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Me and My Friends Mom

Well hello my name is Shane and i want to tell you a story that happend to me when i was 16, it’s about how i lost my virginity to a real women….my best friend’s mother. I left high school ’cause i did was school sucked so i girls payed attention to me why even stay there….since i had so much time on my hands i started to learn how to fix computers and well my best friends mother was on the computer most of the day and she always had problems with her computer. So one day i was on my computer and my friends mom who i shall call marie Instant Messaged me and asked me if can come over to fix her computer…i said ok…i mean she’s so beautiful and i’ll be alone with her due to the fact that unlike me her 2 sons both go to school and her husband works.

Now before i go on let me describe to you this beautiful woman… she not tall… shes 5ft tall….nice tits and a not bad ass…i mean she looks good for a woman who had 2 kids.. and she has long brown curley hair .

Anyways i leave as soon as i can..i leave my house and go across the street to where she is…i ring the top bell and she comes down stairs in a towel… and a towel wrapped around her head, when i saw her like thta my heads must’ve made her know what i was thinking cause she said ” oh don’t worry shawn i’m taking a shower…you can fix the computer while i finish”..i said ok and we both made our way up to the stairs and into her living room…i was trying to hide my hard on as best as i could without touching it… i asked her whats the problem and she says that she hears a funny sound coming from her i said i’ll check it out…while she leaves to finish her shower. I start to look around in there and i see that her modem is loose i screw it in….just like i wanted to do to her with the thoughts i was having at that time…she comes back in wearing tight jeans an a short sleeve shirt..where i can see her nice tits…” did you fix the problem?” she asked me, i told her that her modem was loose and it was the reason for the noise she thanked me and said i’m sorry shawn but you will have to wait for my husband to come home to get your money…i’m sorry, I told her it’s alright that she didn’t have to pay me and then i could just go home… to myself i was thinking please god make my dreams come true pretty please….she then said no and that she has to pay me back in some way or another….i turned bright red when at what i saw she just cupped her tits in a quick motion…i guess to see if i would get a clue wihtout her saying anything…i was so nervous i blabbed out a um it’s ok…but she knew i knew what she was implying…she came right up to me and and put her hand on my hard on….shane by the tent your making in your pants i can tell that you know what i mean…i started to knodd my head as she started to squeeze my rock hard cock…i can feel my pre-cum running down my thigh as she said she would do it to me if i didn’t tell anyone…i let out a big yes!. Marie then started to kiss me as she stuck her tounge in my mouth..i responded by playing with hers.. she started to push me back and onto her couch…she took off my shirt and started to rub her hands all over my body..i started to put my hands under her pink short sleeve shirt and started to play wiht her tits, she lifted her shirt halfway up…just above her tits…i took one into my mouth ans started to suck her nipple..she started to moan as she started to unzipper my pants. My cock came flying out.. my pre-cum was leaking from my dick….she wrapped her soft little hands around my cock and started to go up and down…i let out big moan and she started to jerk me off…. i felt like the king of thw orld as this beautiful woman was jerking me off… i started to play more with her tits… she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to experiance heaven as she got off me and went on her knees. she took my 7 inches into her mouth…it felt so good,so wet and so warm she started to flick her tounge on my head of my cock and then started to suck my head,i ran my fingers through her nice hair as i forced her to go all the way down…to my surpise she did, she took it all in as my cock was hitting the back of her throat..i couldn’t take much more of this. I tried to hold back ’cause i didnt want to look like a loser and cum to early..but i couldn’t help it…she started to humm and thats when i lost control..she released my cock and jerked me off rapidly…”cum baby ,cum…please for me baby!” with those words i shouted i’m cumming!!! she opened her mouth and took my cock deep, i cummed so much..loads and loads of spunk filling her much i could see it dripping out of her mouth and onto my pants… it was a good feeling. she told me my cumm tasted good and thta she wanted more…i told her she could but i’m sorry i came to fast…i said this is all new to me…she was surprised and said if that was true i said yes..she said that i was handsome and some girls were just snobs..i just agreed to whatever she said…she started to give me another blow job… and after awhile i was hard again.

She got up and grabbed my cock and said that she wanted me in her…i unbuttoned her pants to find out she wasn’t wearing any panties… i could se her hairy bush… and saw her juice all over her thighs…i just forced her on my cock as she slide down slowly…this feelign was more better than her mouth….. she started to go up and down as i matched her…. in seconds i couldn’t help it…she started to moan and i started to ram her….. as i grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples..she started to scream that she was cumming and i could feel her muscles tighten up around my cock…it for so good… she wouldn’t stop shaking and screaming for a good 15 secs or so ..she said that felt so good and that she wanted another ride….she started to once again slide up and down on my cock after a few times she got up and said lets go to my room…she led me to her bedroom where she pushed me on the made and was on top of me.. we started to kiss and bite…. i turned her over where i was on top of her now i spread her legs, her legs were rest on my shoulders as i shoved my cock into her cunt…i started to ream her ..i could still remember the sweat sliding off my nose…she was so wet…she was such a dirty slut…. i started ot suck her tits as i fucked her…she moved her legs around me and started squeeze my ass cheeks..i continued to pound her when she told me to stop and take it easy..she doesnt want me to cum so early….i listen and slide out of her wet pussy…she then got on he knees and told me if i felt like i was gonna cum then to her. I got from behind and started ot lick her ass hole….shoving my tounge and fingers in there while she rubbed her clit….i can her her moan …in seconds she begged me to fuck her before my best friend got home i took my dick and shoved it in her pussy….i was banging her like the horny wife that she is..each thrust i made she would moan i pounded her .i grabbed on to her ass cheeks which were moving with the force of my thrusts..shes started to scream louder and louder .. when she yelled out that she was cumming..once again i felt her juice run down my my balls…i started to scream i was cumming she yelled out not yet and told me to take my cock out of her..i quickly did..but i was in pain..i wanted to realease my load s o bad..she said she doesn’t want to get pregnant …and that she wanted me to cum inside her ass..she made me wait awhile as she spread her ass cheeks apart i shove my cock in slowly as i was having trouble and then she gave me permission to dive in, i did just that…i shoved my cock into her tight ass i punded away on her like this was my only chance at sex… she screamed and well it didnt take long before i started to blow my load into her ass…. she started to moan.. oh baby i can feel your hot sticky cum inside me…filling me up, oh baby…i creamed so hard in her it wasn’t fuuny…Afterwards we both layed down in her bed with my cock still in her and me on top of her…she ask him if i ever wanted to do this with her..and i told her i jack off to her everyday and that my dream came true.. we started ot tlak some more..around 3 i left ..she started kissing me for a god 5 mins and i left… now till this day i go over whenever i can to nail her and take care of her needs!.

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