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Ernesto And Bernadette With Patti – The Fun Continues

Ernesto is a 50 year old 6’ Puerto Rican American. He is a Bank President in Intown. His friend and lover is Bernadette or Bernie as she likes to be called. She is 25 years old, hazel eyes, 5’2”, petite, with big breasts. She looks like and dresses like a cute school girl. She is a liberated woman of the 1970’s. She is a nonmonogomist. She likes her freedom to choose cocks. She also has an overactive libido. Aside from her sexual activities she has a masters degree in science and is hospital laboratory manager.

It’s Saturday, Bernie and Patti were picked up at the airport by Ernesto. The girls spent 5 days visiting Bernie’s friends Tyrone and Chantal. Now Patti has friends in the Bahamas also. They are both welcome there anytime.

Ernesto asked the girls how the vacation was? The girls expressed what a great time they had and they saw more of the island. Bernie told Ernesto he has a standing invitation from Tyrone to go fishing. He said he will call Tyrone soon. Ernesto asked the girls if they want to stop at Uptown on the way home? Patti nodded yes. Bernie said yes we do. He asked if they wanted to stop at the EuroXXXTheater? Bernie looked at Pattie and Pattie nodded yes. After 5 days of fucking Tyrone and the orgy at the Bahama Professional Men’s Club the girl’s were used to being sexually stimulated and aroused for lengths of time everyday. They need the feeling of cock filling their pussies.

They are at the XXX Theater. The lady at the booth welcomes them. The girls and Ernesto go to the gangbang room. The girls put their clothing in their lockers and bring wiping towels for cum squirts on their face and bodies. Ernesto always fucks Bernie before the lines of guys appear. Bernie said he could fuck her when they get home. She said Pattie wants you to cum in her. Pattie said thank you for sharing Ernesto. Bernie said that’s what friends are for Patti. Ernesto deep fucked her and she was so sensitive from the week she was orgasming before Ernesto squirted her. He finally squirted her pussy, she squealed and shouted yessssssssssohyesssssss as she orgasmed. Ernesto spoon fed Patti his essence before the line formed. She sucked, licked his cock and balls clean. She kissed him and thanked him She thanked Bernie again. Bernie said it’s okay Patti.

Two lines of 20 guys each formed. Bernie announced condoms for ass and pussy. Some of the guys have been with Bernie before at the Theater. They love her and would love to take her home with them. The girls get more attention from the brown guys with their Queen of Spade rings given to them by Professor Randolph. The brown guys kiss the ring and kiss the girls out of respect. They know the girls love and accept them. The girls suck cock, lick balls, eat cum as well as get their pussy and ass fucked. When the line disappears the girls shower. Ernesto tells the girls to check under their pillows. The guys left the girls about $400 each as a love offering. The girls appreciate the guys love for them. As they leave, Joan the lady in the booth said they have a new movie in the theater called “Menage a Trois Chambre.” The owners bought a film in France. It’s not sold in the US. She said you girls look like the girls in the movie. But you don’t live in France, you don’t speak French and your names are not Babette or Chantal. Bernie said, that’s for sure. When the girls got to the car Bernie whispered, that was close. Bernie hadn’t told Ernesto anything until the leather bound table books arrive.

Next stop is the mall. There is a great buffet there. After dinner the girls go to the French Clothing Shoppe. They have Paris style clothing.

Sunday is a day of rest for Ernesto. He also watches sports on TV in the afternoon. Bernie kissed Ernesto and went to see the professors at the club. The Professors Mark and John were happy to see Bernie. Patti and Professor Randolph were there. Randolph had a box with 2 leather bound books. They are the books of erotic photos taken at the club of Bernie,Patti, and Randolph. The gang sign the books. The one for Ernesto is signed especially by Randolph thanking him for understanding the liberation of Bernie, her participation in making of the book and film. Randolph had given a table book to Professors John and Mark for the Gentlemen’s Club And Friends. Bernie put her 2 books in her car. She was happy. The photos in the book had been framed and hung in the long hallway at the club.

Bernie and Patti go to the basement gangbang room to remove their clothes as they are supposed to be naked love maidens. They are there to relax and be uninhibited. They are there for the professors love.

The girls join the professors naked in the living room. Patti sits with Randolph on the love seat and Bernie sat with Mark and John on the couch. Wine and cheese with crackers are served. The professors talk for awhile. The girls watched TV. Bernie lay on the professor’s laps. The wine had relaxed her. She slept a little. She felt fingers in her pussy and her nipples being being fingered.

The girls are awakened by the professors and taken to the Menage a Trois Chambre(3some Room). The girls lay on the big round bed awaiting three men they respect and love. The professors come in the room. Randolph lays with Bernie. The professors lay with Patti for the first time.

