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Helping Aunt Joy

It was an awkward car ride to say the least.
Davie and his Mom Kate had barely talked about what had happened a few days ago when they had gotten so carried away having sex, she had forgotten her sister, his Aunt Joy was coming over for a visit. She caught them as he had his come running from Kate’s pussy. The two of them standing there panting and naked. Tongues in each others mouth.
Most people would have been repulsed by what they were up to but Aunt Joy took it in stride, even slapped him on the naked ass and hugged her sister tightly. Giving her props for bedding a young stud.
It’s about time Katie, Jesus.” Joy said. “just cause he’s family, don’t mean he ain’t fuckable” Joy said as she ran a hand over my his abs. “I been fucking my own son too.” She ran a finger over his dick. “It is a family tradition. So keep doing what you guys is doing” Then she sucked on her finger.
Davie even hugged her. She rubbed herself on his bare dick. Offered again to suck him off.
They did keep at it too He and Kate. He slept in his Mom’s king size bed and they had sex every morning and usually every night. His Father had asked when he would be coming back to his place. Davie never gave a straight answer.
Neither felt any kind of guilt, shame or regret. They were both adults now and it was mutual fun and no, they weren’t going to stop no matter what.
Joy knew that. She too was down with that sort of thing. After they got dressed her and Kate went out for lunch and he just relaxed and hung out by himself for a few hours.
Upon her return she said that Joy had invited them to her place for the following weekend. Even said they could share a bed (or he could sleep in hers). Proving further that their family was very open minded. Her only stipulation was He had to fuck Joy. Not a huge deal Davie thought and it was a small price to pay to keep making love to the woman he really wanted.
Aunt Joy was older than his Mom. At fort-eight she was still a fine looking woman. Just an older looking version of Kate. Like his Mom, Joy had been divorced and lived with her two kids, His cousins Joel who was twenty four and Gillian who was just turning nineteen. The only difference is that Joy made a lot of money as a financial adviser. She was confident and aggressively pursued whatever she wanted. Usually got it too. For a bigger woman she had quite a trail of ex-lovers and hook-ups that would do a porn star proud.
Joy was curvy like my Kate but dyed her hair red. She had big green eyes and massive tits to die for and where his Mom tended towards modesty, Joy loved tight clothes, high heels and flamboyant make-up. She had actually offered to ride him again when she dropped Kate back home that Sunday. He just smiled, thanked her and declined saying he was spent form fucking his Mom. Then he spent an hour eating Kate’s pussy.
His attention came back to the two of them in the van.
“Davie, I know this must all seem quite strange.” She said not taking her eyes off the road. “But it really isn’t” She glanced over at him quickly “it has been going on in our family for generations. Your just the latest member of our family love circle”
“Is this something that you and Joy did with Gramma or Grandpa?”
“no. Not with your Grandma, at least not one on one. Threesomes sometimes with your grandpa or sometimes my Aunt or Uncles. Even your Grandpa’s Dad sometimes. More frequently after you Gramma died Joy and I took turns staying weekends with your Granpa. Daddy was and still is very verile, liked to breed the women in his life. Mama needed a break sometimes, so we took her place in his bed. Joy and I hooked up with each other sometimes too” She smiled at a memory. “the two of us, Your Aunt Joy and I are very much bi-sexual. I think you understand that too” Kate smiled again at the memory of Joy eating her pussy while she was getting into her wedding dress.
“you and Aunt Joy were… umm”
“We were lovers Davie” She said matter of factly. Sounding both proud and defiant about it.“Yes. Yes we were and I am not ashamed of it. Just like I am not ashamed of having sex with you. If two consenting people wish to bring each other pleasure than I see nothing to be ashamed of” She looked at me a smiled. “As long as it is not rape or forced in any way”
“How old were you? You two are like four years apart in age.”
“ I was eighteen. She was home from college. She showed me naked pictures of her boyfriend and her girlfriend, who looked a lot like Mom by the way and well one thing led to another and we became lovers, still are sometimes… Okay a lot”
“when did it slow down ?”
“when I met your Dad. Fell madly in love with him and committed to being a good and monogamous girlfriend and then wife. We never did stop totally. That is why neither of us could maintain marriages.”
“Oh” I said letting it all sink in. “No one ever knew?”
