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a mum becomes a sex slave

{One day I was in the shower, with my music on very loud, jacking off. Just as I was about to cum my mum opened the door. The sight of my mum standing there naked looking longingly at my erection took me over the edge, I spunked. It hit her left breast, which she immediately grabbed hold off and sucked. My mum sucking my spunk off her tit, “would you like some more, there’s plenty”, she nodded.
I instructed her to kneel down and suck my cock (which is about 6″). She was very nervous as I guessed this to be her first time, but I could see that she wanted to soooooo badly. Eventually she put it in her mouth, shit it was good, and I grabbed her head and rammed my whole shaft into her mouth. I couldn’t hold out much longer, “I am going to spunk,” I shouted. I put one leg behind her head because I wanted her to drink every drop.

I should describe to you why I had been so willing for my mum to suck me off. She is about 40; she has long fairly thick legs, not fat, but very strong (they really grip you tight). She has a large hairy pussy, which is very tasty (though I was surprised that it was so tight), her stomach is not to fat and is great for resting your cock after a good fucking. I had always thought she had very small tits, but in actual fact they are fairly large and soft, with juicy nipples, they are just the ultimate tits when it comes to tit fucking. She has a chubby arse, which is great for fucking.

So there I was in my shower with my naked mother sucking my cock. After she had drunk my spunk I pushed her up against the wall and knelt down. I slow started to lick around the edge of her very wet pussy. The circles got smaller and smaller until I was running my tongue along her clit. She was groaning and shoving my face right into her pussy, “lick harder, please”, “ohh god” she screamed. Suddenly my face was covered in her sweet juices, then I started to kiss her body working my way up until I was at face level. I put first one finger then two inside her pussy and started to stroke. By now we were pulling, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

She broke the kiss, “fuck me now, please”. So I withdrew fingers and inserted my cock. She put her legs on the back wall and started to slam herself down on my throbbing cock. It was so violent that after 2 minutes we both staggered out of the shower and collapsed on my bed.

Once we had both recovered I told my mum that she was about to get fucked from behind, she lay face down on the bed and spread her legs wide. I moved her arse cheeks apart and there it was, the tightest little hole you could imagine. My cock snapped up and I slowly eased it in, once I had cummed it became easier, and soon I was slamming it in faster and faster. She was now on her knees and I had two fingers inside her pussy, the other hand was grabbing her tits and playing with her nipples. We fucked for another hour and a half and tried out a number of different positions. One we really liked was where my mum put her legs over my shoulders, which meant I could fuck her pussy or anal passage. The only down side to this was that I couldn’t pull her. But while we were recovering we made up for that.

When we were all out of spunk we put our clothes pulled for a few minutes and went our separate ways.

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