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Quiet at the Pool

My work takes me to a lot of different places. I’m a photographer specializing in scenery and landscapes. You probably have calendars or travel brochures around with some of my shots in them. When I’m on an out-of-town shoot, I usually stay at small inns or B&Bs.

The small B&B I was staying at on this trip was quite secluded, and having just come in from a long day of shooting, I decided a quiet dip in the pool was just what I needed to relax and unwind. I get a lot of exercise climbing and hiking around for my job so I have a firm muscular body, except for larger breasts than I would like. But not big enough to consider a reduction.

When I checked in the night before I noticed there were not a lot of guests at the B&B so the pool was as quiet as I expected. I did my laps, climbed out of the pool and walked to the jacuzzi.
I was surprised to see someone else there. He must have walked in while I was swimming.

Giving a tentative smile, I said hello and stepped gingerly into the hot water. I slid down to my shoulders, closed my eyes and lay back to relax. The jets turned off at that instant. Sitting up to get up and turn them back on, I noticed my jacuzzi partner jumping out to do just that. I got a good look at his hard muscled body. He was taller than I, which is good since I’m 5’10”. Had broad shoulders, a muscled chest and legs covered with light brown hair. His head was almost shaved, or just cut extremely close. He was definitely good to look at!

As he settled himself back in the jacuzzi, I smiled and made a comment about the timing of the jets. “My name is Veronica by the way” I added. “Jim” was all he said as he reached his hand across to shake mine.

I decided I must have disturbed him and sat back again to relax. The water swirling around my body was a pleasant sensation, and a jet shooting in between my shoulders helped me relax almost to the point of dozing off. “If you stand there and bend forward, that jet will shoot right up your ass”. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. My eyes flew open and I saw ‘Jim’ staring intently at me. I’m not a prude, but I usually save sex talk for my husband. This guys comment just totally blew me away!

“I think I have to go now” I replied nervously as I stood up to leave. Before I could move, Jim reached up, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forward so I was bending towards him. I began to struggle until I felt it… the water jet shooting straight into my ass. The barrier of my swimsuit kept it from shooting straight into my puckered hole. I’ve only had anal sex once and didn’t find it very pleasant or worth repeating. But this sensation was wonderful.

“Feel good”? I had almost forgotten he was there. As he released my shoulders, I fell back onto my seat feeling embarrassment and shame rising to my face. Before I could look at him or make a comment he suggested I remove my bottoms and enjoy the full effect. I guess the water and heat must have gotten to me more than I thought, because before I knew it I had slipped my bottoms off and lay them on the side of the jacuzzi. This time as Jim took my shoulders it was just to steady me as I bent forward.

The water began pelting my cheeks hard, and as I moved to position myself better, it also caught my cunt, stinging my clit. The phenomenon of this struck me dumb as my cunt became numb. Jim moved off his seat and positioned my hands on it so I could steady myself. Then he came to my side, grabbed my ass cheeks, spread them apart and situated them in front of the jetting water. As the water spurted into my tight hole with the pressure of a fire hose, I could feel my bowels swelling and churning. Jim began kneading my ass cheeks and I found myself enjoying this strange outing at the pool.

“You like it better now?” he growled and I realized he was enjoying this also. I was too involved to answer and began to moan, quietly at first, and then louder. “Yeah bitch, that’s it, take it in”. Suddenly a hard slap fell onto my ass and I jumped and yelped. Jim gave me a hard, chilling look and told me I needed to be quieter if I wanted to keep playing. Looking at him it came to me that I didn’t know this man and needed to leave this place quickly.

As I turned to grab my bottoms, Jim pulled me roughly to him, and regaining his seat, turned my back to him, bent me over and rammed his hard throbbing cock into my asshole. I hadn’t even known his trunks were off or that he was hard, I was so into my own pleasure. The pain of him entering that tight hole was so intense that all I could do was gasp in surprise. Pulling me down onto him he ordered me to stay still and relax. I knew I was better off doing as he said so I tried to let myself loosen up. The feeling of his cock (it must have been huge) in me made my hole stretch and i thought I could feel it ripping. Relaxing made the painful sensations dwindle a bit, and I knew Jim could feel it also. He reached around and grabbed my tits and started squeezing and massaging them, twisting and pulling my nipples. My tits have always been sensitive, and his ministrations were becoming enjoyable. His hands left my breasts and moved down to my legs. He parted my knees and settled my pussy in front of the rushing jets. I knew this would hurt and tried to squirm away. “Be still and this will go quickly” Jim hissed in my ear. He wrapped his legs over mine, holding them open. The first blast of the jet made me jump, but he held me down tightly. As the jets pelted my clit raw, I could feel my cunt and ass contracting spasmodically. Each time my ass tighted around Jim’s cock he would thrust it up into me deeper. His hands were on my tits, squeezing, twisting and pulling roughly. “You wanted this, didn’t you slut?” “This is what you were waiting for, my cock up your ass, the water fucking your pussy”. With that, he moved me closer to the water so I could feel it douching into my pussy. The sting of the rushing water running into me was almost too much to bear, until I suddenly felt an climax welling up inside of me. As I started shuddering with the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, Jim lay me half over the side of the jacuzzi and fucked my ass hard and fast until I could feel his hot load shooting deep into me. We collapsed together, too exhausted to move for quite a while. Finally Jim got up, pulled on his trunks and left without a word. I dragged myself to my room, showered and soaked in the tub, went to bed and woke up in to much pain to go to the bathroom. Jim was right though… I did enjoy it.

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