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Next Friday Anne Begins Her New Adventures With Yves And Carol.

It’s the last Friday of the month. Anne is leaving the hospital for a better paying job. She also sold her home and 150 acres of land for one million dollars.

Friday her last day of work, a special luncheon was held in Anne’s honor. The employees gave Anne a desk pen, clock set and her name on it. The brass and wood set is beautiful. The hospital administration gave Anne her paycheck, vacation pay and a plaque extolling her dedication, achievements. Anne thanked everyone for their kind words. She told the employees she will miss them as a “family.” The whole gang applauded Anne.

Anne put her things in her car and smiling with the radio blasting a tune. She is going to her new job, family, and home.

Anne arrived early at the estate. She talked to the security intercom at the gate. A voice of one of the employees answered. The female voice said,”welcome home Anne.” Anne replied,”Thank you.” The gate opened and Anne drove to the large garage behind the estate. The building had several cars and lawn equipment parked in it. Including a large snow plow.

Anne came through the kitchen and was greeted by cheers and applause by the employees. They all like Anne. She is always polite and respectful to them.

Anne reports immediately to Carol. Carol hugs and kisses Anne. That’s a French kiss. Carol said Anne is officially “family.” Carol said she wanted Anne to relax the weekend. There was nothing scheduled the weekend except rest for her and Yves.

Anne went to her suite and put away the last items she brought with her on the final move to the mansion. She put her plaque on the wall in her office from the hospital and the beautiful desk pen and clock set with her name on it from the hospital employees.

She made a call to Patti whose bachelorette party ended in an annulment. Patti had contacted her at the hospital. Anne promised to call her as soon as she got into town. Patti is back sharing the apartment she left to get married. Patti said she liked Anne as she felt she could trust Anne. Anne thanked her. Patti said she was a month pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. She is sure Truk got her pregnant as she was a virgin until the party. She said she cannot make enough money to support herself and a child. Patti asked if she would be with her next Tuesday at 1:30pm for an abortion? Anne said yes.

Anne asked her if she was getting a tubal? Patti said what’s a tubal? Anne replied your tubes tied. Patti paused then asked Anne if she had it done? Anne said, yes. Anne said she likes to fuck and pregnancy by some guy who just wants to “pop her cherry,” isn’t going to happen. Anne said it’s your choice. Don’t do something because someone else did it. Patti said the chances of getting pregnant are now greater. She said she would be in the same boat again. Anne said how about birth control pills? Patti said she had problems with them and the gynecologist took her off of them. Patti said she will call Monday and add the tubal to the list. Anne said she would pick her up at her apartment.

Anne calls the Club and Robert answers the phone. Anne says hi Robert. He yells, “Baby, where are you?” Anne said she would see him tomorrow Saturday. He said bring some revealing party clothes for tomorrow night. We need you as “eye candy” as we have kicked the Club upscale. Anne said she would be there at lunch time. She said I love you Robert. He said back at you baby.

After dinner with Carol and Yves, Anne spent the evening with them watching a movie in their theater room. They have large screen and theater seats. After the movie she says goodnight to Carol and Yves. She goes to her suite where waiting for her are Paul, William and Mark. They are under 20 years of age. These Bahama young men were carefully selected to work on the estate and be with Anne.

Following Anne’s lead they watch her actions. She kisses them and they kiss her. She lays acrossed the bed with the back of her head hanging over the edge of the bed. She tells them to fuck her mouth and throat slowly. They never have experienced deep throat fucking. While one of them fucked her mouth the other two guys finger fucked her pussy and ass. They squirted her mouth and throat. They stimulated her ass and pussy as she orgasmed. They licked, sucked her breasts and nipples.

The guys noticed her spade tattoos on her inner thigh. She said her preference for sex is with the Black man. She said the Q on the Spade means she is a Queen of Spades(Black men). She earned her Queen designation by being trained by a Black Master. His name is Marcus. She said he is her Master for life. She serves Black men. These young men love Anne. They are surprised that a white girl is trained to serve them. However they love this cute little Queen. They love touching her, kissing her and making love to her.

Paul lays on his back and Anne straddles him and pushes his cock into her pussy. Paul pushes his cock all the way in. Mark is behind Anne and forces his cock in alongside Paul’s cock. This action is called “double stuffing.” Both guys fuck Anne’s pussy. Her pussy feels full of cock and she feels so stimulated she is orgasming. It isn’t too long the guys are so stimulated they both squirt her pussy. Anne squeals as her pussy walls are flooded with sperm. She strains squealing sounds from orgasming.

