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They Only Wanted A Drink

Dan and Kim were thirsty and it was Friday night, so they parked their Focus outside a roadside bar where a row of Harley’s was standing side by side. On this hot, muggy night a cold beer would taste mighty good.


At first the couple couldn’t see many faces when they entered while the jukebox was blaring out some heavy metal rock music. Adjusting their eyes to the darkness, they located the bar and sat on two stools. They also noticed the large amount of black leather that was worn by the clientele, both men and women. A round-faced bartender, dressed similarly, asked in an unfriendly tone, “What’ll it be”


“Two buds please,” Dan said evenly.


Frowning as he kept staring at Kim’s chest, the barkeep grudgingly moseyed away, then returned and set two bottles in front of them.


“Ah this tastes so good,” the blonde haired young woman said as she took a long chug of her brewsky. The dark-haired man agreed.


Their small talk was soon interrupted when a barrel-chested man with a black leather vest open to his waste, who had a scruffy beard stood behind their stools glaring at them. Not wanting to start trouble the two remained calm as they looked warily at the sudden intruder. In a voice that was scratchy but clear, he said boldly looking at Dan.


“That’s a mighty fine cunt you came in here with,” nodding his head toward Kim.


The fairly muscular Dan’s face reddened.  He also noticed the number of bikers who were seated behind the speaker. He wouldn’t stand a chance if he started a ruckus. So in a calm but nervous voice answered. “She is, isn’t she?


Objecting to being referred to as a ‘cunt’, Kim glared at her boyfriend, then at the bully. “Will you just leave us alone!”


The scruffy man then looked back at his biker gang. “Mouthy little cunt, isn’t she?


“Smack her!” another one said.


The leader then looked at Dan. With raised eyebrows he calmly asked, “Is she a good fuck?”


By then Dan’s patience had run out. With flaring nostrils he blurted, “Look we didn’t come in here to start trouble. If you want us to leave we will!”

With glaring eyes the biker looked in Dan’s eyes. “You’ll fucking leave when we say you can, now answer the fucking question!”


Dan rose from his stool. …Big mistake!. ..Suddenly he was surrounded by a horde of bikers. Two of them grabbed his arms, pulling the 5foot 10 inch one-hundred seventy pound man backwards. He was helpless to stop the fist that buried itself in his stomach, or the foot that smashed into his groin.


“Stop it!” Kim blurted right before she was dragged off of the stool by two more bikers. By now Danny was being held to the floor, stomach down, by two biker goons and his t-shirt was pulled out of his jeans and pulled up over his head, revealing his bare back. When one of the standing bikers unhooked a long chain from his belt, Kim screamed , “NO!”


She was utterly helpless to stop the brutal assault on her boyfriend. A hush grew over the crowd in the bar as the man holding the chain whipped it repeatedly onto the downed man’s flesh causing immediate cries of anguish and reddish welts.


While the savage beating continued, Dirge, the leader looked at his companions and gave an order. “Pool table!”


The blonde kicked and screamed. Her determination, however, was no match for the overpowering strength of these thugs. Laying her on her back on the felt-covered table, her wrists and ankles were tied tightly to the corners by leather straps anchored to the side rails.


Then the leader, who they called Dirge, barked another order. “Bring lover-boy over here and tie him to a chair. I want him to have a first hand view of what’s going to happen to this cunt!”


Groggy from the beating, there was little Dan could do about it when the strong rope bound his wrists and ankles to the straight-back chair. Protesting loudly when he saw the switchblade, the bound man received a hard punch in the stomach for his trouble.


“Shut the fuck up asshole!” a dark haired chick with straight locks to her shoulders snarled before she slapped him in the face. For good measure she backhanded him across the other cheek.


The biker holding the knife leaned over the table from the left side and slid the blade underneath the bound blonde’s blouse. One upward slice revealed her white bra, which quickly met the same fate as the blouse on the floor.


“Ooh we can have some fun with those nipples!” one of the bikers cheered as he leaned over and tweaked the right one just enough to make her squeal.


Another leathered man piped up. “I wanna see the pussy.’ Even though his body ached, Dan shot the speaker an evil look.


Another biker chick, who had curly blonde locks hanging to her shoulders, stood in front of the bound man.  Bare-chested Dan gritted his teeth as she took hold of both of his nipples and twisted them viciously.


Meanwhile the blade of the knife was eased under the left leg of Kim’s blue shorts. That garment was soon thrown on the floor with her blouse and bra. Baby blue bikini panties is all that kept the strapped down babe from showing her most precious possession to the eyes of these perverts. Another slice reduced her panties to a rag.


“Oh yeah!” Dirge blurted. ” Bet she’s wet” another hollered. “Who gets the first fuck?”


More face-slaps and nipple twisting kept Dan occupied while his lady’s naked body was being talked about and ogled by the horde of bikers.


