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Frat night fun

We had all been friends since freshman year, and partying together was always fun. Tonight, Jason, Kevin and Ed had something else in mind. We met at the frat house like we always did, having a few beers before we got to the party. Ed was playing on the computer, looking at porn sites. Being “a girl” they wanted my input on the sites. I walked over. I was much smaller than all three of them and had to maneuver my way to the computer. Watching site after site come up I found my self getting wet and excited. I tried to pretend it had no effect on me but they could tell. We critiqued the sites and started talking about who has done what and what was taboo. Before you know it, I am buzzed and getting more and more wet the longer I look at the computer. I walk away to get another beer and when I return, the guys are all standing up wtching me come in the room. “You are so horny aren’t you?” Ed asks. “No way” I say “That stuff had no effect”. Patrick approaches me and says “I’ll prove you are dripping wet”. I try to blow him off and start to ask if they are ready to leave for the party when Jason grabs my arms and pulls them behind me. I try to wiggle away but he is too strong. Ed and Kevin grab my legs and bring me over to the bed. I never noticed the ropes over the bedpost until they were being wrapped around my wrists. I wiggle and curse at them but they are not listening. They keep talking about my hot, wet cunt and how I have been wanting this. My clothes start to come off. My tits are exposed and Kevin reaches forward and pinches both nipples hard. I scream in anger but inside I am tingling. My nipples are so sensitive that just touching them makes me wild.Ed grabs my jeans and pulls them down, while Jason rubs my clit through my panties. I am trapped, wanting to run away but loving every sensation I am feeling. “You need to watch that computer more often Heather, it got you so hot” Jason says. I look at him and I can’t speak…all I can do is bite my lip because of the ecstacy I am feeling in my pussy.

“You are an ass virgin aren’t you Heather?” Keving says. My eyes open wide as the guys look at each other and smile. Ed grabs my legs and flips me over, hands still bound to the bed post. He then grabs my hips and raises my ass in the air, giving it a little spank. He rubs my wet pussy with 3 fingers, violently finger fucking me, getting them nice and wet. Slowly he wipes them across my tight asshole. He leans forward and sucks on the sphincter, pushing his tongue in. Jason climbs in front and slides his cock in my mouth. I feel it in the back of my throat, feeling it growing the more I suck. Eds fingers have started to penetrate my ass. I tighten up against the assault. “Relax Heath, it will feel better if you relax”. Kevin stands beside me and guides my head down on Jason as Ed finger fucks my ass. Keving then takes his other hand and pinches and twists my clit, bringing me to an ultimate orgasm, pulsing around Ed’s fingers and making me suck Jason’s cock dry. This continues for hours. Each of them taking turns in my ass, my cunt and in my mouth. Jason comes in from the kitchen with a few “toys” as he calls them. By now my pussy and ass are sore and I am ready to sleep, but they have some other stuff in mind. “There are lots of kinky things on the web…let’s give them a try” Ed says. Kevin and Jason grab a leg and bring them up beside my head. I am fully exposed, cunt and ass and Ed looks down. “Hmmm where to begin” he says. My pussy is still dripping from the last orgasm and he has no problem sliding the wooden spoon handle deep in my pussy. He smiles wide as he eyes a very large handled instrument. He removes the wooden spoon and slides the metal object deep into my pussy. I shudder but the wetness and tingling in my cunt return. Keving and Jason begin jacking off with their free hands directly over my face. He then inserts the wooden handle into my ass. Usuing both hands he pumps them in and out of me. I start moaning feeling them both deeply penetrating me. This continues as they each try different “toys” in me and jacking off into my mouth and on my face and tits. They finally stop for a moment and I start to relax, actually enjoying my “torture” I went through. I hear them talking quietly. “Ok guys, let me go” I say, hoping they are done. My eyes were closed when they brought Shadow in. The frat dog. I try to sit up but being tied to the bed I can’t all I can do is roll around. I start to scream “No way” “Come on guys…don’t do it”. “Heather, not so loud” “Here, we need to gag you if you won’t be quiet” Jason says as he appraoches me with a gag. “No no I will be quiet” “But don’t do this you guys”. “Heather, you got horny watching ‘babes with animals’ on the net” Ed says “So let’s see if it really works”. I squirm around on the bed, clenching my legs together tightlty until Ed and Jason pull them apart and hold them open as Keving leads Shadow over to me. I look between my legs to see a German Shepard looking and sniffing around my cunt and ass. I am mortified of the thought. His nose brushes across my clit and I cannot believe the sensation. A mix of extreme horniness and raunchiness run through when all of the sudden Shadows tongue comes out, finding my cunt juice he begins to lick. His licks ar firm, unlike a man’s and the pressure is driving me wild. I squirm in ecstacy and to get away from him. My legs are lifted higher and he start licking me clit to asshole with a firmness and consistancy that makes me start to build. Kevin begins pinching my nipples as Shadows tongue goes deeply inside my wet cunt and skims acroos my ass. I feel all my vaginal muscles tighten as the assault does not stop. My legs still spread widely by my head, my nipples being pinched and twisted and Shadow licking me furiously from my hard clit to my ass, I could not control myself and began to cum, wiggle and gyrating. As my juices flowed, Shadow licked fast and furious. Keving reached down and dragged my juices to my ass and Shadow licked furiously. Kevin was up close “Oh you guys should see her cunt…it is wide open” Jason and Ed lean forward, watching my spasming cunt as Shadow ate my ass. My orgasm ended and Shadow continued. My legs were let loose and Shadow was called away. My arms were untied and my clothes were handed to me. I sat up on the bed totally drained. I looked up at my 3 best friends, so mad I could kill them. And all I could say was…..”Thank You”.

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