they kissed. He pulled pressing her body to him. They layed on the bed and he explored her body with his hands, fingers, tongue, and his lips. She was already having orgasms. He asked her what the message was on her mound? She said,”TE AMO.” “I Love You.” He said he loved her too. He said he wanted to fuck her. She said any way you want to. He said doggy style. He asked her if she wanted him to use a condom? She Frenched kissed him and whispered in his ear,”No, she wanted to feel his Love Cum. She wanted to taste it.”

With that statement he put KY on his cock and pushed his cock into her small, tight pussy. He slowly fucked her and as she moaned he increased his speed. She got louder as his balls slapped her pussy with the thrusts of his cock. She stimulated her clit with her fingers as he reached around to massage her breasts and nipples. Anthony felt Bernie’s vaginal muscles tighten up on his cock as she pulled on it. He said he was cumming. She kept pulling his cock in her pussy. He squirted a lot of cum. So much it leaked out of her and on her thighs. They both were panting. It had been long time since he had been with a woman. Especially as beautiful as Bernie. She had a spoon and asked him to spoon feed her his cum. He did. He was amazed how open she was about sexuality. She swallowed it. She said he now was a part of her. He would always be with her. She pushed the cum out of her pussy and he cleaned her thighs with the spoon. She licked his cock and balls clean of his cum. She swallowed all of it.

They rested and talked for awhile. She said she needed to shower. They both went together and showered. He was aroused again. She kissed him and asked him if he wanted her to satisfy him? He said he wanted to fuck her ass in the shower. She kissed him, got on her knees and raised her ass. He stood over her and fucked her ass. She grunted then moaned with pleasure. He squirted her ass and she orgasmed. She was panting.

They finally finished sex and showers. They got dressed. He wanted to see her again. She felt the same way. He asked her to call him. She said she loved him. She would call him. She thanked him for the nicest Sunday afternoon. They kissed and parted as lovers.

She got home at 3:30PM. She had quite load of gifts for Ernesto. He helped her bring them inside. He said it wasn’t fair she had them wrapped. He couldn’t see what she bought him. He was joking of course. She kissed him. He asked her how late the mall was opened on Sunday Night? . She said until 11PM during the holidays. He said he wanted to take her shopping now. She said okay but he was driving as she just got home from there.

He wanted her to buy some more sexy revealing clothes from the French clothing store. The last party he took her to she caused quite a buzz wearing these fashions. He loved being wIth her and showing her off. The store had a private viewing area so he could see her model the clothing for him. He loved revealing clothing. He also loved when she wore young girls clothing mixing slut with innocence. They also had costume jewelry to accent the woman’s body and discreetly reveal parts of her body. He bought what turned him on and what turns her on. Their clothing tastes were equal.

They went to the big buffet bar after shopping. Bernie said at least she knows what she is getting for Christmas. Ernesto said,” Ho!Ho!Ho! Not all of it.” Bernie said it wasn’t fair and she kissed him.

Monday back to work. After work she would meet Carlos at the hotel to get her brains fucked out of her by the “Wild Man.”

Bernadette And The Lawyer Are In Agreement.. .to be continued

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