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So there I was laying back on this glass coffee table, a pillow stuffed under my ass to lift it up. Gabriele attached the shackle on my right wrist to the a chain, then the left. He moved to my feet and did the same. I was stretched out arms above my head, naked with just my heels on, knowing he was going to do what ever he wanted. In fact it turned me on even more not knowing what he was going to do to me. He grabbed a leather bag, then placed it in my stomach as he unzipped it pulling out paddles, whips, and other things im not sure what they where but figured I’d find out.

Gabriele grabbed his phone taking alot of pictures of me, then I’m guessing he sent them to John. He pulled these things up and held them for me to see. Know what these are? No Sir is all I could say. I told you I’d make you regret having those big tits. OMG I know what they are nipple clamps. He sucked on my nipple making it hard, then placed the clasp on my nipple locking it. The pain set in right away, i screamed out, i was still screaming when he did the other. All I could do was squirm around on the table. Gabriele grabbed this riding crop, and slapped my inner thigh. I jumped, then he swatted my breast, then the other. Then my pussy, harder each time. It was in a rythem, even though it was harder each time my pussy grew wet. I started pushing towards it. As he paddled my pussy. Then he stopped your such a slut, as he looked down at me. My pussy was red, from the paddle. He removed the nipple clamps, the pain was worse now. I moaned as i laid there. He then leaned down between my legs, i could feel something. He worked a stainless steel butt plug into my ass. I was squirming and moaning begging him no. He laughed and said John said you live anal. I couldn’t believe John told him that. Once it was in he grabbed me by my face as he sternly told me to keep that plug in my ass. Yes Sir was again all I could say.

Gabriele then held up a cat o nine tail, the handle was thick, with long leather strips. This was not a play toy, this was the real thing. He ran it over my body teasing me over and over. Then whipping me across my breasts. Hard and harsh, again and again. Then my stomach, my thighs, then my pussy over and over. He whipped me like it was a midevil torture. Then he just focused on my pussy, whipping it, once again I found myself wanting to orgasm. Moaning out in pleasure. He stopped again.

I was then in shackled, i was told to stand and bend at the waist place my palms and forearms on the table. I did, the plug was pulled from my ass. I then felt his hand rubbing my ass, then smack, smack smack. He violently started spanking me, his fingers slipped to my pussy as he spanked me, after about ten minutes I yelled out in going to cum. Gabriele spanked me harder and harder as he rubbed my clit. I can with a shudder, my body shaking, my knees going weak. I collapsed onto the floor.

The next thing I know Gabriele is carrying me upstairs, he laid me in his bed. Shackled my wrists together. He laid next to me kissing me, gently caressing my sore body. Then moving on top of me between my spread legs. He rubbed the head of his cock against my sore red pussy, teasing me. Are lips locked together, then breaking away, i said please take me Gabriele please! He slid his thick co k into my wet pussy fucking me as if only for his pleasure. My tits bounced with every thrust. I was on the verge of another orgasm. My body tensing up, he grabbed my throat with one hand and my nipple with the other, as he fucked me saying cum bitch cum all over my cock! It was so rough and humiliating. My body froze as my orgasm exploded. My pussy spasmed, he let out a moan as i came on his cock. Gabriele then lifted my legs, placing them on his shoulders as he fucked me more! I’m not through with you slut! His cock reaching further into my pussy as he fucked me. I’ve never been treated like this I was so humilated and yet so turned on. Gabriele then stoped stoped my legs down laid down on me. Sucking my breast into his mouth, sucking hard, leaving a huge hickey on my right breast. Then doing the same to my left. His cock still hurried deep inside me! He pulled out kissing his way down between my legs, leaving hickeys on my inner thighs. Then I felt his tongue as he slid it across my clit. I moaned out. He started flicking it with his tongue as several fingers slipped inside I was moaning and screaming out loud. I had several mini orgasms from his tongue. He then slid his cock into me again, fucking me hard, then with a deep push, i felt his cock explode inside of me, his cum filling my pussy I orgasmed again. Gabriele pulled out laying next to me, i was still shackled as we fell asleep.

The nap was short lived as i felt him undoing my shackles. Then I was ordered to stand up infront of the window. The blinds where closed. My feet where shackled to the floor my wrists above my head. Gabriele walked behind me, i could feel his hard cock against my ass. He then ran his leather belt up my belly to my breasts then to my neck. As he tugged it around my neck. I’m going to whip your ass, then I’m going to fuck your ass till i cum deep inside slut! I said yes please Sir, please Gabriele I want you to own me fuck me, please. He then stepped in front of me opening the blinds all the way. Anyone that looked could see me naked shackled about to be whipped and fucked in the ass, my pussy gushed at the thought.

Gabriele was behind me again, i wasn’t expecting how severe he would whip me. It stung so bad the pain, over and over he whipped me, i was now crying, my make up ran down my checks. Then it stoped, as his hands gently caressed my sore ass, he asked me who owns you baby? You do Sir you own me Gabriele! I felt his thick cock as it slid into my sore ass. His hands groped my breasts as he fucked my ass. Then filling my ass with his cum. I was unchained layed in bed, as he rubbed some kind of lotion all over me. I fell asleep in his arms. I awoke about five in the morning, Gabriele had made coffee. I walked down stairs naked my heels where off now. He smiled I was just going to wake you! Have a seat on the coffee table he said. I sat sipping the coffee. Spread your legs, he said i still own you right now! I did as told smiling at that thought. We chatted about the date, then he said slip your dress on. I did, as he asked. Now down on your knees im going to give you something to take home to John. Gabriele pulled his cock out, go on baby suck my cock for me. I did loving every second of it and inch. When he was ready to cum he pulled out, jerking his cock till he came on my face my tits and dress.

Now you will leave that there, and not wash it off! You’ll bring that home to your husband! The limo is waiting outside. I left and as the limo pulled away realized I forgot my heels. I guess I’ll have to go back and get them some day!

The driver woke me when we arrived at home. John was at the door as i walked up. Hugging me, John please I feel so dirty. With that he kissed me on the lips, deeply John I said im so tired. He led me to our room and undressed me. I played in bed as John looked me over. God he really treated you like a whore didn’t he. You have no idea hunny I said.

I fell fast asleep, and three hours later I awoke to John eating my pussy.

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