Club Drama Chapter Seven

We both briefly spoke on our phones and hung up. Ciara put her clothes back on and I had finished getting dressed when she turned to me and said “If I promised to not tell my sister , or anyone and especially not Kenzie could we fool around sometimes at work?” I half smiled and she went on to say “I know you think I am hot. You like my pussy and my ass! You know you want to. Shit, I bet if I had bigger tits you would no doubt. Be honest just fucking tell me.” I paused a few seconds before saying “yes, I think your hot and I really like your ass, but I do really care about Kenzie and would never ever do anything to hurt her.” Ciara slapped her butt and questioned “you can truthfully tell me you never want to grab my ass again? Never stare at it when you pound me?” I half smiled and answered “you and Kenzie both have amazing butts. How about I agree to think about it.” Ciara smiled and headed for the door and said “I will give you till end of day to think about it.” She hugged me and I pinched her butt as she went out the door.

Robert came and picked me up and we went to the chapel in a limo and waited for Kenzie and her friends to arrive. They showed up and Kenzie was a knockout in a short white dress. The ceremony was quick and she and I rode in the limo to a small reception. Once in the limo we began making out and I ran my hands under her dress. She stopped my hands and said “baby, be patient I have something special planned for you tonight so relax.” I smiled and we kissed softly till we arrived at the restaurant and went inside. There was plenty of eating, drinking and dancing began. Her friends took turns dancing with me for one song and Ciara was last. She said “have you thought about my offer anymore.” I snickered and she gave me a questioned look and I turned her away from other peoples view and softly pinched her butt and whispered “no promises but we shall see how it goes.” Ciara smiled and said “sounds like a plan. The song ended and I began dancing with Kenzie for a few song before stopping for a drink.

I was drinking a beer when I was approached by Ciara. She said to me “do you think we could go outside and talk for a few minutes.” I nodded my head and we went outside and stood infront of the limo. Ciara said “is that unlocked cause it’s cold out here and we could sit in there.” I answered “ I think the driver was going to leave it unlocked so I could put things in the back.” I pulled on handle and sure enough it was unlocked and we got inside. Once inside I asked “what did you want to talk about that you took me outside.” Ciara gave a devilish smile and answered “ well, I didn’t think you would want take a chance someone over hearing me ask you if you wanted to see my panties.” I laughed and said “good point. That would be bad at my wedding reception.” She laughed and pulled up the bottom of her dress showing me her very tiny red thong.” I smiled and reached over and moved her thong to the side and softly rubbed her pussy lips. She laid back on the seat and I proceeded to slide my middle finger inside her pussy. Then, I moved my finger back and forth causing her to begin moaning. I continued to pleasure her with my fingers as she moaned for several minutes until she came all over my hand.  Ciara said “ahh. I guess we better go back inside.” I looked at her and said “bull shit. I am not going back in all hot and turned on and get blue balls. Fuck no, sore balls for me as I dance and walk around!” Then, I unzipped my pants and said “suck my cock you dirty little slut.” She laughed and took my cock out and began licking the tip before wrapping her lips around it and taking it in her mouth. Ciara sucked hard and fast as I laid back on the seats .  She sucked for a little over 5 minutes till I blew a load in her mouth and it drizzled onto her chin. I grabbed some napkins and handed her a couple and cleaned up myself. Then, I pulled back up my pants and we quickly and discretely snuck back into the reception.

