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Three on One

Sandra was my escort that night. I went to parties with my two best friends. Rick, John, and I’m Tom. The guys were already at the hotel room. Sandra was stunning. Large, full breasts, slim waist, long legs, and tanned skin.

We arrived at the hotel and Sandra and I walked up to the room. We opened the door and Rick and John were on the couch watching TV. “Well, it’s about time,” said Rick. “I did my best,” I explained. “And who is this stunning lady?” asked John. “My name is Sandra,” she said. “Well, Sandra it’s time to have some fun,” said Tom. Rick stepped to Sandra and and ripped her dress off her body. Sandra was wearing a white garter belt and a matching thong. “Oh baby,” remarked Rick. Tom cupped one of Sandra’s breasts and squeezed it. Rick led Sand over between two posts in an open area. He grabbed Sandra’s arm and pressed it against the post. The he shackled her arm in place; Tom quickly did the same to the other arm.

Sandra suddenly realized what was going on and said, “You said all I had to do was have sex.” “Sorry,” I said,” I never know what my friends are planning.” After Sandra’s legs were shackled Tom and Rick undressed. I sat in the corner to watch the show. “Get me out of here,” Sandra yelled. Then Tom took his hand spanked Sandra on the ass. She let out a squeal. “There is no talking unless spoken to. Is that understood?” Rick asked. “Yes,” Sandra squeaked. Again, Tom smacked Sandra on the ass. She squealed even louder. “You will refer to us as sir. Is that understood?” Rick demanded. “Yes, sir” Sandra squeaked again.

Tom took and piece of cloth and tied it over Sandra’s eyes. Her ass was already red from the two spanks. Tom and Rick unhooked her garter belt and pulled it and her thong to her ankles. Rick was in front of Sandra and started playing with her breasts. He squeezed them lightly. Then he pinched her nipples. She gasped. The pain was in her face as her breathing became faster.

Tom got behind Sandra and took over Sandra’s nipples. Rick knelt down and played with Sandra’s cunt. He pushed his finger slowly into her. He felt his was around, slowly rubbing Sandra’s cunt walls. Rick took out his finger and grazed Sandra’s clit. He rubbed more and more. Sandra’s breaths came faster and faster. She moaned and moaned Rick squeezed her clit more. He sunk his tongue deep into her cunt sucked out her juices. She gasped as his tongue felt its way around. Rick removed his tongue and Tom let go of Sandra’s nipples. He painful moan was even louder when he removed his fingers. Time to get fucked in the ass,” Rick said. “Oh no sir, please,” Sandra pleaded. “First time eh?” Tom wondered. “Yes sir,” Sandra admitted. “Well you’ll enjoy Tom. No one has a bigger cock,” Rick said. He was right. Tom cock was huge, 12″long, and 8″ around. Sandra could fell Tom spread apart her as cheeks. “No, no, please don’t,” pleaded Sandra. Tom shoved his cock all the way into Sandra’s ass. She squealed and moaned. The pain was too much.

Rick unshackled Sandra and I quickly undressed my self. Tom moved Sandra (with his cock still in her) over to a table. He laid down on the table with Sandra on top of him. I walked over to them and jammed my cock into Sandra’s cunt. Rick went to Sandra’s head and opened her mouth and pushed cock deep into Sandra’s throat. We pumped in and out of her with increasing speed. Then we all shot our cum deep into her. She passed out from the pleasure.

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