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Parking Fees

This all started when my roommate in college got expelled. We had a nice apartment that ran a nice figure (roughly $1000/ month) and a single 5’8″, 170 lbs, medium length brown hair with hazel eyes, college guy couldn’t afford that on his own or easily find a roommate in the middle of the semester. So, I wound up sleeping in my car.

Luckily, I had a nice big Ford Explorer that had plenty of room to lie down in the back. And in the mornings, I would just get up and head to the gym to shower before classes. Parking on campus didn’t seem to be a problem at first.

One night, I was particularly horny and I felt an undying need to relieve myself. I slid down my pants and started to masturbate in the back of my car. Just the thought of someone seeing me made me hornier. Then about 12:00 it happened, but not by someone I would’ve normally wanted to see.

A campus security guard flashed his light in my window and saw everything, but I couldn’t see a thing of him. “What the hell is going on here son?” I froze. I was flat on my back, my shorts around my ankles, one hand around my cock and the other had a finger up my ass. He could tell what was going on and he could tell I had bi-sexual tendencies. I laid still, foolishly hoping that he would think he was dillusional and just walk away. We both could see my pulsating 7″ cock was the only part of me moving. I had even stopped breathing.

“Open this door, son.” I was scared. I knew I would be expelled if he found out who I was, but he probably already knew because of the parking decal on my car.

I moved to pull my shorts up, but he stopped me. “Stay as you are and open the door.” I got on my knees and opened the door. He was standing beside it and when the door opened and the dome light came on, I saw a massive 9″ dick staring me in the face.

“As I see it, son, you’ve got two choices. You can either suck me off and I’ll be on my merry way, or you can come with me butt naked down to the security station.”

I knew what would happen if I went to the station, besides the ridicule across campus, I’d be expelled. I was so glad that I parked in a discreet location on campus. I backed up and motioned for him to get in the car so the light would go off. He didn’t want anyone seeing him either and so he did. I pushed him back to lie down on the pallet I had made as I took his beautiful nine inches in my hand.

I had never sucked a guy off before, but I was sure I knew how from watching porn and having it done to myself. I slowly eased up to his cock and lightly breathed on it. He jumped as if it tickled but only moaned in anticipation. I nervously and lightly touched the head with my tounge and gave it a flicker to taste it. It wasn’t bad, just a little salty like sucking on a sweaty thumb, only much bigger. I slowly put the head in my mouth and sucked a little, slowly easing down his shaft when he suddenly grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my head all the way down. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and I gagged. He lifted me up by my hair and slammed me back down. I quickly got the picture and started moving up and down his shaft rapidly. He moaned in pleasure and his cock seemed to double in circumfrence. I paused at the top, remembering how girls used to drive me wild and I flickered the head with my tongue. Then I slid my tongue all the way down his shaft and licked his balls. They were so sweet and salty. He grabbed my hair again and lifted my head back on his pole. This time he didn’t let go. He just helped me pump my mouth up and down his shaft, gagging each time as the head hit my throat.

Finally I angled myself so that his head would slide down my throat. This sent him over the edge. He pumped my head harder and it was all I could do to keep up. He began to moan loudly and I felt the beginnings of his orgasm as I worked his balls. They tightened and his whole body flexed. I could tell it was a very muscular, gorgeous body. His dick jerked and his cum ran over my tongue. It was bitter, sweet and salty and I moved to spit it out, but he grabbed my jaw with his free hand and put his thumb on my nose so that I couldn’t even open my mouth anymore. It was like I was locked on his dick as he spewed his hot cum down my throat. I could feel it ooze all the way down to my stomach.

When he was through, he continued to pump my head a little so I would clean him off. His massive orgasm hadn’t fazed his rock hard cock a bit. He grabbed my hips and bent me over and began to rim my asshole. Although I had always wanted to be with a man, I had never experienced the pleasure and I’d certainly never been rimmed. It felt wonderful, sending electricity up my backbone to my neck and causing me to jerk. He just held me still to his strong tongue.

