Sex Crazed Stage Act

I’ve been told by a few guys that I’ve got a real honey hole; they say that I can take a hard dick in me and ask for more. So I started thinking about a sex crazed stage act I’d love to be the star of. Here’s how it would go.

I’d come out on stage for all the crowd to see. Slowly I’d do a strip tease to get everyone horny. Finally, I’d kneel down like a bitch dog in heat and the stage would begin revolving.

Once I’m revolving slowly, there’d be a line of about 40 guys walk out onto the stage. They’d be hooded so they can’t be identified and all those hard dicks would be lubed and ready to penetrate my honey hole. One by one they’d come ride me until they cum in my honey hole. I’d be dripping cum out of my hole after a bit, but there’d be no stopping, they’d all just keep fucking me until I’m so full of cum it’s oozing down my legs.

Once these guys are done with me, an invitation goes out to the audience to come up and take a turn.

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