“no. Well your Dad found out. Until then anyway. Then I got divorced” She trailed off into thought. “Bisexuality does run in the family though. That is a fact.” She said. “Joel your cousin is bi. And Joy recently confirmed Gillian is too. Probably because she seduced her.”
“So did Aunt Joy ever tell you she was having sex with Joel and Jill?”
“When?” Davey was getting very curious and excited at the thought of experimenting with his extended family over the weekend. He had always found both Jill and Joel very good looking.
“three years ago. But it was just Joel then. Jilly was still underage. We never seduce underage family members.”
“I’d fuck Jill” I said candidly.
“Oh yeah, you like her? Is she your type?”
“Mom she is really fucking hot. She posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram. I have jerked off to it twice” He said unashamed of the lust he had for his cousin. “not sure what my type is. Just find Jilly really fucking sexy. But than I am screwing a curvacious and mature fox right now too”
“Well you’ll get a chance this weekend I am sure. While you are having it off with Jill, I may go for a third round with Joel.”
“You fucked Joel too!?”
“Yes. And honey you really must get over the taboo shock of all this. It makes you sound judgmental and I know you’re not like that at all. Our two families after this weekend will be intertwined in beautiful and intimate ways. Just so you know though, He was the first cock I had after revenge fucking your Dad’s black friend. God Joel has a nice cock. Almost as nice as yours kiddo. Maybe you and Joel should fuck too.”
“I am beginning to think the combinations are endless.” They both giggled at the thought of mixing and matching as they pulled into Joy’s driveway. Her Lincoln sitting in the open garage.
She met them at the door with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She grabbed Davie’s ass as they came out of the hug.
“I want you in me” She whispered in his ear. “sooner rather than later. I will send Kate off to play with Joel and you can have me”
It seemed that things are going to escalate he thought. She held his hand and led them into the front room. Joy and Davie sat on a love seat and Katie sat on chair across from them. The hem of Joy’s skirt crept up exposing a white garter clip. Kate knew Joy loved white lingerie. Plus she could see it as she had the perfect angle to look up her sister’s short skirt. They made small talk for a couple of minutes, Joy’s hand creeping higher on Davies thigh. Eventually Joel came into the room half dressed. He had on no shirt and loose jeans. Davie could not help but stare at his toned fit body on that tall frame. He was clean shaven with mid-length hair and sparkling blue eyes. He gave Davie a wave, then took Kate’s hand and stood her up pulling her to him and kissing her on the lips then her neck. She cooed softly as she began rubbing his cock through his pants. It was becoming clear to Davie just how casual this weekend was going to be and he felt up to anything that happened.
“Joel darling” Joy said giggling. “take Auntie Kate upstairs and fuck her won’t you hunny.”
“yes Mum” He said with a smile and led Kate out of the room. “C’mon Katie” He lead her out of the room. She began taking her clothes off as she ran up the stairs.
“well” Joy said turning her attention to her nephew. “ I am going to suck you to fully hard so we can fuck right here and now” She said undoing his zipper.
“wait!” Davie said.
“whats wrong handsome? You aren’t nervous are you? I’ll be gentle if you want.”
“No its not that”
“Then what?”
“Strip for me.” He said with a smile. “ I want you wearing nothing but that sexy garter belt from here on in.”
Joy smiled, stood and took off her clothes. Leaving everything including a sexy, lacy white bra and thong set in a pile on the floor. She had a bare pussy and he marveled at it but Davie gasp at the size of her massive tits. They were almost twice that of Kate’s.
“Holy shit you have big tits” He blurted out. She just smiled knelt in front of him and pulled his pants off. He took his shirt off himself as she started tit fucking him.
“fuck Davie this cut cock of yours looks so delicious” She said seriously as she leaned forward and took him deep into her mouth. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he surrendered to the sensation of Joy deep throating him as she gagged, slurped, played with his balls and tickled his anus. She was so good he thought she could give porn stars a lesson or two. He felt he was never, ever going to be harder than he was right then. He ran a hand through her soft red hair.
“get on the couch on all fours” Davie commanded. Joy happily complied. She knelt on all fours her elbows on the arm, her forehead on her arm. He grabbed the waist of the garter and pulled her back onto him. Keeping one hand on the garter and one hand pulling her hair she pushed deep into her and pulled out to half way before shoving hard back into her again. He could hear Kate upstairs moaning and the sound of a bed squeaking and knew Kate and Joel were fucking hard too. It made him slam into Joy even harder. She came within minutes of him entering her. She came loud. It urged him on to give it to her even harder.
