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Liquid Annabelle

I woke up and saw the bright sunlight was coming from the wrong side of my bed. The reason was because it wasn’t my bed, or my bedroom. I was also aware of a wonderful hard-on and a hand playing with it. But it wasn’t my hand. “About time you woke up and resumed your manly duties,” a female voice said next to me.

I turned and looked into the large brown eyes of Annabell, one of the single or divorced women I service as the “Private Dick” in the apartment complex in which I live. My sleepy brain was starting to remember the afternoon and evening of sucking and fucking we had enjoyed yesterday. A very memorable time was had by all as I was starting to recall.

I smiled at her. “Good morning, you sweet cunt. What’s for breakfast?”

She frowned in her delightful way and said, “The only breakfast you’re going to get from this cunt is my tit’s and my ass.”

“Sound’s delightful,” I told her as I threw my leg over her legs, still clad in the sexy sheer nude thigh-high stockings from the night before.

“Hang on,” she said as I reached for one of her ample tit’s and pushed my hard cock down on her smooth belly. “What for? I want my breakfast.”

“But it’s my bed and my menu,” she protested with a laugh. “I thought the menu was tit’s and ass. Your wonderful tit’s and your damp, aromatic ass. You know how much I like your ass-hole with that wonderful stink of yours.”

It was true. Annabell’s shit was different from the other women who all had to let me in their back door. Maybe it was because Annabell was one of the best chefs in town and was known for the exotic dishes she prepared in one of our finest restaurants. I learned as a kid you could tell what a person ate by the smell of their shit.

She kept trying to push me off her naked body, smelling of stale sweat and pussy from last night but I managed to get a hard nipple in my mouth and was starting to chew on it when she said she wanted to try something different! Now I’m always willing to try something different in the art of The Sweet Fuck and so I let her nipple slide out of my mouth. She slid off the sex stained sheets and I watched as she swayed her sweet, firm ass out of the bedroom.

Her bedroom was bright with sunlight and my erect cock was nicely stiff and my balls refilled with a load of thick cum we were both going to enjoy in a few minutes or I was going to follow her and put it into one of her holes no matter what she was planning!

I was enjoying my nights rest and the aroma of her bedroom, a perfume that mixed her personnel scent with the smell of our sweat and the stale aroma of good sex and damp sweat soaked sheets when she came back into the room, her heavy tit’s swaying delightfully. My attention went from her large, hard nipples and the sweet cleft between her legs to the pair of scissors in her hand.

“Come on, now. I wasn’t that bad last night” I said. I knew I had been damn good because Annabell was a great piece of ass and she really knew how to fuck a man and get the last drop from his balls. And the way she had been moaning and groaning I knew my cock, mouth and hands had done a good job giving her climax after climax. “You said last night I was trying to wear out both of your fuck-holes, remember?” She stopped beside the bed, a look of surprise on her small, round face. Some strands of her dark brown shoulder length hair had fallen into her eyes and she brushed them away, her tit’s giggling as she looked at me.

“What? Oh, the scissors! Don’t worry, dear, you’re still my “Private Dick”, the best fucker I’ve had in years. You’re dick is wonderful and you how to use it as all the girls say. I’m not going to cut it off! I’m going to do something delightful for both of us,” she laughed.

She put the scissors on the bed and slowly rolled down the stocking on her left leg, doing a sexy grinding of her hips, pushing them at me as she hummed the theme from “The Stripper” and keeping my cock rock hard as she knew it would. She pulled the stocking off her foot with a last thrust of her hips and I was ready to unload my wad into the air. She shook out the thigh-high by the toe and then took the scissors and cut the foot off, throwing the rest over her shoulder.

“What are you going to do with that?” I asked.

“It’s a shame, really,” she said, looking at the thin black material that was all that was left of the sexy stocking. “I love expensive hose but this will be worth it,” she said, twirling the small piece of nylon in the air as she smiled at me with a hip thrust out.

“I liked it better on your leg,” I told her.

