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A Summer Day In Monaco

I flew through the summer air on a black jet ski around Monte Carlo, Monaco, enjoying the warm weather. I felt like James Bond racing up the Mediterranean Sea as the summer breeze blew against my face. I stopped in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea taking in the delights of Monaco; a black bikini-clad woman on a blue jet ski approached me. She was an exotic beauty with a golden complexioned, long light-brown hair, and full lips that were ready to suck anything. I think she was multiracial.

“Hey, handsome,” she said to me.

“What’s up, gorgeous? What is your name?” I asked her.

“My name is Monica, and yours?”

“My name is Mar’e, gorgeous. I run New York!”

“Wow, I’m from New York too!” Monica continued. “Are you up for a race, Mar’e?”

“What’s in it for me, Sexy?”

“Whatever you want,” Monica answered.

“Alright, if I win, you go out to dinner with me. If you win, I’ll take you shopping or be your sex slave,” I suggested.

Monica laughed and said, “Sounds good.”

“Show me what you got, baby girl.”

We picked the beach as our finish line. Then we raced down the beautiful Persian-blue Mediterranean Sea, which was clear all the way to the beach. The view of the green mountains and sunlit buildings above were splendid. We were side by side waving at each other and laughing. The high-flying, water-fueled adrenaline I got was like no other. It was the maximum rush! My heart raced as I split the sea. I was so far ahead, but I slowed down a little pretending my jet ski was acting up. I wanted Monica to win to see what she had in stored for me. I had an uncanny feeling about Monica. Call it a handsome black man’s intuition. Monica raced in front of me, and I picked up the pace. She won the race and immediately jumped up and down.

“I won, that is what you get for racing in that cheap jet ski,” she joked.

“I let you win because you’re cute, baby girl,” I admitted. “So, what do I have to do? Take you on a shopping spree and buy you some diamonds?”

“No, no, it’s something simple, cutie.” Monica replied.

“What?” I was curious.

Monica traced my perfectly defined eight-pack abs and chest with her finger and said, “Well, me and my friend are lonely and we wouldn’t mind having a dark, handsome, and virile man hanging out with us for a few hours.”

“Is your friend a bombshell like you?” I asked.

Monica smiled and said, “Yes, I think you’ll find her attractive.”

“Let’s go!” I suggested. “I’m the man y’all need in your company.”

We hopped on our jet skis and dashed up the Mediterranean Sea. I followed closely behind Monica and wondered what her friend looked like. We headed straight to a beautiful white luxury yacht. As we boarded the white yacht, I liked the way Monica’s ass swayed. I wanted to grab it badly. A light-skinned beautiful woman clad in a blue bikini stood there holding a drink in her hand. She had several tattoos on her toned body and a blonde buzz cut hairstyle, which still made her looked incredibly feminine. I felt surprised that I did not see anybody else on this yacht.

“Amber, I like you to meet our new friend, Mar’e. He’s from New York City.”

“Hey, nice to meet you,” Amber said, as she shook my hand.

Amber had a nice accent. It sounded Irish. The way Amber smiled at me; I knew I attracted her. She had me smitten.

“Nice to meet you too, gorgeous,” I told her.

Amber took a deep breath and said, “You have a nice body. I do not see an ounce of fat on you. I hope I am not embarrassing you by looking at you this way, Mar’e.”

“You’re not embarrassing me,” I replied. “I’m always comfortable around beautiful women. Your body is extraordinary. In fact, you remind me of my favorite hobby.”

“What is your favorite hobby?” Amber asked.

I smiled and said, “My favorite hobby is making love to beautiful women and bringing them to orgasm.”

Amber stared at me and licked her lips.

Monica wrapped her arms around me and said, “Thank God, I found him.”

They gave me a tour of the yacht; we chilled outside, sipping on drinks, and talking. I learned Monica and Amber were models and socialites. We soon exchanged stories of our greatest past sexual experiences, which had all of us turned on.

“We have so much in common, Goddesses!” I expressed. “I had sex in cars, elevators, jets, and on rooftops. My sex life is a best seller!”

“Is your dick really that big?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, I know many men who lied about their size,” Monica murmured.

“Judge for yourselves, ladies.” I replied.

I pulled down my shorts, and my eleven-inch dick stood straight out. Monica and Amber could not believe the size of it, and soon the unmistakable aroma of their excitement filled the air.

“Oh, my God, that’s a biggest dick!” Amber expressed, holding her mouth. “It looks like his third leg!”

“I’m a true believer,” Monica laughed. “I know all the women you sexed had a big smile on their faces. Were they able to walk?”

“Let’s just say, I don’t get any complaints,” I continued. “Now, since we’re alone on this yacht, can we get into some fucking? Y’all have me standing here hard!”

I shocked them into silence, but I knew they wanted me. It was hard for them to keep their eyes off my dick. Monica and Amber looked at each other and wondered if they could handle a dick like mine.

“Yeah, we’re going to find out how good you really are, Mar’e,” Monica said. “You better know how to use that Big Bad Boy!”

Monica and Amber took off their bikinis and exposed their great bodies. Their nipples were erect, just waiting for some attention. They sauntered up to me, and we shared a kiss. Our wet tongues intertwined smoothly, and it seemed we were content to stay locked together this way forever.

“I love this!” I expressed. “This is the life!”

