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My Buddies Girl

I had come home one day after work, and a message was on the machine. After I hit the play button, I realized it was my buddy from school, he had asked for me to go out with him and his girlfriend for a couple of drinks. Now, I’m a drinking man so I was happy about the prosepct of going out and getting a bit hammered.

8 o’clock rolled around, Scott and Jessica pulled up in his truck. Jessica was a hot little bitch, about 5’2, 100 lbs and a set ot tits that just needed to be sucked. I know what you guys are thinking, ‘Leave her alone.’ That was on the agenda.

We get to the bar, have a seat in a booth and order a round of Jack… okay… I ordered several. After about an hour or so of drinking, I had moved from hard stuff to beer, as I usually do. Scott had to piss, so he quickly left the table. The conversation between the three of us had focused primarily on work… when Scott left, it changed to sex. Jessica was KINKY! She had so many fantasies, just the thought made my cock jump to its full 7 inch length.

Scott returned after a moment and was pretty shit faced after all. We finished our beers and since state laws forbid driving under the influence, we called a cab. Jessica had to go to work in the morning, so she wanted to go home. Scott was the first to be dropped off. Then it was to be Jessica, then finally me.

After Scott had been dropped off, Jessica and I had gotten into some sort of conversation, I don’t remember what exactly, but by the end of it, she had my phone number. The cab dropped her off and soon I was home.

The next couple of days were uneventful. Sunday night, my phone rang. Jessica was on the phone and wanted to come over for a visit, I had no problems, you see she was an interesting woman. She was over in about an hour. Damn she was hot. We watched a couple of movies and I thought the night was over.

She was about to leave, so I walked her out to her car. I bid her farewell, as I was walking away she called after me, turning, I was astonished to se her smiling. I asked her what was up and she said ‘kiss me.’ I went to kiss her cheek, being a gentleman. Her lips met mine, her tongue parted my lips, mine parted hers, my hands began to travel on their own, her hands did the same, save for where as mine went to her massive tits, hers went to my cock who was begging for attenion.

We ended up back in my bed, half naked in the distance from my driveway to my bedroom. She tore off my boxers and began to suck on my dick. Within minutes i was going to blow my load. I pulled ot of her mouth and blew my load all over her face and tits.

I helped her take off her bra… Jesus her titties were huge… DD cup… no doubt. I sucked my jizz off of her tits, pulled off her panties and I pushe my cock deep inside her. She gasped in lust as she came over and over again.

I pumped her sexy shaved cunt for around an hour’s time, before I came again.

Jessica whispered in my ear ‘You aren’t through yet, I want you in my ass. I have never had it back there.’

I agreed, bending her over, sliding me now only semi erect member into her back door slowly. Jessica gasped in pain, I looked in my amaze ment that her sexy asshole was bleeding. Not being the guy to ruin a evening of fun, I pumped her hard.
She screamed when she came this time. ‘David, bust your nuts in my ass!’ she screamed out. Shortly thereafter, I did.

We fucked all night into the next morning. To this day, we fuck every other night, and Scott hasn’t developed a single idea as to who’s cock has been tearing up his girls pussy and ass.

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