He then grabbed the tube of vaseline and lubed my ass as one hand probed and the other pumped my dick. When he was satisfied, he got to his knees and I was on all four. He thrusted his large, gorgeous manhood deep inside me and I felt like I was being ripped open. I screamed in pain and he slapped my ass hard and said, “Shut up, you slut.” I did as I was told and let the tears roll down my face as he had his way with my ass. As he pounded on, I began to loosen up and it began to feel good, mixing pain with pleasure. His cock pounded in and out of me like a jackhammer and I thought he would never cum. I actually began to hope that he wouldn’t because it felt so great after I got used to the pain.

He grabbed my hips and began to jerk my body towards him. I let go of my will and submitted to his beautiful dick. I thought of all the times I had fucked girls doggy style and wondered what it would be like to receive. I threw my head back and moaned softly and began to thrust myself onto his dick. He kept one hand on my right hip to steady my thrusts with his and he reached up with his left hand and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I couldn’t help moaning louder. In and out we thrusted together over and over as I felt his nine inches in my bowels. I never thought it would feel like this.

Then he rammed harder and pulled my hair tighter and I could tell he was on the verge of another orgasm. I reached back with my right hand and worked his balls. “Come on baby, give it to me. Cum in my ass,” I moaned. He jerked one, two, three more times and I could feel my bowels get hot. My ass got really wet and his cum began to ooze out as he continued to thrust. I thought he would never stop!

He continued to pump and then he paused. With a smooth motion, he flipped me on my back and the whole car shook when I fell. I was afraid that someone might notice, but then I thought if they did, it was too late now. He placed my legs on his shoulders and kept pumping.

Just then, the door opened and I froze with my mouth in a perfect “O”. It was another man, naked. He climbed in and straddled my face. No, introductions and just slid his cock in my perfect “O”. He looked up after he was situated and said, “Hey, Jake, how is she?”

“Oh, my God, Hal, hottest, tightest ass I’ve had in years!”

“Well save some for me then!”

Hal wasn’t as big as Jake, but his dick tasted just the same. Six inches and four around. It just went past the opening of my throat as he thrusted it rapidly in and out of my mouth. He bent over at one point and lightly kissed my dick and took it all the way in and out again, but then he stopped and sat back up. He grabbed my hands and placed them on his ass and lead one of my fingers to his hole. I got the picture and slid one of my fingers in. It was pretty loose so I slipped another in and still another.

I didn’t know what I was looking for, but he helped. He reached into his ass with his thumb and began to press my fingers on his prostate. As my fingers worked his prostate, he moaned loudly and leaned over to kiss Jake. As they kissed, I felt my ass warm up again and I tasted Hal’s salty liquid flow down my throat. It didn’t seem as thick as Jake’s as it quickly flowed to my stomach.

When each of them were done cumming, Hal flipped me back to all four and got behind me to take over for Jake as he moved behind Hal and slid his beautiful cock into Hal’s ass.

They pumped in unison for what seemed like hours and my body was exhausted. Hal took my hips and continued pulling my body to his. My ass was so sore, but I couldn’t stop them. I was their slave. A surge of electricity began to build in my stomach and take control of my body. I thought I was having a seizure. My whole body began to feel like I was being electricuted and my hands began to go numb and then suddenly were shocked with that electric feeling you get when one of your body parts falls asleep. I thought I would cum, but never did.

Over and over these racks of electricity seized my body. I just let my body go and fell limp to the mercy of my captors. After what seemed like hours, I felt them both tense up and could tell they were cumming again. My ass now felt like it was bleeding and oozing out cum. As my captors relaxed, they pulled out and began to get their things together. I laid there puzzled, wondering if they were going to please me, but they left me with a hard dick and too exhausted to please myself.

They climbed out of the truck and said that they would see me later. I knew that if my homelessness were to remain a secret, I would be their slave for the rest of my college years. But the thought of that made me smile as I pulled a blanket on top of me and fell asleep wishing for a wet dream.

Tell me what you think! I know it’s probably long, but I hope everyone likes it.

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