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V and Me

Keeping with some details of my true to life sex tales I’ll share with y’all this story. Now besides the yard and cock job and the hard fuck V wanted to try some food stuffin’ our foreplay as one might say.

I came over to see him this one day and he had said he wanted to try some food stuff in our sex foreplay and I was ok with that. I wanted to eat a doughnut off his cock so I brought some doughnuts with me. V had some whip cream and grape jelly in a squeeze tube. Once we began our foreplay we had our food items handy. As we kinda danced and hugged some, V’s cock was getting hard and so was I. I got my doughnut and inserted his cock in the center of my doughnut; oh, he looked scrumptious!

As I sucked his cock, I ate my way through the doughnut. He was hard and the head was red hot. I let him squeeze some jelly on my hole so he could eat me; he liked to eat my hole and rim me before fucking me.

I wanted his cream in me – the whip cream! He was eating the jelly off my hole but got the whip cream and somehow got the tip into my hot anal hole and he filled me with whip cream. Oh man, it felt good as he penetrated my cream filled hole with his hot throbbing cock.

As he pounding my ass I was begging for him to fuck me hard and give me his cream. I felt him pull out and push me down on the bed. He came up and began fucking my mouth; every pulse, every squirt – I took his load and swallowed every drop of his cream down my throat. He tasted sweat and creamy.


Gay white male who loves the outdoors , swimming hiking biking

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