Bernie goes to work throat fucking Randolph’s cock and licking his balls. He likes his body licked. She obeys his requests. He has her do 69 so she is stimulated also. He has her lay on his side with his arm around her kissing her and French kissing her. He licks, sucks her breasts and nipples. He finger fucks her pussy making her orgasm. When she orgasms he asks her if she loves him? She says yes. He repeats his question several times as he kisses her, licks, sucks her breasts and nipples. As he finger fucks her clit and pussy. He also licks her clit and pussy. She is panting and squealing trying to say words as she is orgasming. He asks her if she likes what he is doing for her? She says panting, God yessss. He asked her if she wants his cock? As he finger fucks her making her orgasm. She said please fuck me. He tells her to get on her hands and knees. He lubricates her ass and pussy. He lubricates his cock. He fucks her pussy hard as his balls slap her pussy. She is orgasming, panting and making squealing noises. He finally squirts her pussy then switches his cock to her ass and fucks her ass. After a few minutes he squirts again. She had some fantastic orgasms being fucked in both her pussy and ass. She licked,sucked his cock and balls clean. He spoon fed her his essence.

At the same time Professors Mark and John made love with Patti. She asked them what they like? They said they wanted to love all of her. She smiled, opening her arms and legs inviting them. John and Mark kissed her lips, licked her neck, chest, sucked her breasts and nipples. They also finger fuck her pussy and clit. She is panting and moaning with orgasms. John licks, sucks, her pussy and clit. The orgasms continue. When Patti can she pulls their cocks or just holds on to them to give them her touch. The guys ask her what she would like fucked?She said her pussy and ass. John lay on his back and had Patti stuff his erect cock in her pussy. Mark was behind her lubricating his cock and her ass. He slowly slid his cock in her ass. Both men started fucking Patti. She adjusted herself to both penetrations following their rhythm of fucking her. John on the bottom kissed her. He licked,sucked, her breasts and nipples. Mark rubbed, licked and kissed her beautiful ass. Patti was in a world of ecstasy from the stimulation’s to her body. The guys finally started squirting her ass and pussy making her orgasm loudly. She was really stimulated panting and verbalizing how great she loved the fucking. When done she licked, sucked, their cocks and balls. They spoon fed her their essence.

Both girls lay with the men then showered. They were so stimulated they kissed in the shower and finger,hand fucked each other to orgasm more. They towel dried each other finger fucking more. The guys showered and went upstairs. The girls didn’t get dressed. They wanted more fucking. Bernie wanted Mark and John this time. The girls joined the men upstairs. It wasn’t too long when Patti and Randolph went to the gangbang room. Bernie sat with the professors who were kissing her and finger fucking her on the couch. They stood up and went into the den to use Bernie’s fuck bed. She put her arms around the necks of the professors as they stood together. They kissed her, held her, licked, sucked her breasts and nipples. They finger fucked her pussy until she couldn’t stand. She got on the bed. Like Patti she opened arms and legs surrendering her love and body to them.

The professors kissed her lips, neck, ran their tongues down to her breasts and nipples. They sucked them leaving hickys everywhere. John ran his tongue down to her bellybutton and down to her pussy. He licks, sucks her clit and pussy. He also stimulates her clit, pussy with his fingers, and hand. Mark helps with his fingers and hand also. Bernie is panting, orgasming and begging them to fuck her. John asks her what she wanted fucked? She said double stuff her pussy.

Mark lays on his back. Bernie sits on his cock facing John. She lays back on Mark with his cock in her pussy and John lays over Bernie on his hands and knees. He takes one hand and tries to put his cock in her pussy next to Mark’s cock. Bernie helps John with her stuffing his cock in her pussy. It’s in. The guys figure out a rhythm. The feeling of both cocks pushing in and out reminds her of Tyrone’s big cock stuffing her. She is grunting and moaning with pleasure.
The guys squirt at the same time as their cocks are squeezed together in her tight pussy. The amount of cum was reminiscent of Tyrone’s cock squirting her pussy. Their cum ran out of her pussy and down her thighs. It felt so good she cried thinking of Tyrone. Bernie licks, sucks the guys cocks and balls clean of cum. They spoon feed her their essence from her pussy and thighs. There is a lot to eat. She smiles showing her mouth is full and swallows their essence of love.

It’s time for a shower. Patti had already left. Bernie would pick up a pizza and salad for Ernesto. When she got home she served the pizza and salad. He was happy. After dinner she wrapped the leather bound photo book of her, Patti and Randolph. Ernesto was in the living room watching TV. She put her gold chain and gold, velvet choker on. She took her clothes off. With the book she knelt beside him as he sat on the couch. He looked down at her seeing her naked. She handed him the gift. He unwrapped it. He read the messages inside. He looked at the beautiful photos. When he finished he smiled and said she is beautiful. He said he would always cherish the book and he will always love her. He had her come sit on him lap straddling him. He said the book made him horny. He kissed her. He licked breasts and carried her to bed.

Ernesto, And Bernie With Patti Searching For The Big Cock…continued

I am 23 years of age. I graduated with a degree in computer technology with AI.

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