“I know you do. And that’s all you want me to wear when you’re over here.”

“Those are the rules for all my women,” I reminded her. “I know. And I like your rules. But I know a better use for this right now.”

“And what’s that?”

“You’re going to wear it.”

I’ve worn nylons before and found them sexy, especially when the woman wanted to wrap her nylon covered legs around my stockinged legs as I humped her to a wonderful climax. A man will do whatever it takes to get his hard dick into a tight, wet cunt. I even wore a pair of crotch-less panties when a woman said it was the only way I was going to get my cock in her ass-hole. They were lime green with black lace and I still have them in my special dresser drawer. “It looks a little small for my big foot,” I laughed.

She smiled like a little girl. “Maybe for your foot, dear, but not your thick dick.”

“My dick?” I said. I wasn’t really surprised. Annabell was always looking for something new to try in her kitchen, or her bedroom, or bathroom or living room! She especially liked her third floor terrace during a light summer rain. I liked it too but I had a time trying not to slide off her rain slick body last month. My hard-on was starting to hurt and I had to fuck her soft, curvy, fragrant body again, so …

“I saw it in the sex video I just got from the club I subscribe to and it really looked like fun and that’s the menu. I want you to fuck me wearing this on your cock.” I stretched out on the bed, spreading my legs, my hard cock stretched over my stomach, my dick-hole looking me in the eye and asking when it was going to gush a load of hot cum again. “Why don’t we watch the fuck film first, you know, to get the technique right.”

“It will be a lot more fun learning on the job,” she smiled, twirling the stocking foot again. The wide black welt of the sheer thigh-high nylon still encasing her left leg, just under her dark, wet, pussy hair, made my balls tingle. The perfume of sex was filling the air again and my dick-hole was going to be rewarded!

She was right of course, as she always was in her bedroom. “Set the table, sweetie.”

She laughed as she climbed on the bed, straddling my legs and said, “Rubber bands will keep it on you and you won’t lose it in me.”

Her heavy round tit’s were hanging down and brushing my stomach as she leaned over and french-kissed me, sucking my tongue hard. I sucked in her tongue and saliva as my cock began to hurt with its need!

“Rubber bands? Not to tight or this may not end the way I like it. And lose it in you? As tight as your pussy is?” She laughed again. “Thank you, dear. I know I’m tighter then most of the cunt you fuck around here. I’ll bet you tell that to those wet pussies when you’ve got your meat in them.”

“You bet I do!”

She giggled. “We female’s have a greater need then you men do. I’m thirty-eight and I need cock more now then I did when I was a horny fourteen year old!”

I tried to imagine her as a horny fourteen year old, her young pussy lips wet and open between her spread legs as I slid my fourteen year old cock into her and popped her cherry! And what was this crap that a woman needed sex more then a man? I got my first pussy when I was twelve and spending the summer with my thirty six year old widowed Aunt Jayne while my parents were on the West Coast. It was a hot July day when in the middle of the kitchen she bent over, pulled up her skirt and slip and showed me her delightful love-holes and long, stockinged legs! Then she invited me in! My lesson’s lasted all summer, but that’s another story! I’ve been a “Cunt Hound” ever since, and would be until I died. I’ll probably be buried with a hard-on and all ready for a wet pussy in the next world!

She pulled the nylon over the head of my erect dick and I shivered in delight and almost emptied my balls as she pulled it down over my nuts. She slipped the rubber bands over my balls to my cock root and snapped them closed. I jumped with the pain and she laughed.

“You’ll pay for that,” I told her.

“I hope so,” she said, crabbing my cock. She leaned over and a tasty tit with a hard nipple was pushed into my face and I was sucking on it and using my teeth to nip it and make her feel the slight pain. I pushed a finger up and down the length of her pussy lips and she began to moan. I pushed the finger into her cunt and she was wet and ready. Maybe while waiting for me to wake up she was thinking of the night before and the morning of fun to follow. Thinking of my hard cock deep in her pussy or, the way she really liked it, when we were struggling to get it up her moist and smelly shit-hole!

