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Christiane Gets A Buzz On

Moving sucks, especially when it’s on a hot July day. Two moving men had just arrived to help me take my possessions to my new home. Well at least they were young, handsome guys so maybe that will make the task a little more pleasant. They were in shorts and tee shirts, and I had a little flimsy, short dress on. We were still hot though. All the doors and windows were open so that we could benefit from any breeze that came wafting through. The guys introduced themselves as Ted and Carlos, and we wasted no time getting involved in the move. I packed; they hauled stuff to the truck.

I’ve always hated having the front door open during occasions such as this one. Sure enough bugs started drifting in just to see what we were up to. I decided that I really liked my movers. They were very friendly, and were also getting very sweaty. I don’t know about you, but that turns me on. I was day dreaming about making love to both of them at the same time when my pussy started to itch. I delicately tried to scratch myself, but that didn’t relieve the itching.. When the guys were both out I stuck a couple of fingers inside of me and rubbed them around. The itching didn’t stop, but it was kind of fun to play with my puss. Now as I licked my fingers clean, I sensed movement in my nether lands, and then a slight buzzing sound. God, there’s a bee in there. It must have flown in the door, and headed right for me. Must be a male bee; they know just where to go. When the guys came in I told them my problem.

We tried to think of ways to get the bee out. Our first attempt at bee eviction was to go out to the back yard. I was getting panicky, and in no mood to be modest so I pulled my dress off, lay down on the ground and propped my bottom up in the air. Ted took the garden house, and carefully stuck the end in my twat. He turned the faucet on halfway, and nice pure water flowed into my sex pit –and then flowed out again around the hose. Evidently this turned the guys on as their shorts began to stick out in front. No bee came oozing out with the water, though.

Then, out of desperation, I had another idea. “Ted,” I yelled, “this is an emergency. Drop your shorts, and stick your dick in me. Maybe you will squash it.” I mean, what is a gal supposed to do? Ted was ready and willing to leap into his new assignment, or rather it was his fully aroused prick that did the leaping. We stood on the grass as Ted spread open my waiting sex, and eased a really large bone into me. There was a brief slushing sound as the last of the water escaped from my hole, and dripped down my leg. To show him that this was purely a first aid maneuver I stood with my legs apart, hands on my hips and pubes swiveled out to join closely with his bee squasher. I stood in this position as he pounded into me, grunting with his labors as a good Samaritan.

Suddenly his eyes bugged out, and a look of pain creased his face. Then a high pitched whine burst from his lips. I didn’t need to be told what had happened. A seriously frightened bee had just bit his lovely stem.
“Pull out,” I yelled. He didn’t need me to tell him that. He started to disengage, and then stopped.
“What’s the matter, Ted,?” I asked.
“My dick’s swollen; It won’t come out,” he whimpered.
Ted started to back up on the lawn, and I was dragged with him. Carlos came up and tried to push us apart, but had no luck. What were we to do?
“Look, Ted, the only way you are going to get out is to get rid of that hard on,” I said.
“How can I,” he responded, “you’re too sexy for my prick to relax.”
“Okay, then you will have to ejaculate,” I told him. I decided to act even sexier in the hope that he would cum.
I pulled him closer to me, and grabbed his butt cheeks.
“You are so sexy,” I moaned, “do you know how much I like to fuck? I love standing here with your big cock inside me.” That started to do the trick; his mouth met mine, and his tongue lunged inside trying to reach my throat. My hands went from his butt cheeks to his ass crack. One, then two fingers, fought their way through the door into his asshole. I pushed them farther up inside, and massaged the lining of his interior. He grunted approvingly, as he sucked my mouth.
But he couldn’t move his dick in and out. It was swollen and getting bigger. I certainly was turned on. I could feel that monster fill my hole, pushing hard on the walls of my pussy. God that felt good. A woman rarely has this experience: a dick that totally fills her. Ted, though, was getting nowhere. I was afraid his ardor would begin to cool.
“Carlos,” I implored, “get down beside Ted and start stroking his prick. There’s enough of the shaft out that you can wank him.” Carlos was very hesitant to become involved, so I made him an offer.
“Do it, and I will fuck you when we get him out.”

Carlos didn’t hesitate. He got down on his back and scooted up under Ted. Eager to please me now he wrapped a couple of fingers around Ted’s shaft and started to stroke. For good measure he began sucking on Ted’s dangling balls. The extreme heat made his ball sacks really droop, and Carlos was getting a good mouthful. There we were fucking, sort of, with Ted and I standing still while Carlos beat him off. This was so strange that I got really aroused. Ted was also getting seriously motivated to shoot his load. We stared at each other as his face got red, and his eyes penetrated mine. He began breathing faster and faster as Carlos sucked and wanked. I knew Ted was going to shoot, and the thought made me approach an orgasm of my own. Then it happened. We both went beyond the point of no return and flew off into those wonderful spasms of pleasure. Wave after wave passed through us both. Fantastic. We were motionless, yet we were blasting off magnificently. What a sight we must have made. A minute or two later Ted was able to undock. Out he came, and so did the bee which had been flattened against his foreskin.

Now it was time to reward Carlos. I grabbed my rescuer, and pulled him down into the grass. I was so delighted with him that I hugged him, and rolled over and over with him locked to my body. Carlos was so excited that he quickly entered my moist open bush. I was ready to go again, and such was my lust that I had Ted kneel on my chest facing me. His dick had already started to climb again as he watched Carlos start to fuck me. I grabbed his tool and started to stroke him in time with Carlos’s plunges into my pussy. When he was hard I told him to fuck me in the mouth. I always had fantasies of two guys sticking dicks into my bodily openings, and, hooray, a secret desire was about to be fulfilled. I made a big wide O with my mouth, and Ted pounded into it.

I will tell you folks that if you get off sucking a dick, you are in for an unbelievable treat when someone is pumping a prick into your twat at the same time. It was all I ever thought it would be. It’s great being a horny animal. I was in sex heaven. I held Ted’s balls with one hand, as he filled my mouth. I love those little round nuggets, and I gently squeezed them in my hand.

These two guys were really a pair. Humping in unison they were both about to squirt their juices at the same time.
“In my face, in my face,” I pleaded. They knew what I meant. They pulled their dicks out of me, and knelt on either side of my head. I looked up at two beautiful cocks. Hands were swiftly stroking them and clear strands of precum were dangling down towards my body. The boys’ asses were thrusting forwards pushing the dicks through their hands.

Then it happened. White strands of cum shot out of both their piss holes and descended onto my eagerly waiting face. My cheeks, nose, forehead, and open mouth collected the salty bounty from their pricks. I swished the milky substance in my mouth as I spread more of their sticky cum all over my face. “This came right out of their bodies,” I thought. How wonderful that it is now part of me.

I sat up. “Well, guys, I’m paying you by the hour so let’s not sit here wasting anymore time. We returned to the house, and resumed moving.

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