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Ernesto And Bernedette Back From Vacation

Ernesto is back to work after his vacation in the Bahamas. He brought back two things. Pictures of his trophy fish and a sunburn. However, he had fun.

Bernedette, “Bernie”, was busy at the hospital lab catching up on paper work now that she is lab manager. She also has great memories of her vacation. She became good friends with an island girl named Chantal who was her tour guide. Bernie saw how beautiful the island is. She also met a young island man named Tyrone. She brought home a scrapbook of photos with some very intimate pictures with Tyrone. He is a friend and lover.

Lunch time she met Joan and Lydia at a picnic table in back of the hospital. The weather was mild. She didn’t want to bring the scrapbook into the hospital. She let them look at the book. They were at first speechless. Joan said both Chantal and Tyrone were beautiful people. Joan said Bernie’s and Tyrone’s love for each other was captured on the photos. Lydia said Tyrone is a big man in a lot of ways. Bernie said he was her “Big Teddy Bear.” She said both of their libidos were the same. She said she never experienced a man who could go for hours fucking. She said she loves his cock. Lydia asked if Ernesto saw the book? Bernie said not yet. Bernie said Ernesto did what he wanted to do. Fish everyday, all day. He even did night fishing. So she and Tyrone fucked all night at his place. She said she never had her pussy filled of cum by one man like he did.

After work Bernie went to see John and Mark at their home and Gentlemen’s Club.
She wanted them to see her scrapbook. She had called ahead. They welcomed her and kissed her. They always get her a glass of wine and cheese. She showed them her scrapbook. They sat on each side of her. They were looking at the beautiful photographs and complimenting Bernie on the beauty of each photo. There was one photo of her laying on her side with Tyrone behind her on his side with his arm down over shoulder and breasts. They were both smiling as two people in love. The professors asked if they could have it enlarged, colored and made to picture size for the club? Bernie said she would be honored. She told them to take the scrapbook and use it for the Club’s purposes. She asked them to keep it under lock and key.

The professor’s attention turned to Bernie. The week she was gone they missed this beautiful little girl. They kissed and hugged her. She stood up, smiled, took her clothes off and folded them. She stood naked in front of them. They pulled her to them on the couch, sharing her with each other, kissing her, stimulating her breasts, nipples, clit, with their hands and fingers. She was orgasming. The guys took her to their den where they had a new padded bed that was designed to accommodate more people to fuck a girl’s ass, pussy, and she could give blowjobs and stay on the bed.
These were more efficient and reduced lines of guys waiting. They were put in the Gangbang room in the basement. The one in the den was for special use by Bernie. She could use it anytime she wanted it.

Mark carried Bernie like a new bride. He lay her on the specially made bed. Mark lubricated his cock and her pussy. She bent her knees keeping her feet on the bed. Her butt was pulled close to the edge of the bed. Mark was fast fucking Bernie while John got his cock sucked and pulled. John was rubbing, stimulating her breasts and nipples. She moaned and every once in a while she would say,”Yes, Oh Yes, Fuck me,Take Me.” Mark finally squirted her pussy. Bernie stopped sucking John’s cock as she had all she could do to handle the orgasms. Mark changed position with John. He had Bernie clean his cock and balls with her tongue. He spoon fed his cum from her pussy. She thanked him for feeding her his essence.

John wanted to fuck her ass. He stood at the edge of the special “fuck” bed. There were two extensions divided at the foot of the bed where he could step up to her ass while she was on all fours and fuck her ass while standing behind her. He lubricated his cock, her ass and he slowly fucked her until her ass could accept his cock. He would find out. She was rocking against his cock for stimulation. This little girl loved him ass fucking her. He remembered seeing the photos of Bernie receiving Tyrone’s cock in her ass. She was smiling in the photo. Finally he squirted her ass and she orgasmed feeling the warm cum. She licked, cleaned John’s cock and balls. They showered together. The guys kissed her, held her,licked her breasts and nipples. The guys both fingered her pussy making her yell as she orgasmed. She sucked and pulled their cocks making them squirt in her mouth. Showers were done.

Bernie kissed the guys. She had to meet Ernesto at the Hotel pool.

Thursday night is girls night out or another name is Gangbang Girls Night Out at the Gentlemen’s Club and Friends. Joan and Lydia are in for a surprise at the club. Bernie knew a secret but waited to see their expression. There are 10 girls who volunteer their time,bodies and love for special gentlemen. The girls must be sexually open and uninhibited.

The girls entered the club at 5PM. There were a few guys already there. The girls were greeted by them. The guys kissed them. They had to remove their clothes and put them in a locker. As they walked through the hallway toward the basement, on the walls in the long hallway were lighted large framed colored photos of Bernie and Tyrone engaged in sexually explicit intercourse. The girls with Joan and Lydia were surprised and slightly embarrassed because the pictures were so graphic. However, Bernie’s and Tyrone’s love for each other was obvious and beautiful. When the girls met Bernie in the basement they cheered, applauded, hugged and kissed Bernie. Because they understood her love for the man and the love in her heart for more men.

A new girl showed up at the club. Her name is Patti. She was recruited and recommended. Patti would be #11 girl. She’s a university student and is brown and beautiful. She’s happy to meet the girls and they love her. She told Bernie she saw love in her and Tyrone’s eyes. Bernie thanked her. A little tear ran from her eye. Patti hugged her.

Bernie went upstairs. The guys were looking for their school girl. She hugged and kissed them. They complimented her on her photos . They rubbed her breasts and nipples. They grabbed her pussy and finger fucked her. They even licked her pussy as she stood talking to the guys. She went to the den and lay on the new fuck bed. She was surrounded by the guys wanting their cocks sucked and somebody was finger fucking her and eating her pussy. She was pulling cocks and sucking as many as she could. She was eating their essence. She found herself moving as she was being fucked. The guys balls would slap her pussy as their cocks pounded her. The new bed worked well for ass fucking. They kept her stimulated and aroused. She hugged them and whispered in their ears to fuck her. The guys on the sides of her massaged her body, breasts and nipples with lotion. She was sucking them and pulling their cocks. She wore her sunglasses as they were squirting all over. Especially her eyes.

After of about 2 hours of non stop fucking, sucking, the girls took showers and rejoined naked with the guys for wine and snacks. The girls loved the attention from the men. They sat with the guys or on their laps. They would kiss and make out in various areas of the beautiful Victorian era home.

Most of the men had gone home. They had left the girls tips in a big bowl averaging $200 each. When Patti got her tip money she told Bernie she was surprised and thankful. She said her scholarships and grants didn’t cover everything. She also told Bernie she was happy everyone treated her with love and respect. She never thought she would be loved by so many white guys.

Bernie told Patti the girls were going to Pete’s Pizza. She said,”Come on Patti let’s go.” Patti followed Bernie’s car to the restaurant in her car. She was now an official member of the Gangbang Girls. Patti gave Bernie her phone number as she liked Bernie as a friend. Bernie said she would call her.

Bernie stayed in town and went to Ernesto’s Second home to be with him for the night. She wanted to be with him making love to her.

…………………….Ernesto And Bernadette With Friend Patti…continued.

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