“I must ride you” She blurted out. Turning and pushing him onto his back. Wasting no time she began her cowgirl routine on him. Running her hands through his long blonde hair. Licking his chest. Putting his hands on her breasts and telling him to be as rough as he wanted. His squeezing and kneading of her tits and the thumbing of her nipples sent wave after wave of pleasure through her until she was gasping for breath.
He could tell she was in heaven but he was close to finishing. He pushed her off of him and onto the floor on her back as he spread her legs holding one in the air and pinning the other to the floor and went balls deep and gave her short hard thrusts. They were sweaty and panting and she was leaving a wet spot on the carpet as he came deep in Joy’s pussy.
He collapsed on top of her and rolled onto his back as they laid there naked catching their breath. After a while Joy got up and got dressed and She and Kate left to go see their father. Leaving Davie on the floor naked and in a sex haze.
He got up and went and took a shower. Coming out of the bathroom he was only in a towel. He walked by Jill’s room which was open but looked super messy. Bras, panties and other clothes laying all over the place. Davie looked around and thought he might like to try on some of her clothes. He had really been thinking about becoming a woman a lot lately. He stepped into the room and picked up a black dress and held it up. He figured Jill had either worn it out with friends or so her boyfriend could fuck her easy. Thats what he would wear it for. To let a lover have him easier. A dress like that would make you feel sexy. Or like a wanting slut. Either way wearing it said come fuck me.
He started toward the room where he was to stay with Kate but stopped as he saw Joel on his bed in just boxers. A respectable bulge front and center. Joel was stroking it as he looked at his phone. He could not stop staring at Joel. Davie wanted him bad. He liked tall fit men.
“Hey Davie” Joel said waving him in.
He invited Davie to sit next to him on the bed. The two sat side by side. Davie trying to keep his towel from falling open. Revealing his semi hard cock. He could not stop thinking about sucking Joel’s big cock. He was getting overly aroused. Joel though stopped him covering up and opened the towel so he could see what Davie had to offer. He whistled at the long hardening tool.
“you gave it to my Mom good hey Dave” Joel said running a hand up and down Davie’s leg.
“yes.” He slid closer to his cousin. “I loved doing her too”
“I bet” Joel said kissing his cousin on the shoulder. “I wanna fuck you now Davie”
“Right fucking now. I can‘t stand how hot your making me”
“Holy fuck really!” Davie kissed Joel softly on the lips.
“Yes very much. I’m a top. Is that cool” He opened the towel all the way and leaned over and began sucking Davie’s fast hardening tool. Davie held the back of Joel’s head thrusting up into his throat. Joel did’t object and sucked even more enthusiastically.
“God Joel you can have me any way you want” Davie said as he slid his hand into Joel’s boxers and squeezed his ass and began fingering his anus. Joel really enjoyed this and bobbed his head furiously. His warm, moist mouth was so good at oral sex Davie came hard into the mouth of his cousin. Joel swallowed every drop.
“you liked that did you?” Joel smiled. Davie could only nod his pleasure. “Did you know I get paid for that now?”
“You’re a male prostitute?”
“Kinda yeah.” Joel smiled. “Just for one guy though. He is this real rich widow. Always wanted to fuck young men so now he has the money and the freedom to do so. I go over couple times a week. He has me suck him off usually but sometimes he bends me over his desk and slam fucks me. Even calls me his favorite fuck ever”
“how old is he?”
“Not sure in his sixties for sure. He was on city counsel for a while too. A real pillar of the community. Demands discretion.”
“Does Joy or Jilly know?”
“Joy no. Jilly, yes. She introduced us”
“Wow. You must really be good”
Joel shrugged. “Mom thinks I do odd jobs and errands for him. I guess I do. Except he pays me two thousand dollars a month.”
“Shit wow”
“Yes it is nice since I love fucking older men. He just happens to be almost three times my age.” Joel grabbed Davie and pulled him onto his back. “I’m gonna fuck you now K Davie”
Davie just nodded as Joel fingered lube into Davies anus. He leaned in and kissed him hard as he slowly penetrated his cousin. Causing Davie to arch his back and grip Joel at the shoulders.