She was moaning louder as I pushed my finger in and out of her, going deeper into her pussy with each push of my finger. She moaned louder as I starting using two fingers and chewed her nipple harder. My cock was as stiff as it could get and I had to get it deep into her wet cunt. Being the great fucker Annabell was, she sensed just when a man needed his hard cock surrounded by hot female flesh. She took my stiff cock in her hand and, lifting her leg up, she guided me to the entrance of her love-hole. She roughly pushed the head of my dick into her and slowly lowered herself down onto my cock, pushing it up into her tight twat. The smooth nylon material was a pleasantly rough feeling to her pussy walls and she smiled down at me as she lowered herself down to my balls.

My entire nylon covered cock was now deep inside her tight cunt. Her ample pussy juice soaked the nylon and my cock and was enough so the thin sexy material was smooth to my sensitive dick head. We started a slow rhythm as she moved up and down on my dick, pushing it into her and then letting it slide back out to the base of the head and then pushing it back into her. The rhythm increased as our excitement rose and the rough/smooth nylon increased the friction along the length of my cock. The head of my dick slipped out of her and I threw her down onto the bed and mounted her. The nylon was soaked with her juice and I slid my dick back into her as she wrapped her legs around me.

It was better then a ribbed rubber and better then nothing at all, which is my usual way of fucking. It was a different idea but not that unusual when you think of it. I’m sure women have always thought of different things to put up their pussies for pleasure, from banana’s to beer bottles and maybe even the handle of a crusader’s sword. Why not a nylon stocking covered cock? I thought it was a great idea and showed my gratitude to Annabell by trying to push my cock up into her stomach.

I was humping her as hard as my tired back would let me, the nylon causing a warmth to flow along my cock and balls and into my stomach. She was matching me thrust for thrust, arching her back as her moans slowly grew to the climatic scream she was known for when she reached her orgasm. I was biting her neck and I couldn’t hold it back any longer and my balls gushed out a stream of cum and I increased my humping to get every drop as deep into her as I could and also to empty my balls of the thick cream a woman wants and needs. She screamed in my ear as she came almost at the same time and went limp as she climaxed. But I still had to hump her as the friction from the nylon on my cock was wonderful and I didn’t want it to stop. She encouraged me by calling me her best fucker and a real cocksman and telling me to keep going, keep going, damn it! And it helped because I came a second time, something I almost always do, which is one of the reasons I get as much free pussy as I do. But I said Annabell was one of the best lays in the complex and she proved it again. And I liked the idea of the “Nylon Fuck” as we called it after that first time. I highly recommend it!

She moaned as I slowly pulled my still hard cock out of her dripping pussy and we lay on the damp sheets as we caught our breath, the air of the bedroom refreshed with the heavy, pleasant aroma of sweat, pussy, shit, and good sex. “I’ll buy you a dozen pair of nylon’s so we never run out of them for this great way of fucking,” I told her as a squeezed a full tit.

She was panting, trying to catch her breath. “It was great, wasn’t it! I’ll take them. But buy the high tops. No sense wasting good stockings just for the foot.”

“I’ll buy them anyway. I like to see you in them. And nothing else.

“I know you do,” she smiled as she placed my other hand between her legs. I slowly pushed two fingers in and out of her wet fuck-hole as she closed her eyes and smiled. My cock was starting to rise again and a drop of cum squeezed from my dick-hole and through the nylon onto her sweaty thigh. But Annabell wasn’t finished serving breakfast in such a delightful way! She sat up and smiled at me and then leaned down and took my slowly hardening dick into her mouth and began to suck the trapped cum through the black nylon and a the remaining few drops of cum out of my dick. My balls were empty and we both knew it but her tit’s were still as delectable as yesterday and when she pulled the nylon off my cock with her teeth, she pushed a hard nipple into my mouth and ordered me to suck it. I knew Annabell and her needs and I chewed her nipple until she pulled it out of my mouth, mock swearing at me that I was too rough!

