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Family Messed up

Visited my gran after soccer match practice still in my shorts. When I arrived at her door she was in the room with a nice-looking woman. I thought she looked familiar, she was very attractive with a cute body and looked in her 40s. Her low-cut top showed that she had full tits tightly pack.

I greeted my gran and she looked happy to see me but nervous with the woman in the room. She introduced her as her daughter Val visiting from South America, which surprised me. I have only ever heard of her but not met her before that account for the familiar look. Then gran said this is your cousin Violet’s mother. I grew up with Violet, as she is just few months youngers than me. I was told her mother had left her behind. That was over 18 years ago.

Val smiled broadly at me and said how I had grown and look like my dad. My gran asked me to leave and sort out her kitchen cupboard which was her way of telling me they want to be alone.

On my way to the kitchen I heard my gran’s bitch outside yelp. So I looked out of the window and realised she was locked with her first son. Gran shouted that I should hold the male dog still until the lock bulb of the male penis had reduced.

After a decent period I told gran I was leaving. She apologised for being distracted and Val asked that I gave her a lift back to town. My gran quickly said no, but I said it was okay and that I would be glad to. Val said farewell too as she is planning to be around for a few more days.

Val and I got into my old van and on the way Val started to talk about the dogs being locked after fucking and how it made her horny, as she talked she placed one hand between her legs and the other hand feeling my thigh and began to feel my cock.

I asked her to stop that she was distracting me. She said I should pull over and she will suck my cock hard and long and if I was good, she will let me into her pussy.

I was shocked but all her talking of fucking me had my cock swell hard. So I pulled off the edge of the woods and Val pulled my shorts down and took my cock in her mouth.

She held and sucked my cock so hard it was best blow job I have ever had. I felt inside her top and felt her tits that had been so tightly packed. And felt her nipples between my fingers and I flicked them between fingers like a light switch. She was too good with her mouth and I came quicker than ever, she licked off the cum as it sipped out.

She got back into the seat at the back of the van and I joined her and took off her top and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. This got her wild and she asked if my cock can do her now but I said that I will like to lick her pussy first and she agreed to teach me how to do it properly.

I went on my knees and licked my middle finger then I gently inserted into her pussy. But she asked that I use 2 fingers and then slipped it in and she showed me how to rub her pubic bone when slipping in and out of her pussy.  I used the other hand to part the lip of her pussy and was able to enjoy watching my finger fucking her before I started to use my tongue and lick and suck on the lips of her pussy.

My cock was so hard and with her stroking my cock, I had to beg her to stop and let me enter her. She slid down the seat and I entered her fully to the hilt where my cock was gratefully welcomed. She whispered into my ear that my cock was a nice fit and we began to fuck.

I have only ever fucked one other person before this and that’s my cousin Violet who now happens to be Val’s daughter.

We fucked in the back of the van until we were spent then she insisted that I cum inside her. We said nothing until I got outside the guesthouse where she was staying. She said I should come the next day for a repeat and I should tell Alice my mother she was in town.

I told my mother that Aunt Val was in town and that I gave her a lift from gran. My mother looked pale and upset and when my father Alan came home, they had an argument.

The argument was about Val being in town which my father said he was not aware of. But that he was not going to see her. They continued to argue and it was then that my mother accused my father of being Violet’s father. And that he fucked and knocked up two sisters around the same time. My father said he had never denied it and it was not his fault as both sisters loved his cock, and he had enjoyed fucking them as he loved fucking. He said I have not fucked Val in years and it was no longer news and so get over it.

So there it is, I had fucked my aunt and was fucking her daughter Violet, thinking she was only my cousin. Crazy about her nice tits and welcoming pussy, but in fact I had been fucking my own half-sister. My gran had raised Violet, so now I have cheated on my girlfriend with her mother.

Later in the week I told Violet about the argument and that we are half siblings. She asked if this meant I do not want to fuck her anymore as it would be a shame as she can keep it a secret if I would. Of course I did not tell her I was fucking her mother also, since she wanted us to continue.

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