Mark pulls his cock out and William lubricates his cock and Anne’s ass. He slowly fucks her ass until she adjusts to his cock. Anne is so stimulated she pushes her ass against his cock. She likes getting her ass fucked. She wants him to fuck her ass faster. He does. Anne is panting and grunting.

Mark stimulates her clit with his fingers. Paul is still under Anne. He licks, sucks her breasts and nipples. The three guys have stimulated Anne and William squirts her ass causing her to have a powerful orgasm. She squeals love sounds as William pulls her ass holding her tightly against his cock. She is gasping from the stimulation. William pulls Anne up off her hands. Williams cock is still erect in her ass as he holds her up with her back against his chest. He hugs and kisses her lips as she turns her head to him.

Paul and Mark on their knees come up close to Anne kissing her. They both finger and hand fuck Anne as William holds her. The guys lick, suck,knead, her nipples and breasts. Anne has multiple orgasms as the guys stimulate her pussy.

William has Anne lay on the bed as the guys have her rest. She asks them to take the sperm from her pussy and thighs and put it in a cup. They do it and she has them feed her their copious sperm. She eats all of it. She shows her mouth full and swallows it. They are amazed how she loves their sperm.

Anne and the guys shower together. They bathe her while finger fucking her pussy and ass. She pulls their cocks and gives them blowjobs. She loves sex in the shower. After showering the guys put Anne in the middle of the king size bed. Two of the guys layed on each side of Anne. William layed acrossed the top of the bed to be near her. These three young men love her. They will awaken her during the night and early morning to fuck her. They are young and potent. Anne loves these guys.

Saturday morning Anne has a hair appointment. Carol told her to have a couple of her guys take the old Volvo station wagon and drive her to her appointment. Anne thanked Carol.

Mark drove the car and William sat in the back seat with Anne. The old car had darkened windows. William finger fucked Anne’s pussy. He licked, sucked her clit and pussy. He had Anne orgasming. They arrived at the hair salon. Anne kissed William and Mark. William would drive them home and Mark has her sit on his lap and he fucked her pussy. Whew! What a ride.

Saturday at dinner time the guys at the Club invited Anne to dine with them. The guys sit with Anne and talk about their week at the Club. Anne tells them how her week went. She said her bosses are very nice to her. Especially when she saved them millions of dollars in a contract mistake she found. The guys applauded her. They are happy for her.

Saturday night at the Club is dance night. Tonight the DJ is Little Raykix.

The guys help in the kitchen and pour drinks for the servers. The only food served on dance night is pizza. Orders are called in for pizza pickup. They don’t deliver, however the homemade pizza is a favorite in the neighborhood

Anne sits at the guys table. She has her hair long shoulder length. She is wearing an orange red miniskirt and matching short halter top blouse. She wears the queen of spades choker with matching earrings. The guys had given her the gold with black onyx jewelry. She found matching shoes in a little shoe store in the “hood.”

Anne is asked by other guys to dance. She does. The Masters are busy and Anne is “eye candy”for the men customers. They buy drinks for her. She dances with them and they stay longer spending more money.

One of the customers asks Anne to sit in a booth wth his buddys and girlfriends. This group buys drinks and pizza. Anne is kept busy dancing with the guys. Later Anne rests. The girls at the booth like to make out with Anne. They kiss and French kiss her. Two girls lick, suck Anne’s breasts and nipples as they finger fuck her clit and pussy. Anne says to the girls she wanted more. She fixed her clothes and took the girls to her apartment upstairs. They would continue where they left off.

The two girls Sheila and Lisa joined Anne on the king size bed. The girls were on Anne kissing, French kissing her. They kissed, licked, sucked, her neck, breasts and nipples. These beautiful young brown girls had never loved a white girl. The girls finger Anne’s clit and pussy. They both hand fucked Anne’s pussy. Anne was writhing from the stimulations. Anne is orgasming.

Anne returns Sheila and Lisa’s love. Anne licks, sucks the girls clit and pussy alternating her love between the two of them. Sheila and Lisa experience orgasms from Anne’s stimulations. The girls love this beautiful little white girl. They know she loves them.

After resting the girls shower together finger fucking and kissing each other. The girls tell Anne they love her. They want to see her again.

Anne and the girls return to their tables. Robert asked Anne how things went? Anne replied okay except now she needs cocks. Robert laughed. He said that is covered.

Anne Helps Patti And Continues Her Erotic Adventures…cont’d

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