“I know what you like,” I told her with a smile.

“You sure do. Do the other one.” And she pushed her other tit at my face. I was more rough this time and she moaned as she lay back down on the bed on her stomach, spreading her sexy legs, and I mounted her again.

My pussy juice and cum wet dick slid up her shit-hole with little trouble this time. I didn’t come this time but Annabell didn’t mine as I humped her ass, so I didn’t feel as if I let her down. My balls needed a rest anyway. After she hit her climax and I pulled my softening cock out of her ass-hole, I left her on the bed with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face and went into the bathroom. It was a good thing my cock was limp as I had to take a wonderful piss! When you piss with a hard-on it can get pretty messy, unless you want it to be. And some of my women want it to be as messy as possible, but only in the shower stall. A Golden Shower can be fun and I recommend it after a good stocking fuck!

Her eyes were still closed and she slowly spread her legs as she heard me pad back into the bedroom. “Everything come out all right?” she asked, and her smile grew as she played with her pussy lips.

“My balls or my bladder?” I asked, also smiling. The sight of her on the bed, her legs spread, one still encased in the black thigh-high stocking, her fuck-hole an open and delightful invitation, was lovely!

“I know how you can empty your balls,” she laughed. “I mean your bladder, of course. Have a good pee?”

“Wonderful. Why didn’t you help?”

“And mess up my bathroom?” And she laughed again. “Now it’s my turn. And you can help. I can’t shoot my pee all over like you can.”

“And I’m glad you can’t,” I said.

“We poor females have to squat to pee,” she said, opening her eyes and looking at my limp dick.

“And a very pretty sight it is,” I told her.

“I hope so. I’ll get that lovely thing of yours hard again for you, but you have to help.”

We went into the bathroom and I hurried her along by playfully slapping her ass, pulling on her stocking top and pushing my hands between her ass cheeks which she protested in an equally playful tone. She sat on the rim of the bathtub, her feet inside the tub, delightfully spread her legs and said, “You men have to piss. But I’m a lady and we ladies pee. So be a gentlemen and help this lady pee.” I knew what she wanted and got into the tub, on my knees in front of her, my hands on her knees, bent down and began to lick her smelly pussy, the wonderful aroma of her filling my head. She leaned back on her elbows, arching her back and, thrusting her large tit’s at the ceiling and started to moan. After the bottle of wine last night her bladder was full and she let it empty into my face. I pulled my face back and watched as a stream of golden female pee arched into the air and fell right onto my growing cock. She smiled as she watched her pee “wash” my stiffening meat.

“I told you I’d get you hard again,” she said, her voice low and husky.

“You always can,” I told her truthfully as the warm pee splashed off my cock and stomach and legs and flowed down my balls and dripped from my ass-hole into the tub.

I had to taste her and so I put my face into the warm, golden stream and drank as much as I could until her bladder emptied!

Her smile grew as she watched my dick grow larger and stiffer. “I knew you had more fucking in you, darling. One of the prettiest dicks I’ve ever enjoyed. And I know how to get it hard.”

“When you just look at my dick I get hard,” I told her, because it was true.

“I know, dear, but I like it much better this way, and so do you, my fucker.”

She was right. I’d piss off the roof of the building in full view of the other residents if it got me between those wonderful legs and up her wet pussy or her tight shit-hole! And the way my dick felt and by the heavy, sexy look in her dark eyes I knew I was going to be doing one or the other very soon.

She cupped my face in her hands and slowly licked her pee off my face, chest and then my cock and balls.

I used my teeth to slowly pull the remaining stocking down her leg, kissing, sucking and biting her piss-wet inner thigh. Then I took her toes into my mouth and sucked them as she reached down between her legs and played with her pussy lips again as she arched her back and those wonderful tit’s pointed upward. I pulled her hand away as she was about to push a finger into her pussy and pushed my finger into her, feeling her gripping my finger instinctively, trying to hold it in. I slipped two fingers into her, then three, and finger fucked her as she moaned again and moved her hips back and forth on the tub rim. I slid closer on my knees on the piss-wet tub bottom, up between her legs and she reached down and enfolded my dick in her hand and jacked me off as she came again, her body shacking with her pleasure. My thick cum shot into the air and fell back onto her legs and my stiff cock, and her hand still jacking me off.

