I Think I’m Becoming Addicted Part 2

I reclined on her soft breasts as my naughty wife related her adventure into my eager ear.

The Sake was hitting me and I stumbled getting into the limo, falling into Robs arms. I looked into his dreamy blue eyes as he started kissing me softly on the lips, then my neck and ears. I melted. Mikee closed the door and I felt the limo drive off. Rob’s hands were all over my breasts and I felt Mikee’s hands roaming up my thighs as he pushed the skirt up exposing my behind. Between the Sake and four hands wandering all over me I nearly swooned. I was naked again in no time lying back on the seat. Mikee licked his way up the inside of my thighs and began teasing my clit as his brother nibbled and sucked my hard nipples. Oh God Baby, I was in heaven,” my horny wife moaned as she stroked my throbbing shaft.

“Tell me more,” I managed.

“I must have cum a dozen times on Mikee’s tongue as Rob alternated kissing my nipples and running his tongue in my mouth.  ‘You’re right big brother, she’s smoking hot.’ Rob offered. ‘You haven’t seen any thing yet.’ he replied. I was pretty much out of it when they picked up me like a rag doll and placed me face down across a bench. Switching positions Mikee lowered his pants bringing his cock up to my lips. My mouth opened wide and his big head slipped in. I felt Rob’s hot breath between my legs as he parted my cheeks, slowly licking full length. My pussy was sopping wet.  Mikee was starting to deep throat me again as I felt Rob’s cock against my opening. I was in heaven! Two gorgeous men all to myself. As his shaft began to part my lips and I realized he was even bigger than his brother. Pulling my mouth off Mikee I looked back. Baby! Rob’s cock is huge! His head is as big as a plum and his shaft is enormous.”

“Were you excited?” I whispered

“More scared than excited,” my horny wife replied. “I turned my attention back to Mikee as Rob continued pressing against my opening. My lips spread wider and wider and his big head finally slipped inside. I’ve never felt so stretched in my life! He stopped to give me a chance to get used to his size before pushing forward. Baby, it felt like a log was pressing up into me! I was shaking all over, licking and sucking Mikee’s shaft like crazy as Rob slowly inched into me. I didn’t think I would be able to take much more when I felt his balls press against my clit.”

“Did you like Rob’s big cock, baby?” I whispered.

“It felt like I was being split in two, but when my poor pussy adjusted to his size it began to feel really good.”

“Then what?”

“You’re really getting off on this, aren’t you honey?” she laughed.

“Hearing about you being pleasured is almost as exciting as doing it myself,” I confided.

“You nasty boy!” she replied. “Rob began to withdraw his big cock as Mikee pressed into my mouth.  I could only moan and thrash around as they used me for their pleasure. Rob would lunge in full length forcing Mikee’s shaft deep into my throat with each stroke. Honey, I felt like such a slut being fucked from both ends as the driver watched in the mirror.”

“It’s OK baby, I love you just the way you are,” I reassured her.

“Should I go on?” she replied weakly.

“Tell me the rest.”

“Rob kept thrusting his huge cock deep into me over and over, driving Mikee’s rod down my throat. Oh God Baby! I was losing my mind. Mikee’s cock smothered my screams as I slipped in and out of consciousness. I didn’t think I could take much more when I felt them both shooting into me. I was crying and choking as Mikee filled my mouth and Rob plunged deep, sending stream after hot stream into my throbbing cunt.”

Lani was slowly stroking my hard shaft while relating her adventure. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot a huge load over her hand, almost passing out myself.

“Are you ready to hear the rest of the story?” She asked

“There’s more?” I replied weakly.

“They weren’t done with me yet, honey,” she offered.

As I lay in her loving arms she continued.

“I swallowed as much of Mikee’s cum as I could but some ran down my chin. When Rob pulled his huge rod out of me I felt a river of cum run down my thighs. The driver handed Rob a towel and he used it to clean me up as best he could. We all lay in a tangled sweaty heap for a few minutes before Mikee asked if I wanted something to drink. I hadn’t noticed a bottle of Champagne on ice in a corner alcove. After popping the cork he filled three glasses offering a toast. ‘Here’s to great beginnings,’ he said. Beginnings? I don’t think I can take much more. I thought to myself. The cold champagne helped sooth my sore abused throat.  Rob pushed a button and the sun roof opened. I could see a million stars against the black sky.”

