Tommy Meets The Gang

Tommy sat quietly by the shore of the lazy river.  He watched the younger men playing in the water.  Their bodies glistening like fantastic, mythical Adonis.  The tattoos seemed to be alive in the soft late afternoon sunlight.  Two of the boys seemed to be a couple, and the other three just seemed to be friends.  Occasionally, the couple would stop to kiss, and pull each other tight, using both hands on each other’s tight, muscled ass.  Tommy sat unnoticed in the treeline, his hand in his pants, stroking himself gently, savoring the view, and the fantasy of somehow joining these gorgeous examples of manhood.

Suddenly, Tommy realized one of the other young men had disappeared.  Looking around, he could not tell where he went.  Just as suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, he reappeared…right in front of him.  Tommy jerked his hand out of his pants, struggled to stand, and fearfully began to back into the woods.

“So, you like to jerk off watching us swim do you?”  the young man growled, advancing toward Tommy. “Hey boys, look what I found! A dirty old man!” 

Tommy cried a little inside, and wished he could disappear.  “I..I..I’m ssssorry,” he stammered. 

But the younger man just laughed, and mocked him “He…he…hey g g g g guys….c c c c come h hhhere,”  he called to the others. 

Behind him, Tommy could see what he had always wanted to see, the young men walking out of the water, naked, their magnificent young cocks swinging as they walked, dripping river water, as they climbed out of the river and came to where Tommy cowered in fear. 

“What’s your name, pervert?” the boy asked. 

“T..T…Tommy,” he whispered, knowing what was next.  

The whole group roared with laughter, but all Tommy could see was how their muscles flexed and popped with the laughter, their cocks shaking and bouncing so close to him made him harder, though he tried so very hard not to let that happen. 

Suddenly, the black man that looked like a track star pointed and exclaimed, “Look guys, he is getting hard!” 

“I think he likes us!” mocked the swarthy, hirsute, boy. 

Too late, Tommy realized the couple had moved behind him to block his way out.  Then like a flash, they were on him.  They lifted him by his feet, his shoulders, and one even grabbed his dick and pulled, hard.  Frozen, unable to even yell, he felt himself being dragged into the woods.  When they stopped, he was thrown rather roughly, over a fallen tree that angled to the forest floor.  Before he knew what was happening, he felt someone smash their cock into his frightened, tightly shut asshole. 

He let out a yelp, and suddenly the black man was straddling the log near his head, “Hey, shut up old man, suck on this and take it like the pervert you are.” 

With that he shoved a thick, angry looking, glistening cock into his mouth, reaching down to grab the back of his head and slam it all the way to his balls.  Tommy couldn’t believe what was happening.  He was at once both horrified and exhilarated.  He had often dreamed of this; what man hadn’t?  Whoever was behind him, ramming his aching asshole with a mighty, vicious cock, began to slap his ass wickedly hard.  The cock in his mouth began to twitch and soon it was erupting into his throat.  The volume of the cum choked him and he gagged.  Everyone laughed, and the boy just jammed it deeper into his throat.  Almost at the same time, the cock in his ass exploded, filling him with hot, sticky cum. Then as quick as it was in him, it was gone, but if he thought it was over, he was wrong. 

They jerked him off the log.  He was dragged to a clear spot and found himself on top of the hairy, swarthy young man.  Someone behind him jerked him up into a sitting position over his cock and then slammed him down onto it.  Next they shoved him forward, and he felt another cock join the one already throbbing and stretching his asshole to the limit.  It hurt so bad, yet felt so good, then out of nowhere the couple were in front of him, jerking his head down to both their dicks.  Four dicks ravaged his holes, and at one point he felt the black mans’ hand stroking his cock.  He closed his eyes and gave himself over to this gang of rapists.  Somehow he couldn’t really see them as rapist, but that is legally what they were doing.  He didn’t care.  He never wanted it to end. 

The pain of the two cocks in his ass was overwhelming, yet he felt some kind of odd, excitement of it all.  When both of them began to come, they announced it to the others and as if on cue, they all began to climax into him.  Four glorious cocks pumped what seemed like gallons of sperm into his body.  His head spun, his body ached, and lightning surged all through him.  One of the cocks slid out of his ass, and was replaced, but not with a cock, instead with a hand.  Rather, a fist, that wrapped around the remaining cock, jerking it off inside him.  He cried from the massive pain, but didn’t want it to end.

After a few more multiple cocks, more fisting, sucking, and cum, they stepped away from him.  He flopped onto his back in the grass and panted from the exertion.  He lay there with his head spinning, until they gathered around him.  Laughing, one of them joked about how he was covered in cum and needed a good bath.

“Actually, he needs a shower,” the couple exclaimed in unison.

At this they all began to piss all over him.

“Open your mouth, old man,” the youngest one growled.

He did, and they pissed into his mouth, over his face, all over his naked, scratched, cum soaked body.  This he had never dreamed of, but the humiliation after such a brutal gang bang somehow fit.  Somehow, it topped it all off, and he lay there, soaring on the unbelievable emotions swirling in his body.

“You better be here next week, old man,” the swarthy man declared.

“Yeah, be late and it’ll only be worse!!” laughed the black man.

“Yeah, same dick time, same dick channel,” the couple chimed in.

“Now lay there and think about how naughty you have been,” the first boy growled.
“Your clothes are by the log. Don’t get them until we are gone. You understand?  Do you? Answer, pervert, answer me!”

Tommy  gathered his energy and yelled, “Yes sir!”

They walked back to the river.  He thought they would leave, but they went back to playing in the river.  From where he lay he could see them as they now began to take turns bending each other over and fucking.  He reached down and slowly jerked off to the glorious sight before him, his body aching all over.  Finally, hours later, as the light began to fade, they left the river, yelling out to him to run along home, “pervert,” “old man,” “geezer,” and laughing as they disappeared up the trail.

Slowly, achingly, he stood and moved to gather his clothes.  He was shocked to see two other men stand up from the tall grass, naked and bruised like himself, moving toward him.  He realized there were three sets of clothes, and laughed.  The other two men laughed with him.  They checked each other out, and then they came together, wrapping themselves into a tight threesome.  Kissing, caressing, consoling.  Almost perversely, they began to stroke each other.  The one with the beard dropped to his knees and swallowed Tommy’s cock all the way to the balls, sucking and licking his shaft.  As he kissed the skinny, old, black man, he stroked his cock.  Once he was hard enough, he moved behind and slid into Tommy’s sore, raw, asshole.  The gentleness that he used to fill him with his thick, old cock, soothed his pain.  He came in the bearded man’s throat, and kissed him when he stood.  The black man came inside him, administering his soothing salve of cum into the aching cavern of his asshole. As night fell, they changed places several times, finally kissing each other one last time, gathering their clothes and walking naked up the path to the parking lot.  They nodded silently to each other, knowing it meant, “see you next week, same dick time, same dick channel!”  They knew the young men now owned them, and that they were now equally joined together in a sexual bond no man could break.


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