He Wanted More

As Steve walked in the bar something just felt out of place. He’d never seen the black van parked near the back door before; it’s always been a white jaguar parked there – the owner’s car. But he went inside anyway, since he was here to have a drink and forget about life for a while.

He sat at the bar and the bartender asked what he wanted. He replied, “Scotch with twist of a lemon and make it strong.”

After his third drink Steve was feeling slightly tipsy, and as he got up to leave he fell like a brick to the floor. Man, he thought, I’ve never passed out before from scotch. He began getting up and finally noticed he was naked and in a dark room; there was one small light from a window in a door. The floor was carpeted and the room felt warm.

After a bit Steve heard a voice say, “Do as you’re told and no harm will come to you.”

Steve knew he was in a rough spot so he would do as told. The door finally opened and in walked a hooded person. Steve was blind folded, had a ball gag placed in his mouth, a collar placed around his neck, and his hands cuffed behind his back. He was told to bend forward and he reluctantly followed orders. Whoever the hooded person was jammed something up in Steve’s hole.

Steve knew he was in trouble as they led him down a hall. He could feel the cold hard floor on his bare feet, his ass hurt from the plug in his hole, and his only thought was that he’d do whatever he was told to do to survive. He could tell by the sound changing that he was in a bigger room now; he could hear slight murmurs from people in the room as he was led into the place.

Finally, one voice spoke and said, “Prepare him for the alter.”

Steve’s heart started beating faster; he assumed he was being prepared to be slaughtered for some ritual. As he was forced to kneel down he could feel a steel cage being wrapped around him. He felt a warm breath at his ear as the voice spoke, “Don’t resist, just do what they want and you’ll be ok.”

Steve felt the plug pulled from his hole as someone was softly caressing his cheeks. When the ball gag was removed from his mouth Steve tried to breath, but a cock was shoved in to replace the gag. Steve felt like his throat was under assault, he was gagging with every thrust. Then he felt a cock go deep in his hole like never before. Thrust after thrust his mouth and ass were being assaulted to no end; it seemed to last for hours, as fast as one cock was removed another was inserted. At one point Steve was finally allowed to breathe.

He used that breath of air to moan, “Oh, keep it coming, I need more!”

After an hour or so Steve was taken back to the room and was left on the floor. He was exhausted and out cold in no time at all. When he awoke later on, Steve was in an alley behind the bar with a note attached to his shirt that said: ‘If you want more, be here every weekend.’

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