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Open Air Fun

Open Air Fun

It’s almost midnight and I’m sitting by the phone, awaiting your call with a strange mixture of excitement and dread…. This will be our fourth meeting, and there have been many occasions since the third when I have doubted my own sanity in agreeing to become your slave….

My hand shakes slightly as I reached for the ringing phone. I know it will be you, and in spite of my apparent bravado on other occasions, this time I’m more than a little nervous. As I lift the handset with my right hand, my left strays up to my neck and touches the tight black leather collar fastened securely around it, as you instructed. I whisper “Hello” into the mouthpiece and your sexy voice returns my greeting, adding that you are now in the car park downstairs, awaiting me.

I check my appearance quickly in the mirror…the make-up is well applied if a little tarty… Pale foundation, eyelashes thick with mascara, liberally applied black liner and deep crimson lipstick with a shimmering coat of gloss over it… I pick up my handbag and the carrier bag from the coffee table and make my way to the front door, fumbling with my keys as I do so. After locking the door I get into the lift and press the ground-floor button. As the lift descends I can feel my heart racing. What am I doing?? Am I totally mad??

When the door opens I step into the lobby and gathering every ounce of courage I possess, walk out into the car park. I spot your car easily in the darkness as your headlights are ablaze, and walk steadily towards it. When I reach the passenger door you lean across and open it for me. I get in and glance at you, still trembling…

You switch on the ignition. You haven’t spoken and nor have I. I stare straight ahead as you start to manoeuvre the car out of the car park, wondering what you have in store for me.

After about ten minutes you pull into a deserted pub car park and turn off the engine. You switch on the interior light, turn to me and look me up and down. I can see that you’re happy with my initial appearance. You instruct me to get out of the car and you do likewise. You take my handbag and the carrier bag from me and put them in the car, then tell me to spread my legs slightly and hold that position. I do as you tell me, and realize that I’m holding my breath as you circle me, looking me up and down. I’m wearing a long skirt, which almost reaches my ankles. It has a split at the back, which should reach the knees but which, on your instructions I extended so that it now reaches halfway up the thigh. You crouch behind me and slowly slip your hand inside the split and running your hand up the inside of my thigh you are pleased to find that I’m wearing stockings and suspenders as you instructed…. nothing else. I try not to react as your fingers caress my freshly-shaven pussy but cannot prevent the gasp of pleasure, which escapes my lips as you briefly rub my clit…

You come around to face me and smile slightly. Your hand reaches out and tugs on the zipper of the knitted Aran jacket that I’m wearing. As you lower the zipper my large breasts tumble free and immediately my nipples start to stiffen. I’m not sure if it’s the frosty night air or excitement causing this reaction…a bit of both, I guess. Your hands reach out and you caress and squeeze them before doing up the zipper, but only halfway. You tell me to get back into the car. I obey meekly.

Once in the car you turn off the interior light and turn to face me. You tell me that you are pleased that I’ve followed your instructions so well and ask if I’ve guessed what we’re going to do…. I shake my head…I really don’t have a clue. You then ask if I’ve heard of “dogging”? Again, I shake my head. You merely smile….

We drive off then and soon I find myself in totally unfamiliar territory. I look around for signs as to where we may be heading and on seeing this you pull over to the side of the road. You tell me to pass the carrier bag to you. I do so. A moment later the contents are arrayed on your lap. Firstly, you tell me to twist around so that my back is towards you and to put my hands behind me. On doing so I feel you fasten one of the pairs of handcuffs on my wrists, and you then tell me to sit in the seat properly again. I watch, trembling, as you then take the long leash and fasten it to my studded collar. You pass the leash over your left thigh and under your right, letting the leather handle lay in your lap. A black leather blindfold completes the ensemble and you start to drive again, but not before I hear the sound of your zip being undone… A moment later I feel the chain and collar pulling my head into your crotch and you grip a handful of my hair tightly and pull. The pain causes me to yell out and I immediately feel you feed your hard cock into my mouth… Being the obedient slave that I am, and wanting to please you so much, I start sucking on it, licking the head, teasing the precum from the eye with the tip of my tongue… I continue to do this for about ten or fifteen minutes until I feel the shaft start to thicken and soon my mouth is filled with your lovely hot spunk…

I have no idea as to our whereabouts now, but conclude that we are in the countryside as there is almost no other traffic noise. Soon the car stops. You raise the blindfold and rest it on my forehead. I can see that we’re parked up in some sort of “lovers’-lane”…there are other cars parked there too…but few appear to have occupants…

To my surprise you then get out of the car, walk around and open my door. You tell me to get out…I find it awkward with my hands restrained, so you help me. As I stand before you, you reach out and unzip my jacket. You then walk around behind me and reaching through my shackled arms gather up the front and side-panels of the jacket and pull them through my arms, covering the handcuffs and giving the appearance that I’m flaunting my bare breasts for the world to see…

You then remove the blindfold and taking the leash, proceed to walk towards a wooded area where there appear to be some picnic tables… As we near them I’m aware that there are people lying in the grass in several places, some engaged in sexual activity, others watching…. This is the first time that the reality of what you have planned for me hits home. I want to protest…I almost DO…but I remember in time that I agreed to be your slave…and in doing so gave up any rights to refuse or protest where you are concerned. I notice you looking at my face. You evidently expect some form of refusal. Instead I lower my head and follow you meekly.

