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It was a very, hot, summer day so Delaney and Gavin decided to go to the beach. They parked and found a nice spot over by some cliffs. The beach wasn’t very crowded this time of day being almost sunset. They spread out a blanket and lay down.

“So, want to go for a swim?” asked Gavin.

“Not just yet” replied Delaney.

“Ok I’ll be back in a few”, answered Gavin.

While lying there she could hear him splashing around in the water and was surprising aroused by it. She decided to join him. She jumped into the water and swam over to him. While underwater she pulled his cock out of his shorts and began sucking it furiously. Stunned Gavin almost fell over in the water. Delaney came up for air.

“Did you like that?” she asked smiling.

“Why yes I did he replied and now I’m going to give you something you like.”

He picked her up and carried her out of the water, over behind the rocks so they were out of sight. He stood her up against a rock and pressed his hard cock against her throbbing cunt. He was fondling her big breasts while rubbing his dick all over her pussy. Suddenly he flipped her over and stood behind her.

“Is this what you want?” he asked while sliding his hard cock between her legs.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me with that big hard cock!” she begged.

So he yanked her bathing suit bottoms to the side while he slipped his big, hard cock into her wet, juicy pussy.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Gavin, fuck me hard she begged.”

So he did, pounding his hard cock into her tight, wet pussy! Harder and harder he drove into her until he was about to cum and then he pulled out.

“No, don’t stop she begged, please fuck me more!”

He turned her around to face him as he lifted her up onto his cock.

“Is this what you want more of, baby, me fucking you hard and fast?” he asked.

“Oh God!” she screamed as she bounced up and down on his hard, stiff, cock. “Gavin I’m going to cum!” she cried.

“Good,” he said, “spill all of those wet pussy juices over my hard dick.”

At that moment she cried out and he knew she had came.

“Come on baby, fuck me and cum inside my wet pussy”, she begged.

So harder and faster he pounded her until he exploded inside her. They lay down in the sand beside each other, exhausted. ‘Well, that was an interesting day at the beach’ Delaney thought.

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