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It was day two of our fabulous weekend together. I lay in your arms feeling secure and content. I turn to you and kiss your forehead lightly. You stir and tighten your hold on me, pulling me closer. I’ve never felt better. I ask myself how can it possibly get better than this. An hour later, I was about to find out.

Up, still not dressed, and smiling, you roused me from my dreams. I opened my eyes and drank you in. Just looking at you drew me into you. Your fine chiseled features, your strong arms, comforting chest and your rock hard cock waving to me for attention. I had to smile. You return my smile and carry me to the bathroom, cradling me so carefully, holding me close.

You kiss my forehead, my nose, me lips. You twirl your tongue around the fullness of my lips and push gently to allow your my tongue to embrace yours. You tell me to relax. You won’t hurt me, ever. I know this already, but hearing you say it, seeing your eyes as you say it, makes me tremble. Gently you set me down in the large tiled shower. You circle me, taking me in, like you’ve done so many times the past twenty four hours. The desire plays on your face like a wild fire against a blackened sky.

The warmth of your kisses on my neck send deep, far reaching spasms from head to toe. You wrap me in your arms, my nipples hard against your chest as you reach behind me and turn the water on a fine delicate, warm spray. You begin to lather me up in a sweet lilac rinse~the scent takes me and cradles me and I feel like an angel amidst the clouds. It is like you are transfixed, on a mission, touching me ever so delicately…treating me like a fine china doll…paying attention to all the details of my body, my senses…washing away all that bothers me, that makes me sad. I melt from your touch so easily. As I crumble to the cold shower floor, you catch me and lay me gently on your lap. While you are stroking my head, running your fingers through my hair as the water sprays over us, I reach for your hard, luscious cock, needing, wanting it so so much. I am able to feel how it is throbbing, pulsating. It excites me so much more. You stop me and kiss me wildly, pawing at my breasts, pinching my nipples. You maneuver so well. I do not realize you have my hands bound until I struggle to return the affection. I am surprised and stunned as I see your face. No smile now, just a desire so deep, so very deep~your eyes black reflective pools.

You crawl between my legs kissing my thighs, my belly, my most private parts. Teasing me, daring me to get wetter inside than I am already. You spread my lips apart and begin stroking me gently with your tongue, exploring me. Yet, it is different this time. I shiver and squirm with delight. Slowly you slide up my chest, nuzzling every inch as you go until I feel your hardness at the entrance of my wild dark cunt. You fuck me so slow and sensual. Bringing me to the edge of that wonderful orgasmic feeling again and again, only to have you stop here and there, making me wait. I have never felt so helpless and so far out of control. You plunge deeper increasing in intensity. I am crying, begging you not to stop. I could lay there and go on like that for ever it seems. You like me writhing and struggling, beneath you…helpless. You fill me so full of your jism that it seeps out and runs to the crack of my ass, leaving our bodily fluids nestled together on the shower floor.

You stand up, spread my legs. My hands are still bound. I am waiting, wondering, thinking about what you are doing now. You look me in the eyes and say “You are mine.” as the magical golden showers of your fluids splash against me…my breasts…my cunt…my legs…my face. The warmth and its meaning setting me off in convulsing orgasmic waves. I know now, I am yours. For I am marked, branded. My heart beats faster as you finish and kneel to hold me in your arms, kiss me and tell me how much you love me. We return to the bedroom arm in arm, barely able to contain ourselves as we bring each other to another wave of delicious orgasms. I look into your eyes and this time, I can see that loving smile, that look of pride and I know that this was meant to be.

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