“You don’t have to be so gentle Joel”
“I want to be though. I have wanted you for so long Davie. I want this to last.” Joel kissed at the nape of Davie’s neck and Davie squeezed his ass tight pulling him deeper inside.
Both boys kissing deeply now as they had slow and intensely intimate sex.
Neither had realized just how much they wanted each other. All those times at beaches and lakes watching each other. Davie had even masturbated to pictures of Joel as much as to that bikini photo of Jilly.
Davie pushed Joel off him onto his back and got on top. He had never been on top. He ran his hands over Joel’s shaved chest. Playing with his nipples and looking into each others eyes. Davie realized he was about to come again. No one had ever given him an anal orgasm but his talented cousin was rubbing his P spot perfectly. Soon Joel had a torso covered in Davie’s come. “Fuck Joel you are amazing.”
Joel grabbed his cousin and pulled him down so they could kiss. Their tongues probing each others mouth. Davie was about to sit back up when Joel wrapped his arms around him and held him tight as he filled Davie with spurt after spurt of semen.
Neither moved for a long time. Joel held Davie on top of him as they continued kissing. Their hands still explored each other. Playing with each other.
After an hour or so they went and showered together. Davie enjoyed washing another man in the shower as they made out more than they washed. It was clear Joel was ready for more and his erection had returned as big and rigid as before. Not bothering to get out of the shower he turned Davie and put him up against the wall. He slid his throbbing cock back into Davie and held him against the wall with one hand while gripping his hip with the other. He was faster and rougher this time. Panting like an animal. Davie loved it. Being forced up against the wall and fucked in a frenzy was hot. This is what he really liked. Hard, fast and intense sex. Where his lover was in an almost fever like state.
“Yes Joel. Fuck me. Harder. C’mon treat me like your sissy whore” Davie growled in encouragement. Joel was ramming him fast and furious. As the water ran off their naked bodies Joel filled Davie with come for the second time. Joel leaned forward his hands on Davie’s hips kissing his cousin along the neck and ear.
“Sleep in my bed Davie” Davie turned and kissed him. “Lets fuck again before we go to sleep.”
They got out of the shower and after toweling off a little they walked out of the bathroom holding hands. They kissed as they walked. They had been so into each other they had not heard that Jill had returned home.
“well hallo you two” She said cheerfully as she examined the two hung naked men in front of her. “wow that is a lot of swinging dick for a girl to behold. Wish someone had given me a good fuck like that tonight” It was clear they were loud enough in the shower that she could hear everything from down the hall. Another family trait Davie though. Loud passionate love making.
She herself was almost naked. She was only in a red and black sports bra with protruding nipples and black Brazillian panties tight enough to see the outline of her labia. Her long blond hair in a loose bun and her toned athletic body had a sheen to it like she was wearing tanning oil. Joel later told him it was probably massage oil as her coach rubs her down after a long training session. Then usually drops her at her boyfriends place so they can fuck and she can release more tension. Of course her boyfriend is his her trainers son. Joel suspected Jill might have something going with the coach‘s wife too.
“you two either get a room or put some clothes on” She teased before letting them know that a text from Joy had told her that Joy and Kate were still at their fathers and would be home very late.
The guys returned to Joel’s room and rubbed skin lotion into each other. Joel knelt in front of Davie and sucked him hard again. “You and I are so compatible sexually Davie. I want to be yours whenever you want”
Davie smiled and guided Joel back to his oral task. “MMM Joel. You continue sucking like that and I will give you whatever you want. Without hesitation”
Joel soon swallowed another large load and swallowed every drop. He then laid Joel on the bed and returned the favor. He slurped and sucked up all of Joel’s cum before the two of them crawled under the covers and snuggled into one another.
They continued to kiss and touch each other. Davie felt so right sleeping in another mans bed, there would be more men he knew.
Around one in the morning Joy and Kate came sneaking into the house. They both went into Joy’s bedroom and closed the door. Soon after they saw Jill sneaking down the hall and go into the Master Bedroom. For over an hour after moans, groans and sounds of orgasm could be heard from the room the three women were in. Everyone would be sleeping in, in the morning.
Joel fell asleep first. Leaving Davie to think about going over to Jill’s room. She was occupied and would not hear him, he could go in and try on some of her clothes. Maybe sleep in a nightie in her bed. Try on a bra or make up. He suspected that she would be spending the night in a king sized bed in the master suite with the other women of the family.
Should he?…….
To be continued……………………..

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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