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She surprised me

I couldn’t believe that Marie had called me that afternoon to join her for a martini. She was a former student and she was incredibly good looking and totally hot. Even at 36 she looked better and sexier than most of my younger students. The fact that she looked like a compact version of Geena Davis was enough to start me up. I had lost touch after her graduation but she still had my card with my cell phone number. I never thought she would use it but here I was, ringing her doorbell and…
My god, I thought my jaw would touch the ground when I saw her in the smallest and tightest dress I had ever seen on a woman. Perfect legs and the sweetest ass I had ever been this close to touching. My pulse and breath were rising quickly as she returned my extended embrace. I wasn’t sure if she felt my cock getting harder and thicker as I pressed against her, but I certainly noticed. We had a glass of wine and chatted while she finished getting ready. ( She looked ready for ANYTHING to me!)
Downtown at the martini bar we had a blast. Drinking various cocktails, smoking imported cigars and each one of us taking turns touching, moving closer to each other. The feeling was unmistakeable. Somebody was getting laid tonight!
On the way back to her place (she drove.) I admitted to being motivated by the desire to take her to bed. Marie admitted that she was in dire need of a booty call and then she lifted the final one inch of her hem and firmly placed my hand between her legs. I could feel the soft satiny feel of the small patch of material that covered her well trimmed pussy. I rubbed her like that for a little while before I pushed the panties away and felt the wet warmth of her cunt.
Back at her house, I smelled my fingers as I was preparing to give Marie a massage. I had promised her a professional massage several weeks ago before she graduated. Now, she said that she had thought about it a lot and wanted to take me up on the offer. There were clean sheets on the massage table and I lit some candles and put on some suggestive music.
Again, I was surprised as Marie came back to the room after getting undressed with nothing on but a black thong bikini bottom and a little girl smile as she proudly showed off her beautiful body to me. I pulled her naked body close to me and kissed her deeply, our tongues touching and mingling together.
I laid her down on the massage table and began to rub scented oil, warmed in my palms, onto her back and shoulders. This was not going to be a very professional massage. My energy was focused on this gorgeous, sexual creature on my table. Her moans of pleasure were evidence to me that I was to have my way with her. As I moved my massage strokes lower on her back, I told her that I would have to take off the thong as it was getting in my way and I slowly began to push the thin black straps off of her smooth and shapely hips and across her lovely ass cheeks. As soon as I had the panties pulled off, she turned over, face up and showed off her fantastic tits and partly shaved pussy.
I took off my shirt and pants and set my rock hard cock free. I felt like I could have come at that moment, but the thought of making love to this beautiful and very sexy woman made me want to savor every sensation. I was at the foot of the table and I took her delicate feet in my hands and slowly and sensually massaged them. Eventually taking each toe in my mouth and sucking it gently and using my tongue to get her excited. It was working because she had started to finger her pussy while I sucked her toes and now she had 3 fingers of one hand inside of her cunt and one finger of the other hand rubbing her clit.
I moved my kisses to her sweet shaved pussy lips, glistening with her own wetness. Her smell was lush and musky and very sexual. I think I let out a growl as I pressed my face against her cunt and breathed deep while gently seperating her pussy lips with my warm, wet tongue. Marie spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up and I started to suck and lick on her swollen clit. Her soft moans and quiet screams indicated that she had cum several times and she was still ready for more. I pushed her knees up farther and my tongue began to explore her tight little butt hole. Both her pussy lips and her asshole were shaved clean and ready for fucking. Apparently, my tongue was doing a great job of relaxing that cute little ass of hers.
She was hot. We moved from the massage table to the couch where she had me sit back while she blew me. With my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, she sucked and licked my cock better than anyone ever has before or since. (ALMOST everyone, that’s another story!) Several times I was on the verge of blowing my load in her eager and talented mouth, but she would sense that I was going to cum and then she would back off.
I told her that I needed more room so we went to her bedroom where she had a huge king size bed. Next to the bed she had more massage oils. I massaged her full breasts and sucked each nipple, gently biting and nibbling at first and then pulling harder on the nipples, with my fingers and then with my teeth, almost lifting her off the bed. Her cries of pleasure let me know that she was having a different kind of orgasm, beginning in her nipples and tits and moving into her pussy and ass. The girl was crazy now and begged me to fuck her cunt.
I pushed her knees up and positioned my cock against her shaved pussy lips. Slowly, I began to push my cock into her pussy. She was tight and wet. My cock was hard and thick. Every thrust brought me closer to ecstasy…the warmth of her pussy engulfing my cock, knowing that she was out of her mind with wanting to cum again. As soon as I had my cock all the way inside of her she started to push her ass against my hips in a pounding rhythm. Her tits were bouncing up and down as her ass slapped against my hips while I fucked her.
I pulled out of her pussy and told her to turn over so I could fuck her doggie style. She gladly got on her hands and knees and submissively stuck her ass straight up in the air for me. I leaned down and pressed my face between her ass cheeks and licked and sucked her pussy and ass until she begged me to put my cock inside of her. I moved up behind her and reached for the massage oil. I started to spread it on my cock and then rubbed it all around in between the cheeks of her cute little butt. She said she never had a cock up her ass before but she liked what she was feeling and pushed her ass against my body in order to press my cock closer into her ass crack. I told her that she was being very naughty and would have to be spanked for even thinking about being ass fucked by her professor. She gasped that she would take any punishment that I thought she deserved. I spread some of the oil on her ass cheeks and lightly swatted her behind while still rubbing my cock against her ass. The oil allowed me to make a very loud SMACK on her ass with just a light spank. She groaned at the sting of my hand on her ass and begged for more. I spanked her a little harder this time and left a red mark on her ass cheek. Her groans were low and guttural, almost like an animal. After a few more stinging smacks on her ass, I shoved my throbbing hard cock into her asshole. Slowly at first but she was soon backing into my thrusts as I filled her eager virgin ass. I would give her a good ass smack every now and then and tell her how good it felt to fuck her hot little ass. We finally brought each other to amazing climaxes.
We fell asleep in each other’s arms. What we did when we woke up is another story.

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