As we both came down from another good fucking, she opened her eyes and smiled at me with a dreamy look. She released my cock and sucked my cum off her hand, continuing to smile at me. “And people think the only way to fuck is with you lying on top of me,” she said as she sucked my cum off her fingers.

I leaned down and took a long suck on her pussy, tasting the juice of a mature, sexy woman in heat. It was mingled with her pee and the aroma of her stretched ass-hole was too much and I took both legs and, not to gently, pushed them up until she was forced onto her back on the wide rim of the tub, her arms spread wide, and I started to lick her ass- hole. The mingled, savory aroma of her wet pussy, the pee dripping down her legs and her damp dirt-hole smelling of her delightful shit was filling my head and I had to suck her. I opened my mouth and tried to engulf her entire ass- hole with my mouth. I tried to push my tongue into her shit- hole and I heard her laughing.

“Go honey! Go! God, it feels good! Fucking good!” I knew she was lost in pleasure and I knew she had a finger in her pussy because I could feel it as I tried to take her entire shit-hole in my mouth. She liked back-door fucking and doing it doggy-style and I knew she was enjoying this but I didn’t care because I was hot with her female smell and female flesh and the feeling of my still hard cock and I was going to make the bitch make me come again if it took all year!

I love the smell of a woman. If she’s fully dressed or totally naked, like Annabell now, I could always smell her. If she was hot to fuck I could smell her throught her closes, from down the hall, across the street, like a female-finding radar. That’s part of the reason I’m the apartment complex’s “Private Dick”. I always know when a woman needs a hard cock and my hard cock is always ready to service a needy woman. But when a woman was like Annabell now, dripping in her own piss and pussy juice and almost reeking with the wonderful aroma of her shit, I just have to empty my balls! And Annabell wouldn’t be one of my fuck partners if she didn’t also know it.

She laid her legs on my shoulders and kept telling me to come, baby, come! My dick was as hard as when I woke up and my balls let go as I hungrily sucked her ass-hole and a few drops shot out of my dick-hole onto the tub rim. It was just a few drops, not the thick, heavy cum I gave her the first time yesterday afternoon, but a watery, thin cum that was almost embarrassing! But it was enough because the release was the same. I gave her ass-hole a good licking as my cock went limp and she sighed with pleasure and let her legs open and slide down my arms and I licked and sucked her open fuck-hole.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop,” she sighed, her voice horse. I looked up between her open legs and her two large tit’s, her eyes closed in pleasure. I stood up and turned on the faucet and let the water warm and closed the shower door. When the water was warm I turned on the shower and let the water wash over us and wash the piss down the drain. I sat beside her on the rim. She was still on her back, her tit’s pointing at me. It was to much and I took a hard nipple in my mouth and slid my hand down her legs, squeezing them. “Didn’t you get enough?” she sighed.

I let her tit slide out of my mouth long enough to say, “I never get enough of a sexy cunt like you,” and took her other tit in my mouth.

“Thank you, darling. But I’m beat. Can we go to bed?” “I thought that was the idea when we made this date,” I said.

“I mean to sleep, you silly fucker,” she laughed.

We took a nap for several hours after a shower and after I helped her get into a fresh pair of sheer, tan thigh-high stockings which I insisted she put on if she wanted to keep my interest. She told me she had a lot more fun things to keep up both my interest and my cock. I told her my balls were empty and she smiled and told me it was because she was the best fucker of all the women I serviced in the complex. I told her it was because she had the best smelling and best tasting ass-hole in the complex and we fell asleep with my head next to her ass so I could dream about licking, sucking and fucking Annabell’s delightful love-hole’s until we woke up and started the fun again.

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