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He Takes Over

My partner and I had enjoyed sever lmonths of very pleasurable sex. But hac not indulged in much that was unusual. He generally liked to lie on the bed and stroke his huge cock as I slowly did a stript ease for him. He measuerd at least 11 inches and it was a turn on for me to see his big hand wrapped around that cock as it got progressibely harder and longer and the head began to glisten with moisture.

I always wore provocative clothing and utilized many buttons and short or snug fitting clothes to tease him and arouse his interest. He especially liked the lacy black half cup bras that presented my 38 D’s for his feasting pleasure.And most of the time wore the garter belt and lace top stockings that he preferred.

We had talked about reatraints, but had never ventured into that area, though it held some fascination for both of us.

I noticed his heightened arousal when I arrived as he met me in a towel that was alredy tented. As i began to slowly sway adn wriggle out f my clothing he was stroking his cock into a magnificantly erect form..
When I reached the point of bra, thong,garterbelt, stockings and heels, he stopped me by bringing me to the bed with a deep kiss. we rolled around a bit as he nuzzzled my brests and licked the fullness. Then clasping my wrists in one hand, he slipped the velcro cuffs around them and positioned them over my head. Though startled, I was quite pleased and began to feel myself moisten. he slipped my heels off my feet and then unhooked my stockings and slowly rolled them down my slender legs. As they exposed flesh, he nibbled and kissed my inner thighs. The juices were really starting now. I saw the moisture on his cock and he brought it up to my lips to be licked away. I always loved the sweetness that flowed from his cock.

Once tha stockings were off and he removed my thong and garter belt, he shoved a fat pillow under my hips and lower back that lifted and exposed my pussy and ass in a very vulnerable way.
He secured my ankles in cuffs as well and tied them to the corner posts of the bed. I was sperad widely , but not uncomfortably. He slowly ran one long finger up my slit and gently rubbed on my clit. It began to swell immediately. Then he stuck the wet finger in my mouth for me to suck. He repaeated the proceure and each time he slid it thr my closely cropped pussy, it caused the wetness to increase and caused me to squirm He licked his finger repeatedly. Then he left.

When he returned he had basin and brush and shaving cream and a razor and towels in the other hand. This was starting to look interesting. he gently parted my lips and began a thorough examination. Then he began to slowly apply the foam thickly covering all of my bush. He stroked with te brush and seemed to be doing it more to arouse than to distribute. As he began to take long slow strokes with the razor and expose the smooth skin underneath, I beganto cream heavily. As he got closer to my opening, he and a hard time holding the skin tight as the lubrication made made very slippery. With aganozingly slow strokes he comletely denuded me of all hair. And even made a couple of passes around my ass hole.
He took a warm rag and wiped away all of the remaining lather and stepped bsck to admire his work. His Cock was extremely stiff and the head was covered with pre cum again. He once again offered it to me for a lick. This I did with extreme slowness and was rewarded with another flood..

He allowed me the pleasure of sucking on his cock as he kneeled over me and I sucked it firmly, not in the teasing manner that I usually did, as I was unable to move around to access it like I wanted. I like nothing better than to have a hard cock in my mouth and having cum squirted down my throat. He knew that and was deliberately teasing me.

He lifted my breasts out of the bra and began to slowly lick, suck, and bite on them. One hand was stroking my pussy and the other rubbed on my breast. I wa really starting to thrust , neding a filler for my hungry cunt, but he was not ready yet. Icould feel the moisture running sown my ass and he stopped a moment and bent down to lick my slit and suck on my clit. Then he bit it gently and I felt the tingling begin . He grabbed the electric vibrator and turned it on to the low speed. the tingling vibrations were applied directly to my clit. He was not gentle. And after a moment, I could feel the approaching climax, then he backed off and gently probed my pussy with a couple of fingers. I came down a bit and then he turned the vibrator up to high speed and the intensity increased dramatically. Hecould see that I was very close to climax and he never let off on the vibrator and its connection to my clit. He again rubbed my ass with some otthe juice that flowed over it dn ran a teasing finger around the opening, gently pressing , but not entering. He kept up a little tapping firmly on the tight ring. As I tried to thrust up to meet him he let me have one last long suck on his cock.then as my pussy was begging for his thick , long shaft t enter me, he did with one long slow thrust, .He never let up on the vibrator and leaned over to suck on my nipple, After a thrust or tow and the continuing vibrator assaultm Icould feel the climax approaching. AS I screamed out his name and he plunged deeply into me I felt him bite my breast and siide a long finger deep into my ass. All partso f me contracted, my ass around his big finger, my mouth at his neck and my pussy tightly around his cock. He continued tothrust ahrder and harder untillhe felt me gradually subsied and then he pulled out and shot his load all over my breasts and face and into my hungry mouth.

When he finally stopped spurting, he brought his sensitive cock and allowed me to lick all of the cum and pussy juices off ofthe shaft and the furry base.Then he brought the vibrator back to my extremely sensitive clit and buzzed it again until I climaxed again, this time he did not remove it when I started and as a third climax approached, I felt the juice spurt out of my pussy. He was transfixd as he watched this,a s it had never happened between us before.

We lay in an exhausted state and he finally sat up and released my bindings. He took a finger and I helped too and collected all of the cum from my breast, throat, face and deposited it into my mouth. I licked my lips in pleasure.

Next time it will be his turn to be restrained. We can hardly wait!

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