Tuesdays With Sister

It was Tuesday, and as always, I make my way to the convent.  I looked forward to these visits.  I waited quietly as the sisters filed into the hall.  After a short homily, and prayer, the group began to mingle.  I found sister Elena.  We walked into the beautiful garden, and chose a quiet, secluded bench under a blooming dogwood.  She asked me how I was doing, and I told her I was fine.  She told me about her week, and I tried to listen, but I fidgeted.  She laughed, and I realized she had just said something absurd to see if I was really listening.  I apologized, but she just laughed, and looked me in the eye.  Leaning into me, she took my hand and put it on her breast.  I could feel the tiny, apple tits I love so much.  I could feel her fiercely hard nipples even through the many layers of her habit.  My cock was hard as stone, and began to actually ache.

We kissed, and as I groped her tits, she slid her slender hands onto my jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, and then freeing my violently throbbing cock.  With a smile, she slid to the ground and took my nineteen year old cock into her mouth, like she had done so many times before.  I stroked her cheeks as she tried to swallow my whole cock, but I had grown quite large now, and with it full of power, it was too much and she choked and gagged.  She looked up at me, and expressed her amazement at how much I had grown.  She told me she remembered the first time she  had seen it, small, shiny and nestled in a tiny patch of curly black hair.

I told her she should see if it still fit inside her, and she laughed as she stood, straddled me, and slid my proud cock into her oh so tight asshole.  She ground my cock deep into herself.  I struggled to maintain control.  She took my hand and guided me under her habit till I found her tiny, stiff cock, and almost nonexistent balls.  I stroked her as she rode me hard and fast to climax.  We both came together, as usual.  She shivered, kissed me and whispered how much she loved me into my ear.  As my cock slipped out of her, she stood and smoothed her habit.  Smiling, she turned to walk away.  Suddenly she stopped, turned to the bushes, leaned into them, and pulled a much older sister in a different habit out to the path.  “I taught him well, Mother Superior!”  She turned and wished me happy birthday.

I stood there smiling as the Mother Superior came over to me.  She smiled and kissed me gently, “How are you, my son?”

As she stroked my cock, and kissed me again, I squeezed her sagging tits.  I turned her around, bent her over, lifted her habit to reveal her gray haired asshole.  I fingered it gently then slowly slid my cock into her.  I reached around and stroked her tiny, ancient dick.  She practically purred with delight as I began to pound her ass with every ounce of energy I had left.  The sound of my crotch slamming into her ass echoed off the garden walls.  I blew my load deep into her ass and slapped it.  After a moment or two savoring her pungent ass smell, I pulled out, dropped her habit, and turned her around to kiss her again.

“Your brother is right, you have grown up so much, son.”

I told my dad I  loved him and missed him.  He asked if my sister would come soon, and I told him she would just as soon as mom climbed off her long enough!!  We laughed, walked arm in arm to the abbey and joined my “sister.”  Goodbyes were said, and other sisters were heard to say how loyal, and generous I was to Mother Superior and sister Elena.  Indeed, if they only knew. I just smiled an evil little smile and waved.  “Next week sister Elena, da…uh..Mother superior.”

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  1. 21yrsoldvirgin

    Could be better. This story need more clarity on who’s who.

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