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My Wife & The Salesgirl

My wife is an extremely glamorous 40 year old that really enjoys shopping,as you will discover.
This particular day Marie asked me to accompany her on a shopping trip to one of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney ( Double Bay)as she wanted to buy a new pair of shoes,needless to say I wasn’t that keen.
As mentioned,Marie is extremely good looking,she is about 6 feet tall,brunette hair,large boobs and an arse and legs to die for.She also has a penchant for not wearing underwear,her reason for this is that she likes to expose her cunt wherever possible so I had a good idea what she was up to.
Anyway,we finally arrived and after wandering around for a while Marie told me the particular store she wanted to visit and that if I wanted to go to the Yacht Club I could pick her up later.I jumped at the chance.
When I returned,the shop had a closed sign hanging from the door,however,it wasn’t locked so I quietly opened the door and entered.
It didn’t take me long to find them,I could see the back of Marie’s head arched back as the sales lady was giving her one of the best head jobs she had received in some time,as th eother lady suckedand nibbled at her inviting pussy,Marie had undone her dress to allow her large tits to fall out so that she could suck her own nipples.
When she saw me,she motioned me to move behind the sales-lady (Barbara)to watch.Having done that,Barbara reachedback and started to rub my cock through my pants,it didn’t take me long to liberate my aching cock so that both of these beautiful women could start sucking and fucking.
After fucking both of them for some time,Marie sat Barbara down and started going down on her as I put my by now bursting cock in her mouth so that I could fulfill her desire to swallow all of my cum.It didn’t take long for cum to start pumping in to her mouth and running down her cheeks.
When we were all finished ,the ladies informed me that they had first met in the South of France some years before and had had a similar meeting and both constantly thought of the other.
Needless to say I was delighted at this chance meeting and future visits werte encouraged.

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