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Nanny’s Diary Part Three

After the unfortunate passing of my wife I hired a 21 year old girl part time to assist me with my 3 kids. Sometime later I began a relationship with Christine and between the two of us we had 6 children. The oldest child was 8 and youngest almost 10 months old. The following are entrys from Mkenzie’s journal which I found. The days are not in consecutive order as I have them listed just chose to label it that way instead of jotting down exact dates.

Day 14 Continued: I walked down the hall and ran into Christine. We proceeded to the dining area and got a drink and sat down to chat. She inquired if I was having fun. I said it was interesting and different, but fun. I stated that I had intercourse in round 1, but I was only asked to give blow job in the last round. She told me that she let the first guy finger her and she gave him a handjob and the last guy fucked her tits. I told her Mark had fucked me and she said he is like a brother to me so no details and we laughed.

More people arrived back in the room including Kyle and Ty. Ty pointed out a dirty blonde hair girl he had been with last. The guys went to get Christine and I a drink and she slapped me on the butt and said with your sexy ass I am surprised none of the guys have asked you about anal. I smiled and answered that I still am not too sure about doing it anyways. I patted her boobs and told her I am not surprised the last guy wanted to fuck her tits, and my small boobs could never be fucked. She smiled at me and put my hand in the top of her dress and I softly squeezed her boob. The guys returned and Ty’s eyes got real big when he saw me playing with Christine’s boobs. She laughed and said you wish you could see them and touch them don’t you. Ty’s face had an embarrassed look on it.

Before he could say anything the bell rang again and Mark shouted if you are able this is the last round. If you aren’t that’s cool too. I glanced at my paper when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned around to see Christine’s sister Jeanette and she said forget that paper come with me and let’s have some fun. She lead me and Ty downstairs to big room and I saw her husband Mike.  Jeanette took of her dress and I watched Ty stare at her big boobs as I took off my dress too. No sooner was my dress off I felt Mike’s hands rubbing my body. He pulled off his boxers and I saw his thick cock. I thought to myself this will be an interesting task and, I got down on my knees and began sucking on his cock. My eyes briefly glanced over to witness Ty’s face buried in her big boobs.

Several minutes of sucking later Mike pulled me up and bent me over the bed. He gently maneuvered his cock inside my pussy and began thrusting. Mike held firmly to my hips as he pounded me. Once again I glanced over to see Jeanette riding Ty, whose hands were cupping her boobs. My body shook from an orgasm a few times prior to Mike blowing his load inside me. He backed away from me and I saw Jeanette lick his cock before they left the room. Ty and I laid next to each other and he held me for a few minutes before we got up and left the room. Some couples had gone home. However, none of the four of us who rode together were sober enough to drive home, so Carrie showed Ty and I to one room to sleep in and another room for Kyle and Christine. We went to bed and the next morning drove home after breakfast. After, a shower and Ty going home I sat down with a cup of coffee to pen this entry.

Day 15: I hadn’t seen much of Christine or Kyle when watching their kids this week until Christine asked me to stay later today as Kyle was away on business. We had gotten all the kids asleep and sat down on couch to chat. She asked what I thought of the party last week, and I answered it was air of fun and never did I think of doing anything like that ever. I asked  how many times she has to been to a party like that,  and she said that was the second one she attended. She told me about getting so drunk that first party cause she was nervous that she made out with one of her girl friends. I told her I have never as much kissed a girl on the lips. Christine leaned over and quickly pecked me on lips and said now you have. I nervously laughed and excused myself to the restroom.

When I went back she told me she had a deal for me. She would let Ty see and touch her boobs if I would let Kyle fuck my ass. I was surprised by her offer but also intrigued a bit. I stated well I wouldn’t want it to be weird or odd between any of us with me working for you guys. She laughed and said has it been weird between us with what we have done before. I shook my head and said no. She inquired how this would make things different. I stammered out that she was my boss, Ty was my boyfriend and it could be weird or not. Christine said well I said he was going to see and touch my boobs nothing else. I nodded and asked how would Kyle doing my ass work and added is me doing anal and Ty only seeing and touching her boobs fair. She smiled and said we could go in separate rooms like which was done at the party and she guessed only touching and seeing her boobs wasn’t equal enough and asked what I proposed would make it fair. I said if her and Ty had sex would be fair. She told me ok as long as I was cool with it and definitely no anal. I said I would be fine with it doing the separate rooms. We discussed other minor details about the arrangement and set up till we felt like a good plan and scheduled it for the upcoming Saturday night.

