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Donna was stirkeingly beautiful, she had long hair black as coal,long shapely legs,afirm but soft ass and large full breast that commanded attention with nipples that begged to be sucked and a sweet mound of a pussy that tasted like pure sugar cane. One thing that nobody knew about Donna is that she was a vampire but they probably could care-less,because she was that beautiful. Donna wasn’t the usual bite the neck and drain you dry vampire no she was a blood-slut she prefered to get her blood through sex. She found that getting blood throughsex it was easier to get the blood she wanted and keep her secrect safe. Though she loved men she prefered the blood of women better as the pussy provided an easier avenue to getting blood. She never killed and because she got blood as a result of sex,her victims never knew what she was doing all they knew is that they were tired and had the best sex they ever had,which allowed her to keep victims for many years. she loved eating a female pussy and savoring the sweet rich blood that flowed from the opening as well as sucking a man’s dick and having him vigorously pumping his sperm mixed with blood. Yes she had to admit this was the true life of vampire.

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