A New Story In The Life Of Melanie Chapter One

It is many years since I published 3 “fantasy” stories about “Melanie.” They were titled “Pain Slut,” “Addicted to Pain, Humiliation & Degradation,” and finally, “Sissy Cunt’s Transformation.” They were generally well received. A lot has changed over the years and I hope readers enjoy my new posts, which now will be reality, not fantasy. […]

Sissy Cunt’s Transformation- part 3

16 Chapter 6 Adam must have given a satisfactory report to Dr. Pain as he never returned that night. As it turned out, I never saw him again as the following morning, Eric was the first and only person to enter the room. Good morning Sissy. Wow. What a change. You are the first time […]

Sissy Cunt’s transformation, part 2

      Sissy Cunt’s Transformation Melanies’ adventure continues     8 Chapter 3 For the next 5 or 6 months, hard to tell when you never see the sun or a clock, my life was a living hell. My teeth and nails were painfully removed. My throat was cut open and I now possessed […]

Sissy Cunt’s Transformation

Sissy Cunt’s Transformation Melanies’ adventure continues Chapter One Mistress Evil has decide it’s time for her newest slave, Sissy Cunt, to be sent to her doctor friend who specializes in the total transformation of a sissy male slave into a thoroughly feminized pathetic excuse for a man. The transformation involves much surgery and requires five […]