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Poor Cindy ( Meets Barney)

Harriet gave Cindy the housekeeping job . She was given a little maids outfit to wear. All her underwear and bras were confiscated. Her outfit left very little to the imagination, but Cindy didn’t mind after all she hadn’t done anything wrong.
Harriet took advantage of the situation. Every chance she got she dropped something on the ground and made Cindy pick it up. The first time this trick was played Cindy bent down like a good little girl and picked up a napkin. But Melissa was standing nearby and quickly slapped the napkin out of her hand. She then spread her legs apart and slowly leaned forward . That was a lesson to learn. The key was to expose the entire backside, (a great ass) and an inviting front side ( pussy ). She was also shown the front side squat , exposing the inner thighs and again a wide open pussy.
Cindy was also forced to sleep completely naked. This bothered Melissa. It was like Harriet had an obsession with Cindy. Every night she stood at the door, shooting pictures and staring at Cindy’s body. Harriet wouldn’t even go into Melissa’s room some nights to punish her and treat her the way she wanted to be treated. You see, Melissa didn’t like to be a whore and she cried after every customer. But just like a good mother Harriet reassured her that everything was fine, and then made her feel loved. So just for Harriet’s approval, Melissa fucked every client that chose her from the bunch. She learned to like the things they did as long as she closed her eyes and pretended it was her Big Mama.
Thursday was a regular day for everyone. At around noon a large man in a cheap suit walked in. “I’m here for Melissa” he told Candy. Melissa was came down from her bedroom in a short silky robe. She tongued the man “Hi Barney, I’ve been waiting for you” she teased. Barney seemed very content to be there and very much into Melissa, but then something happened, Cindy walked by .
“How much for that” Barney asked.
” She’s not for fucking, but she can give you a good show extra $500 ” Harriet said .
Melissa stared in disgust. She wanted to cry. Cindy looked confused .
“Melissa will escort you to the room Cindy.” Harriet said.
” I’ll take her for the fuckin” Barney suggested.
Barney was paying $2000 and he would instruct the girls to his liking.
“Rip that there oufit off the made. Yeah just like that. You want that don’t you Melissa. You always acted like a good slut. Spread her lets apart. OOOh Yeah”
Cindy felt strange as she was being humiliated and watched.
“Suck her tits. Oh yeah I can tell ya’ll enjoyin yourselfs.” Barney now pulled his fat dick out of his pants . It stood rock hard already. “You do know what to do now. Yeah that’s right Lil Cindy lay on the bed. Open those lets so Melissa can lick your pussy. Oh that’s good why don’t you tongue fuck her … Ooh that’s good.”
The girls kept on doing what they were told. “Hey Mel, come over here and kiss me so I can taste your friend’s pussy.” Melissa kissed the fat old country man passionately. She strattled him and pushed herself on his hard dick. ” Oh , couldn’t wait could you.” Barney asked her. She jumped up and down on the fat man in the chair.
Suddenly she was instructed to stop.
” Why don’t you jump on that bed there . Lay on your back” Barney said. ” Cindy come on over and ride her mouth. Yeah …
Melissa sucked hard on Cindy’s pussy. She wanted to make her cum.
Barney had something else in mind. He spread Melissa’s legs wide opened and lubricated one finger. He stuck it in her asshole. Her pelvis jolted in little pain. Barney smiled in delight as he rammed his hard cock inside of her. Melissa wiggled around in discomfort and this made Barney happy. He pumped and pumped her for a long time.
“Hey Cindy, why don’t you come over here and help me a little.” Barney suggested. “Put 3 fingers in her cunt.”
Melissa moaned.
“Move it around girly don’t worry she likes it. Matter fact stick another finger in the hole. Ohh that’s real good.. Go ahead , put your hole hand in .”
Melissa was starting to feel more pain, but she knew she couldn’t complain. Barney was a very big customer and he got EVERYTHING he wanted. Now Melissa was getting fisted for the first time and she had to grit her teeth. She could feel Cindy tearing into her. Barney just laughed in pleasure.
Cindy kept on moving her fist in…out … then in … and Barney pumped Melissa’s ass. He watched Cindy as she explored Melissa’s pussy.
Finally after what seemed for an enternity, Barney pumped faster and faster until he finally busted his nut.
Cindy pulled her hand out and was pushed away.
Melissa was trained to clean off the mess, sucking up all the cum.
Barney left shortly after taking a shower. Melissa waited for later that night. She would maybe get her quality time with Big Mama she thought.
Cindy also had a shower and was asked to dress in good clothes. In the living room Cindy was introduced to Tony. He was just a friend that Harriet wanted Cindy to get to know him.


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