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Kohl's first time

My best friend Joey and I have been best friends for several years now. Even though she is a lesbian, it doesnt bother me anyway. I love her to death, she means the world to me.
Anyway, Joey is 5’2″ and came out to me two years ago that she was a lesbian. But it didnt bother me because we had been through so much beforehand. She also told me she has had the biggest crush on me since she found out who she was.
Well, a few weeks ago I was pretty much having the worst week of my life. It literally felt like my life was falling apart, but all the while Joey stuck by me and was always there for me. Even my sexuality became in issue, at one point I didnt know who I was or what I wanted! For 22 years of my life I was straight and now Im just trying to figure myself out. Not the best of times I thought, but whatever.
One night I was talking to Joey telling her all the bad stuff going on in my life. I dont even think I realized what she did until after she did it! Joey kissed me passionately on the lips, which actually made me feel better! I thought it was going to be disgusting, but it really wasnt. Perhaps it was because I was kissing my best friend. Before I knew it I was lying on my back in the wet grass under the stars and she was laying somewhat on top of me, working her way down my pants. We were still kissing as she found my pussy and slowly entered with one finger, then two. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be kissing, much less having oral sex with my best friend! In this moment everything else was seconday, just being with Joey made everything disappear. I took off her shirt and noticed she was wearing the bra I had picked out for her not too long ago. Tears of joy were filling my eyes now because I realized that Joey meant more to me than I actually wanted to deal with before. “I love you” she says as she looks into my eyes. “I have always loved you, Kohl, and I am so glad you finally realize who you are”. She kissed my neck as I caressed her back and kissed her breasts. I was actually in a state of ecstacy. Within minutes, Joey had me at climax with her two magical fingers. What seemed like minutes were actually hours of pleasure for the both of us. My first lesbian experience and I loved every second of it, especially since it was with my best friend. She guided me through “eating pussy” and making her climax. Boy was she a good teacher.
I still like guys, but I love Joey too. I do check out other girls every once in a while, but I would never do anything to hurt her. She loves me more than life itself and I couldnt ever break that bond, no matter what.

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