Me, My Wife, and Manuel

We are still in the 1970’s. A wild time for swinging. My wife Bernadette “Bernie” is coming close to her birthday. She will be 25 years old. I’m Tom, I will be 30 in a couple of months. Bernie still works at the hospital. I took a job with the state highway department. My wife works at the lab. She became good friends with Manuel, the X-ray tech manager. He is single, divorced, 40 years old. Handsome man. His hair was black with silver coming in. He was 6 feet tall and muscular. He was from Puerto Rico. He had a nice accent and always a gentleman.

My wife would sometimes sit with “Mannie,” Carlos and Jose from maintenance in the cafeteria. The guys were always polite to my wife and interpret for her so she was always included in Spanish discussions. The guys liked my wife. She payed attention and listened to them. Mannie especially liked my wife. He told her how beautiful she was. He said how lucky I was to be married to her. He even told her how much he would like to make love to her. Carlos or Jose would bring fresh flowers from the hospital garden put them in vase and leave them on her desk with a note. My wife told me all of this and I was happy to see her happy with all of the attention.

I told her I wanted to do something for her birthday. I asked her what what she would like for her birthday she said a barbecue at the house. I asked her if she wanted to invite some friends and she replied Mannie, Carlos, and Jose. She tugged on my belt and winked at me and smiled, I smiled back and kissed her. I got the message. She told the guys the date and time in two weeks on a Sunday early evening because of work schedules. Finally Sunday arrived. Lots of food, beer and wine. My wife wore a see through blouse no bra. Hot pants and crotchless panties. We all had food and plenty of drink. No one was feeling pain.

My wife went inside as it was getting dark. We had it arranged between us that Mannie would go inside the house next. He would be her first gift. She waited for him and took him to the bedroom. She helped him undress and he helped her. She got down on her knees and sucked his 10 inch cock and licked his balls and when he couldn’t take it any more he had her stand up, French kissed her and pushed her to the bed where he licked her clit and fingered her pussy until she let out a yell in orgasm. Several orgasms. He asked her if she wanted him to use a condom and she said no because she wanted to do it bareback and he would cum inside her to feel his love. He turned her over doggy style. He fucked her and massaged and fondled her breasts and then lubricated his fingers and put them in her ass. She let out another yell and orgasmed several times. Finally he gave her a big cream pie making her yell, shudder and orgasm several times. Mannie kissed her, got dressed and came back outside and had another beer.

He walked over to me and shook my hand and smiled. We sat together enjoying the cool evening. I told Carlos and Jose to go inside for cake and coffee. Instead Bernie was waiting for them naked in the kitchen. She led them to the bedroom and helped undress both of them. As they stood by the bed Carlos kissed her while rubbing and fingering her pussy and licking her breasts. Jose was behind her rubbing his cock on her ass, fingering her ass and fondling her breasts from behind. Both men were the same height as my wife 5’2″. Both men smaller in stature made up for their size by double teaming my wife. My wife layed across the bed and Carlos licked her clit and fingered and licked her pussy. Bernie’s head was slightly hung over the side of the bed and she took Jose’s cock and put it in her mouth and did a deep throat.

Mannie and I cleaned the picnic table and dishes. Bernie showered. When we had a chance to sit down together I asked her if she liked her birthday gifts. She said yes. All 3 of them. I asked her what Mannie had whispered. He said he would talk to her at work about something. Monday at the cafeteria Manny, Jose, and Carlos waited for my wife at their table. Mannie told Bernie how he wanted to see her at his home. Bernie told him some evenings were fine but it could not interfere with our relationship. Carlos and Jose share an apartment and they also asked to have her visit them and she gave them the same answer she gave Mannie. This story to continue.

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