Soon we reach a clearing…there’s an empty picnic table…you stop, and so do I. You place a finger under my chin and tilt my head up so that I’m looking into your eyes. “Do you understand now?” you ask. I nod, fighting back tears of shame. “You WILL do this for me, won’t you?? And gladly??” Again I nod. You take me in your arms and kiss me deeply, my exposed breasts rubbing against the rough material of your warm winter coat. Then you release me from your grip and turn me around to face the table. I feel your hands on my back as you bend me over the hard wooden frost-covered sheets of wood and gasp as you raise my skirt so that the split is at my waist and tuck it inside my waistband, leaving my buttocks totally on view. I lie there waiting. Soon I feel your long fingers slide into me. You play like this for a few minutes, alternately teasing my cunt and clit…making me squirm as my body responds to your touch. I hear the familiar noise of a zip being undone and seconds later I gasp as your cock thrusts into me…so hard and so deep. As you fuck me from behind you reach forward and fondle my breasts…. I lay there, my eyes closed, loving the feeling of being totally used.

Then I feel you release my breasts and one hand firmly grips my hair. I open my eyes as you pull my head up from the table and find myself staring at another erect cock. The owner of the cock is bringing it closer to my lips. I can see precum glistening on the head and try to move my head away.
“Suck it, slut!!” you command. I’ve never heard you use that tone. I immediately open my mouth and allow this stranger’s cock to invade me…aware all the time of the violent thrusting of your cock in my cunt. I’ve never felt you so hard before…

As though pre-arranged, you cum almost simultaneously and both pull out of me. My immediate reaction is to spit out the mouthful of cum I’ve received, and I do so without thinking. This does not please either of you. I’m pulled to my feet and you unfasten the handcuffs. I can tell that you are displeased. Once again I’m subjected to the blindfold and led deeper into the woods, stumbling over tree-roots and other objects. After walking for a while you both stop. I hear the rustle of the carrier bag as you search in it. Moments later my jacket is removed and a set of handcuffs is snapped on each wrist. My arms are then raised above my head… It takes a moment for me to realize that I’m being handcuffed to an overhead branch. My skirt is removed next, leaving me wearing only black stockings and suspenders and shoes, blindfold and my collar and leash…. A couple of long lengths of rope are tied around my ankles and I assume their other ends are being tied to trees…. it doesn’t really matter, though. My legs are spread and barely moveable… Once again, the rustle of the bag…. I’m wondering what you have in store next for me. As I had packed these items as per your instructions, I should have known immediately. The gag is soon fastened securely and the whips put to good use. I writhe and twist in a futile attempt to avoid the lashes you are both inflicting upon me, but in the end I realize that it’s useless and give myself up to my punishment… By the time you have both finished I am ready to beg for mercy…. You remove the gag and the blindfold and ask if I’m going to behave. I nod.

You and the stranger then each untie the ropes, which are fastened to my ankles from whatever they had been secured and then walk off together. I almost panic, thinking you are going to leave me like that, but a few minutes later you both return carrying one of the picnic tables between you. The table is positioned so that I can kneel on the top of it and bend forward, and I do so, still uncomfortably aware of the constant looks from the other man. You then take the ropes which are still around my ankles and feed the other ends through the slats of the table-top and tying them tightly, once again leaving me helpless.

I watch as both of you explore my body with your hands and tongues, my face burning with shame. I can see the other guy stroking his cock as you offer yours to my mouth. I’m sucking on your cock when I feel his touching the opening of my cunt…. I’m about to say something but you hand him a condom and tell him that he can only fuck me if he puts it on. I try to convey my gratitude to you with my eyes. I guess you understand, because you smile down at me indulgently. I try to concentrate totally on your beautiful cock…. I don’t want to think about this guy fucking me at the same time….

When he has cum again he settles down to sit on the bench, facing me. You take from your pocket a tube of KY and squeeze some onto your finger. You then apply this to my arsehole and smear some over the head of your now rigid pole… I gasp as I feel you press the head against my virgin orifice and try not to scream as slowly but firmly you force your cock inch-by-inch into me…. Soon it’s all the way in, and although the initial pain is waning, it still hurts as you start thrusting steadily and firmly… I sigh with relief as I feel the rush of hot spunk fill me, and you withdraw….

The stranger offers you a cigarette. You decline, but tell him to go ahead…. He asks “Now?” I see you nod. He proceeds to light and extinguish his Zippo lighter about six times…. then lights his cigarette. Out of nowhere shadowy figures appear…some alone, some in pairs…about seven all told…. They circle the table…they see that you are holding my leash and are therefore my master… Barely a word is spoken as you give each an almost imperceptible nod, granting each of them access to my body. You stand and watch, smiling, as each takes his turn to fuck me, always wearing the condoms you thoughtfully provide…. or as I’m presented with a pussy or cock to satisfy with my mouth and tongue….

As the sun starts to rise around eight o’clock the last of the nighttime visitors slaps you on the back as he does his zip up then walks away. I look up at you pleadingly and you slowly undo my restraints, help me down from the table and assist me to dress…

Still leading me by the leash, we return to the car where you help me into the passenger seat. My body aches all over, and my mind is a confused mixture of emotions.

We drive in silence to my flat and once indoors you take me by the hand and lead me into the bathroom. Once again, you undress me…. but this time slowly.

We step into the shower together and soon we are massaging each other, washing away my hurt and humiliation…feeling your rampant weapon come to life yet again…. I ask how you are feeling, and my heart almost bursts with pride when you tell me that I’m an excellent slave and that you’re going to have a lot of fun with me…

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