Day 16: Today is Saturday finally. Ever since Monday I have thought about the fun for tonight. I am still nervous about Ty doing shit with Christine and even more nervous about anal for the first time. I am sure it will be fine and fun. All I have told Ty is we are going over to their house for dinner.

Day 17: Last night Ty and I went over to Kyle’s house for dinner and drinks as Christine and I had orchestrated on Monday. After dinner Kyle was washing dishes when Christine told me bring Ty to the spare bedroom in a couple minutes. I remembered the plan and after a couple minutes made an excuse to get Ty to the spare room. When I opened the door Ty and I saw Christine sitting on her knees on the bed wearing only her black thong. Immediately Ty’s eyes were focused on her breasts. I whispered in his ear that he had permission to play with her. He kissed me on the lips and I exited the room shutting the door behind me.

I went to find Kyle for my part in the fun arrangement. Christine had mentioned she would give him a heads up, so he wasn’t caught off guard just us alone. As planned I stripped down to my thong before I found him. He smiled when he saw me and motioned for me to follow him upstairs. I followed him to his bedroom and shut the door. He quickly stripped to his boxers and climbed onto the bed. I took off my thong and joined him. He ran his hands around my body and softly bit my nipples before he laid me back on the pillows, spread my legs and went down on me. Several minutes and orgasms later I told him I wanted his cock in my ass. He smiled and we moved about until I was on my knees with my ass arched high and cheeks spread and he was kneeling behind me. He slowly guided his cock in my ass and it was painful upon entry with the stretching of my ass hole, but my body got adjusted which allowed him to enter more of his cock in my ass.

After a couple minutes of guiding he was all the way in and I could feel his balls resting against my butt cheeks. He held onto my hips and slowly began to thrust. A few thrusts in my body began to really enjoy it and I felt my self achieve mini orgasms. The pumping went on for awhile and I actually had a couple big orgasms before he came inside me. I laid on the bed catching my breath while he put on shorts. A few minutes later I put on my bra and thong and we walked down stairs to find the other two. We slowly opened the bedroom door and saw Ty standing with his back to the door thrusting his hips while his hands held firmly on her breasts. Christine was laying flat on her back at the edge of the bed with her legs wrapped around Ty’s hips. Kyle slid his finger in my thong and rubbed my pussy as we watched them. Several minutes later Ty made the grunt noise he does when he cums. Christine looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. Ty went to the bathroom to clean up and returned a couple minutes later and we left.

Day 18: Ty and I have discussed a bit every day for the last 4 days how hot and fun Saturday night was. Once we start discussing we get turned on and end up fucking like crazy. Today, Christine text me and asked if we would be up for some fun. I inquired as to what she had in mind and she said how about Ty and I watching her and Kyle fuck and then them watching us. I ran the idea by Ty and he was intrigued, so we set it up for Saturday night.

Day 19: Ty and I went over to the house around 9 and grabbed a drink and sat down on the couch. Christine and Kyle laid a blanket down on the floor in front of the fireplace and began to undress. Kyle sucked on her boobs and went down on her as she moaned, and Christine sucked on his cock for a bit too. Then, they got into doggy position facing us and he began to pound her. I played with my clit as I watched the show and Ty occasionally stroked his cock. Christine moaned loud and her ass slapped loudly against his hips as he thrust until he came inside her. She smiled and said to Ty and I your turn. We quickly got naked and began making out. I sucked on Ty’s cock as he played with my nipples before I climbed on top of him and inserted his cock in my pussy and began to ride. I bounced up and down on him moaning like crazy till he came. Christine and Kyle playfully clapped at us and we laughed. Ty and I got dressed and went home.

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