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the ladies man

From the time mark popped uot his mothers pussy it was very obvious that he was strangely handsome and had a natural sexiness to him. The nurses would all fight over who feed him,dress him and change him. Mostl they would cuddle him close to their breast and on cue he would try to suck and of of course the nurses let him suck to his hearts content. Even his mother noticed that she got strangely aroused when she breast fed him. Mark’s mother never had to worry about a baby-sitter as every girl in the neighborhood cheerfully volunteered to watch him some even offered to pay her.

Mark began to realize that the he was highly advanced sexully for his age,first he had a large penis,second he had a tongue that he could stretch like frog and that his tongue that was slightly scratchy like a cat. These advances would serve him well later in life.

When mark started school he quickly noticed that all the girls would come toblows as to who would sit closest to him in class,he never had amoments peace on the play ground either as girls chased him constantly. He found a way to this to his advantage gy getting the girls to give gifts. about the age of 12 he noticed that his penis would swell if he thought about girls and it would do this sometimes if he didn’t, once in math class his teacher called him to the board to solve a problem and he had gotten a massive erection that was impossible to hide so he went up to the board and could hear the girls talking about how big he was and how they would love to fuck his brains out. Hi steacher notice it too and when class ended told him that she would like to see him after school,this would be the first of many sexual encountershe would have in his life.

When he went to see his teacher she told him how she saw that he still had his hard-on and would was going to fix the problem for him and sat him down in her chiarunzipped his pants and gave him his first blow-job this is when he noticed that he could cum many times with out being tired or going soft and he could have sex with more than one woman at a time and bring them to earth shattering orgasms with his dick and his tongue.

Once he reached manhood he discovered that he absolutly loved to eat pussy which made very easy to fuck many women,he even prefered it to having his dick sucked,he also enjoyed ass fucking because when he ass fucked a girl her leggs just went out from under her which cause her ass-cheeks to squeeze his dick and make him cum in buckets. He never stop having sex with a girl untill she was unable to move a muscle and this made him an unforgetable lover,his one downfall was that he never wanted to get serious and this caused him to break many hearts. He didn’t care as he had more than enuogh pussy to go around, hell he could fuck his own mother if he wanted to. He knew this bacause she breast fed him till he was 16,then she had him suck her pussy with his long and scratchy tongue. He was always the life of the party and was often invited because if he was at a party then girls a plenty would be there and the other guys would get any leftovers. Later on in like Mark saw that while others got older he remained young and stopped aging at21,this ment that he could fuck for an eternity which is exactly what he did.

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