“I stood up to catch the night breeze, my upper body sticking out of the sun roof as the cool trade winds dried my sweaty body. We were driving along Makapuu near the blow hole and I could see the moonlight sparkling across the waves far below. It felt soooo good to stand and stretch my arms high over head. I soon felt two sets of hands roaming over my behind and thighs. My knees grew weak so I leaned forward, resting my breasts on the cool metal roof. I spread my legs to give them access to my sopping cunt. ‘She’s one hot babe, that’s for sure big brother’ I heard Rob say. ‘This should cool her off a little bit, Mikee replied.”

“I felt something cold between my legs and chicken skin all over me. Mikee was rubbing an ice cube over my swollen sex.  I felt the cold cube go inside, then another, and another.  Soon I was completely filled. Melting water was running down my thighs. It felt so deliciously wicked as they both lapped between my legs. ‘Spread your legs, baby’ Mikee ordered. I spread them wide as both brothers continued tonguing my pussy as the water trickled out. ‘Remember how I told you about the first time we did this?’ Mikee asked his brother. ‘It’s your turn’ he said. Rob stood facing me and I felt his cock head between my legs. My pussy was numb from the cold when he lifted one of my legs and pressed inside. ‘Her cunt’s ice cold’ he exclaimed. ‘She’ll warm up in a hurry, just you wait and see’ Mikee said.”

“It felt so lewd being discussed as if I weren’t there.  Rob was fully inside me as I felt my cheeks being spread and Mikee’s hot breath. Rob was slowly stroking in and out as his brother ran his tongue down my crack, teasing my okole. My knees gave out and Rob had to support me as he continued to stroke in and out. Mikee was licking my little hole and I was so relaxed I didn’t realize what he was planning. He stood and pressed his cock between my cheeks. No Mikee No! I cried but it was too late. His head entered my backside. Oh God! Oh God! this can’t be happening! I thought in alarm.  Mikee continued to press until he was buried completely in my poor ass. I’m sorry honey, I know I wasn’t supposed to let him have me there but I couldn’t stop him!”

Her voice was ragged by this time and she was breathing hard.  By now my cock was as hard as a steel bar. When Mike asked, I’d agreed to let them share my wife but hadn’t expected this.  Up to that point I was the only one allowed in there.

“It’s OK honey. It’s all right.” I assured her, as she continued to stroke me. “Did you like it?”

“At first I didn’t know whether I liked it or not but my body has a mind of its own. I’ve never felt so full and stretched in my life. As they stroked slowly in and out of my holes I started screaming ‘FUCK MY ASS MIKEE, YESSS      YESSS      FUCCCCCK MY ASS, and came really hard. They continued to stroke in and out as I screamed mindlessly over and over into the night sky. Oh God Baby they just kept fucking me and fucking me and fucking me. I was screaming and panting really hard. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming. “LET ME FEEL YOUR HARD COCK! OH ROB FUCK MY HOT CUNT!    FUCK MY HOT CUNT BABY, FUCK THIS PUSSY!    FUCK MY ASS MIKEE FUCK MY ASS! OH GOD DON’T EVER STOP FUCKING ME!” I screamed. They just kept taking me and taking me over and over as I dug my nails into Rob’s back, head resting on his shoulder.  His huge cock got even bigger and I felt it jerking as he shot up into me with a loud groan. That sent Mikee over the edge and his cock started jerking in my behind as he filled my okole. “FILL ME   FILL ME    OH GOD YESSS FILL ME! I screamed, over and over. I felt like I was losing my mind, as they shot their hot cum deep into me. My body went limp and I collapsed, still sandwiched between them. “She’s one sweet little cunt” Rob groaned. “She’s the best I’ve ever had” Mikee replied. When my senses returned I saw we were driving through Waimanalo, a cool breeze in my face. My knees had long since given out and I was supported on their semi- hard cocks still filling my holes. They began stroking into me again. Stop, Stop, Stop, I can’t take any more, I cried. When their cocks slipped out, a river of cum ran down my thighs. I collapsed in the floor and they took pity on my poor body. Letting me sleep as the driver brought us home. When I woke up the were wiping me down with a damp towel. I was so weak they had to dress me and almost carry me to our door.”

“Sounds like you had a night to remember,” I offered.

“My okole is still winking at me, I don’t think my poor pussy will ever be the same.” she replied “Do you still love your hot wife baby?” she asked shyly. “I love you more than ever” I assured her.

“Honey, Rob’s going to be here two more days and asked if I would be their tour guide, Is it OK” she asked eagerly.

Of course! I whispered as she slipped into a dreamless sleep. I didn’t fall asleep right away reliving in my mind all the things she’d related. “I love my hot wife so much” I thought, snuggling against her warm body.





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