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Playing with Fire part 2

As the days passed Ash had messaged and called her, they began to make plans to meet.
Ash calls Bella, “Can you come over today?” she replies, “Yes I can. Only for a little awhile though.” Ash clears his throat, “I will be waiting for you.”

Bella dresses in a pair of black shorts, black lace bra and t-shirt. She drives over to Ash’s house, she sits in her car for a few mintues. Gathering her thoughts and slowing her heart beat before walking to his front door. She knocks on his door with a trembling hand.

Ash opens the door, “Hi, you look stunning.” Bella’s cheeks bloom roses, “You look marvelous yourself.” Opening the door wider, he allows her to enter. She slides beneath his muscular, tattooed arm, stepping into his warm house.
He closes the door behind them, locking it. “you do look beautiful, you always look wonderful.” Bella’s body blushes a deeper red, “Flattery.”

Walking further into his house, butterflies dance inside her chest. Stepping up behind her, he wraps his arms around her waist. “I can feel your nervous tension from across the room.” “I’m sorry. I’ve never done this before.” He kisses her neck,” it’s alright.” Leaning against his firm chest, she sighs, “Reality is outside that door.” He turns her around, “Forget about reality, for now inside these walls the world is you and I.”

She tugs his shorts down, he steps out of them. “You’re so damn hot,” she whispers. Sliding his finger inside her shorts loop, he pulls her closer. “I want u,” he unbuttons her shorts with a quick move of his fingers. Sliding them down her hips and legs she steps out of them. Licking his lips, “oh, you are full of surprises.” His eyes roam over her, taking her in. “damn, I want to fuck u right here.

Mischievously she asks, “I thought that is what I was here for?” Kissing her he picks her up in his arms and places her on the kitchen counter. Wrapping her long legs around his waist, she says, “I want to touch you. I want to trace your tattoo…”

“Do what you want, touch me…” his voice was thick with desire.

She lifts her shaking hand, placing it on his broad muscular chest. His heart beat against her hand, “Your nervous too” she whispers. nibbling her earlobe, he whispers,” it’s so much more than nerves.”
With the tip of her fingernail she traces his tribal tattoo, then licks with her tongue. She kisses and nibbles her way down to his spider web tattoo around his belly button. Kissing her way back to his lips.
Wrapping his fingers into her long hair, he pulls her head back, “are you teasing me on purpose? No need, can’t you tell I want you!”

She grins, “Can’t I play a little?”

He takes her hand and wraps it around his cock, “Do u think u need to play?”

Her eyes flash, the desire swells inside her,” no,I love touching you.”
Using her hand, he slides his rock-hard cock inside of her. “mmm, yes.”

she moans, she tries to pull her hand away to hold onto him.
Ash holds onto her hand, “Stroke me while I fuck you. You want to play? You are going to play alright.”

Bella’s orgasm pulses and flows through her, her face and body flushes.

She holds on to his shoulder with her other hand. Her hair falls around her face and over shoulders. “Yes, Yes Fuck Ash Fuck yes!” she screams.

Grinning he fucks her harder, she begins to lose her grip on his cock.

“No, you hold onto that cock and hold onto the ride!” he demands.

She tightens her grip as her pussy muscles tighten around him also.

Her entire body shivers and tightens from her climatic pleasure wave.

He leans in closer, whispering into her shoulder, “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me,” She begs.

He explodes inside of her. his own orgasm tightens his body and makes him collapse against the counter.

Ash pulls away, she slides off the counter weak knee. She strolls over to her clothing, she picks her shirt up. Through gasps Ash asks, “Where are you going?”

Bella answers, ” I have to go?”
He sits in the nearby chair, “not yet, do you?”

“I wasn’t done making it up to you.”

Confused She looks up at him,” what are u talking about,” she slips her shirt on.

” I need to make it up for what he did.”

Finally understanding she strolls over to him, she straddles his lap. “You did nothing wrong.”

Picking her up he carries her into the other room, he lies her down on the bed. He takes her shirt off again, then her bra, “I want to give you pleasure, I want to touch every inch of you.”

Blushing she watches him climb onto the bed next to her.

Ash kisses her, tracing her tattoos with his tongue.

Laughing, “that tickles, please stop.” Looking into her eyes, “ticklish? mmm kissing her breasts, licking her areola and nipples, he suckles her.

Her body raises to meet his lips,” mmm” He turns her over in a quick gesture.
“what? what?” she asks.

He pushes her long hair away from the back of her neck he kisses it.  Ash kisses her back, licking and kissing her survivor tattoo. Sending shivers down her spine, she begs, “oh please…”

“yes, what do you want me to do?” Her breathing quickens, she wants a lot, she wants everything but is too afraid to say it out loud.

She whispers, “I can’t.”

He stops, leaning up he asks,” Do u want me to stop?”

Her heart races, “I want him to stop but I don’t want to stop. I want him to touch me. I want him to do whatever he pleases.” her thoughts race.

She looks over shoulder,” I want you… to fuck me. I want to feel your hands, lips on me and your cock inside me.”

“That is what I want, does it terrify me? Hell, yes am I going to stop? Hell no!”she contunies.

Grinning he lifts her hips and spreads her legs. She waits to feel the harsh hammering of a cock going in and out of her, but she is surprised. He spreads her pussy lips apart and rolls her clit around with his forefinger and thumb. A shock of pleasure erupts through her body, “ooo”

“Yes, let me hear u.” he rolls her clit over and over, it swells beneath his fingers. She moans louder, buckling under the wave of pleasure.

He stops, taking her hands and placing them against the wall,” don’t move your hands, and don’t move your legs. No matter what I do, stay in this position.”

Intrigued She does as he tells her, he slides his forefinger inside of her. In and out while rolling her clit between his forefinger and thumb, until it becomes a hard pebble.

Ash slides his thick hard cock into her honeycomb warmness. “Sweet honey wrapping around me,” he thinks.

“Ooooo, YES YES!” her breathless moans escape her moist lips.

He slides his hand around her, cupping her pussy while he massages her clit. “oh please I’m going to cum!” Bella begs.
Bucking against him, pleasure pulsing through her body. “fuck me!!! oh yes!!!”
Her orgasmic climax washes over them, “yes that is what I want. cum for me.”

“Fuck yes, Cum for me Ash!”He quickens his strokes in and out of her, until his orgasm flows through him and into her
They collapse on the bed together, hearts pounding and relaxed. They lie next to each other until reality breaks through their world.

Ash’s phone begins to ring across the room. Bella stretches, “It’s Declan.” Ash wrinkles his nose, “Nah its work.” Bella climbs out of the bed, and gets dressed. Ash’s facial expressions tells her she is correct.

Mrs.colleen M Tice is a wife, mother of three children and a grandmother of one. she graduated from Elmira College in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal justice, she has a published a Novel, Brooklyn Love and a four-book short story collections, Beyond the Storm Clouds available on Amazon and kindle

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