Monica and Amber worked their way from my lips down to my dick. They took turns sucking my dick and fondling my balls. I felt like the King of Monaco enjoying the pleasure from my pair of beauties. They led me to the bedroom of the luxury yacht, which was huge. The golden bed was big, and there was a flat screen on the wall.

“Sit in this chair in the corner,” Amber told me. “First, we’re going to put on a show for you. Keep that dick hard, Mar’e!”

As horny I was, I expect an interesting show. Monica and Amber crawled to the bed and started kissing. Amber explored Monica’s pussy with her tongue. Monica shuddered with pleasure. They soon were in the 69 position, which drove me wild. I love hot lesbian action! Monica and Amber enjoyed each other with all the sucking, moaning, and groaning they were doing.

Monica signaled me over and said, “Come over here, Mar’e. I want some of that dick.”

I obliged and slowly entered Monica’s smooth pussy. Amber sat on Monica’s face, getting her pussy licked. I picked up the pace and fucked Monica’s pussy harder.

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” Monica cried.

Her cries grew more frantic as her body shook. Monica’s pussy was burning up, and her love juices poured out. Monica climaxed on my dick, and what a feeling! My dick glistened with Monica’s pussy juices when I pulled it from her pussy.

“Fuck me, now!” Amber said, her eyes dreamy with lust. “I want that dick up my ass!”

“Bring that ass over here!” I told her.

Amber crawled across the bed and turned around. I positioned myself behind Amber and filled her ass with my dick. Amber’s ass was soft and tight as a crowded subway train. I banged her ass hard and fast.

“Fuck that ass!” Amber shouted. “Shit! You’re so fucking big!”

“Yes, back that ass up!” I demanded. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

I smacked her ass and the sweat flew off her ass cheeks. I put my hands on her lower back and fucked her ass even faster. Amber happily tongued away at Monica’s pussy. I played with Amber’s clit to make her cum harder.

“I love it!” Amber joyfully shouted.

With a loud cry, I ejaculated on Amber’s back. I rolled on my back, and Monica lowered her drenched pussy on my erect dick. She slammed all the way down and screamed her pleasure. I watched as her eyes widened with delight as she rotated her hips. Amber pushed her pussy on my face. I love performing cunnilingus on sexy women! Amber moaned and squirmed loudly as I tickled her G-spot. She tasted so good! I had pussy all over my face. The taste and scent of it drove me crazy! Creamy pussy juice flowed down my chin and neck. I proudly lapped the sweet pussy juice that flowed from Amber. Then I held her until her body stopped trembling.

“Oh, my God, he knows how to fuck and eat pussy!” Amber hollered.

Monica continued to ride me while moaning in ecstasy. I knew she was about to have an orgasm as she bounced up and down at a rapid pace. Then she bucked into a deep orgasmic moan, which overwhelmed her. She rolled off me, grabbing her pussy.

“I cannot take anymore of his dick,” Monica sighed. “My pussy is so sore.”

Now, I focused on Amber’s pussy. I got between her toned legs, and Amber closed her eyes as I pushed my dick in her pussy. It felt great inside Amber that I did not even want to pull out.

“God, you’re so big!” Amber screamed. “Fuck me with that big dick!”

“Yes!” I grunted.

I pounded Amber’s pussy, giving her long and hard strokes. Amber was trying to get every inch of my dick in her as she raised her ass off the bed, taking the pounding well.

“Oh, he’s giving it to me!” Amber cried. “It’s so fucking deep! He’s fucking the shit out of me.”

I heard Monica chuckled as she licked Amber’s erect nipples. Monica’s eyes rolled in the back of her head from the intense pleasure. She moaned and writhed around, having long, multiple orgasms. I felt myself ready to blast off like a starship.

“I’m going to cum, baby girl,” I announced.

“I’m cumming now!” Amber screamed. “My whole body is cumming!”

I pulled out and erupted. Cum went everywhere! It got on Monica, Amber, and they giggled. I felt light-headed and blissful. Finally, I collapsed on the bed with a feeling of total satisfaction.

When our breathing got close to normal, we relaxed in each other’s arms. I was in the middle of them enjoying the feeling of their moist skin. The sweet natural aroma of pussy, cum, and expensive perfume filled the room.

“Well, Goddesses, what y’all think? Did you like my performance?” I asked them.

“Yes, it was good,” Monica answered with a smile on her face.

“It was great,” Amber expressed. “My body has waited for something that big for the longest.

I laughed. “Thanks for the compliment! Y’all are a great fuck, and I enjoyed every second of it.”

“This was the greatest sexual experience ever,” Monica confirmed. “You’ve introduced me to the greatest level of fucking. I want to fly to New York and kick it with you.”

“Yes, come to the EmpireStateand kick it with me.” I said. “We’re going to have fun in my city! It will be an EVENT! Well, I have to leave ladies. Some friends of mine are at the casino waiting for me. I want to win some money from France’s high rollers!”

“I hope me and my girl can fuck you again soon?” Amber put forward.

“Absolutely,” I agreed with a smile.

“Next time, I’ll be ready for your dick,” Monica promised. “I’m going to work you!”

I got dressed, and they kissed me good-bye. As I jet-skied back to the beach, I glanced back and saw Monica and Amber still waving good-bye to me. The sex, the sun, the racing, everything was perfect.

Yes, my summer had just begun!

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