Then Dirk looked over to the two biker babes. His instructions were clear, “Other pool table!”


With the help of some burly biker guys, the two biker chicks untied Dan and literally dragged him to the other pool table which was right beside the table where his naked girlfriend was tied down. He was forcibly bent over one of the ends so that his hands could be pulled toward two leather loops anchored to the side-rails. Securing his wrists while his feet were dangling not touching the floor, he helplessly felt one of the ladies unbuckle his belt, and unzip his fly.  Utterly humiliated by being depantsed by two women, who were being cheered on by the onlookers, the now naked man heard one the ladies.


“Damn this fucker’s got a cute ass,” the brunette bellowed as she picked up a wide leather belt and doubled it.


At the next table Dirge had removed his leather pants and was climbing onto the slate. “That’s it, fuck her good!” an onlooker shouted as Kim screamed louder. Her tattered panties were then stuffed in her mouth.


Then another chimed in, “Come on Helene, whip his ass while his lady’s being fucked!” The black-haired belt-wielding woman obliged. She waited until Dirge had indeed entered Kim’s cunt when she smacked Dan’s right buttock hard. When Dirge pulled his cock back so just the head was in, she waited again until he lunged forward until she smacked his other cheek. The fucking and whipping proceeded in unison.


“What’s the matter, lover-boy, you don’t like your woman being fucked by a real man!” Helene taunted him as Dirge was now fucking Kim harder, while the whip-mistress was smacking Dan’s butt-cheeks just as hard.


“Bet the slut likes it!” one of the bikers urged. “Wonder if she sucks cocks as well?”


“Let’s find out,” another one added as he climbed onto the table and straddled her face so that his naked cock was pushing against her lips. Ripping out the panties he taunted her. “I’ve got something else for your mouth, slut, open up!” he ordered as he pinched one of her nipples. “Atta girl lick around the head.” Then he boasted. “Hey Dirge, I think we have an experienced cock-sucker here!”


With one cock in her cunt and another in her mouth, Kim really couldn’t see Dan, whose ass was steadily turning redder.


Another biker named Jack then exclaimed. “Her Dirge I think the slut likes it, she’s gonna cum!”


By now Dirge’s cock was like a battering ram, slamming repeatedly as far into Kim’s cunt as far as possible, until the biker leader let out a loud bellow, as he emptied into her.


Allowing a few seconds to regain his breathing, the bearded man climbed off the table, went around to where Kim’s long hair could be used as a rag to clean off his cock. He was then replaced in the saddle by another naked biker, who rammed his hard cock straight into the spread out woman’s juicy cunt. Protests were useless since she still had a mouthful of cock. Then suddenly she felt the hot, wet cum fill her mouth as she swallowed fast.


“Atta girl!” a biker said sarcastically. But soon as that cock was withdrawn, another one took its place.


By now Dan who was hollering after each smack on his ass, was well aware that his girlfriend was being repeatedly raped right beside him. The blonde biker-chick then stuffed his underwear in his mouth, muffling his protests.


Once Dan’s butt-cheeks looked like a red lobster, Helene stopped the whipping and went to the bar to fetch a drink. Then sitting down she watched as the blonde unzipped her black leather blouse to reveal two pierced nipples. The men cheered even louder when she lowered her tight black-leather shorts to reveal a pierced belly-button and a black thong. To everyone’s surprise when she removed the thong, a ten inch black strap-on was revealed.


“I think it’s time we turn lover-boy here into our bitch,” the now naked biker babe said with a sneer as she approached the man’s vulnerable backside as it hung over the edge of the table.


Then she spoke to the brunette biker. “Do me a favor and spread his butt-cheeks, will ya hun.”“


“Cherise, are you going to fuck him dry?”


“No I’m not that sadistic,” Cherise replied with a sneer as she spread some ointment on the head of the plastic dick and pointed it toward his ass-crease.


While Kim was being repeatedly fucked while she was sucking off an endless stream of cocks, Dan grunted into his shorts as he felt the hard implement being pushed steadily into his anus. To the claps and cheers of the barroom crowd the man and woman, who’d come in here just for a drink, were being simultaneously fucked.

Meanwhile Helene had her hand down inside her own biker shorts as she watched this lurid scene. She came with a boisterous shriek about the sametime she heard Cherise’s shout of joy.


Once the whole biker gang had finished their fun, Dan and Kim were released.  The juke box continued and the beer flowed as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Somehow Dan and Kim found their discarded clothes even though Kim had to go home pantyless. The bartender while smiling wide hung them on a hook behind the bar as a trophy.

Dirge looked at the two sternly as they walked gingerly toward the door, then broke out in a wide smile. Showing his jagged teeth he told them to come back anytime. Helene and Cherise hugged Dan.

Dan and Kim returned the grins.  “Great job guys, we’ll be back for more next Friday!”










I love reading and writing stories, especially bdsm and interracial ones.

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