When I was back inside I saw Kenzie talking with Chey and I walked over and hugged her from behind. She turned her head back and kissed me as I held her. We danced a little bit more, drank and talked with friends for another hour before leaving for our hotel. I asked her on the way what she had planned special for our wedding night and she told me it was a surprise. After we got to the hotel room she told me to go take a shower as she got my surprise ready. I did as she suggested and took a relaxing shower for probably 10 minutes. After I shut the water off and finished drying off I heard Kenzie say “I will tell you when to come out.” I said ok and waited for her to call me. A couple minutes later Kenzie said “ok come on out.” As I walked out of the bathroom to my surprise I saw Kenzie and Leah both sitting on the end of the bed naked. Kenzie smiled at me and said “babe, for your surprise Leah and I are going to put a show on for you.” I smile and said “ok”. Kenzie added “after what took place at the club I thought about It a lot. Then, I talked to Leah and well you will see. Have a seat in the chair.” I sat in the chair and watched as Leah began rubbing her hands up and down Kenzie’s body. She cupped Kenzie’s boobs and licked them and softly kissed her lips. Next, she took Kenzie’s hands and placed them on her own boobs and Kenzie gently squeezed Leah’s tits and the two of them kissed again. Leah softly patted Kenzie’s crotch and Kenzie licked Leah’s boobs.  Leah got off the bed and walked over to the side of the bed and pulled something out of a bag and I couldn’t see what it was for a second or tell what she was doing it until Leah turned around. She had put on a strap on and Leah said “your wifey told me she was turned on when I playfully used the vibrator on her and I suggested we up it and see what you think if I fuck her.” I looked at Kenzie who was smiling at me and I smiled back at her. Leah climbed on the bed and I heard her say to Kenzie “how about we try doggy so he can watch your boobs bounce and your face smile .” Kenzie and Leah moved around until Kenzie was on her hands and knees facing me and Leah was kneeling behind her. Kenzie’s mouth opened halfway and that made me figure out that Leah had placed the strap on dildo inside her pussy. Kenzie began to moan softly as Leah thrust back and forth. From my view I watched as both girls boobs bounced with every thrust and I heard moans from both of them as well. It was hard to not touch myself as I watched the two of them basically get it on. The sex show went on for 10-15 more minutes of bouncing and moaning until Leah said “get over her and join us!” I rushed over to the bed and Leah said “stand infront of her! Suck your man’s cock!”  Kenzie opened her mouth and proceeded to suck my cock. Leah took off the strap on and kneeled on the floor below me and started sucking on my balls. It was nice being pleasured by both mouths. Leah stopped moaning long enough to say to Kenzie “how would you like to try using the strap on me. You and him can both fuck me.” Kenzie said ok and Leah helped her put it on. Then, Leah said “ Kenzie you lay under neath me and put it in my pussy while your man fucks my ass!” Everyone moved around till Leah was angled on top of Kenzie and had guided the dildo inside her pussy. Then, I spread Leah’s butt cheeks and slowly guided my cock in her ass. Leah began to moan and rock back and forth on Kenzie as I thrust into Leah’s ass. This went on for quite awhile until Leah stopped and said “let me clean you off. Before I watch you newlyweds fuck.” She reached for a washcloth which was on the night stand and wiped my cock off before helping Kenzie take off the strap on. Kenzie gently pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me and guided my cock I to her pussy. She bounced up and down on me moaning as I held her hips for several minutes till I came inside her. Leah got dressed and before leaving said “I will leave you two alone. Kenzie thanks for letting me be part of your special night.” Then, out the door Leah went and Kenzie kissed my lips and we cuddled up.

I asked her “Babe, you aren’t going to leave me for another woman now are you?” She laughed and responded “no, you are stuck with me. I was turned on by what happened at the club and wondered what more would be like, and that was for your viewing and a present for you. Plus, your dick is enough for me!” I smiled and said “just my dick? Or will my mouth and fingers help you out too.” She laughed and said “babe all of you and all you will do to me is enough. You can have me whenever you want too!” I spanked her ass and said “I consider myself one lucky guy getting to fuck your sweet pussy and your sexy ass whenever I want!” I spanked her again and asked “Do I get to eat your pussy? Have you give me head? Play with your boobs too whenever I want?” Kenzie smiled and said “yes babe, whenever and forever it’s all yours.” We began to kiss passionately and I cupped her boobs with my hands and gently squeezed them. For several minutes this went on before I gently pushed her onto her back and kissed her body starting at her lips and stopping when I reached her pussy. I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and proceeded to pleasure her with my tongue as she loudly moaned. Her body orgasmed and her sweet juices filled my mouth to which I swallowed and kept going. The tongue pleasing took place for 10 minutes until she tugged me up by my shoulders. Kenzie then licked my cock for a few minutes before I flipped her on her stomach, spread her legs and guided my cock into her dripping wet pussy. I squeezed her butt cheeks in my hands as I pounded her hard and fast till I exploded my load inside her. Then, we both crashed onto the pillows and fell asleep.



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