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Go Flirt It

Jessie and Charlie were game for anything, always up for a laugh, up for a good dare, any chance they had to show off, they did. Their boyfriends decided to give them them the opportunity to show themselves off to the upmost. They didn’t tell the girls what they had in mind.

One Saturday afternoon, Troy and James picked up the girls and they headed off, on foot. They were taking the bus into the city today, not the cars. They got on, and went to the back of the bus and sat down, with the two girls in the middle. The guys were glad it was a nice hot summers day for what they had in mind. They had what they needed in their backpacks, and wouldn’t give the girls a clue. All the girls knew, was they were going into the city shopping first, the rest was their dare.

As the bus made its way, the guys decided to start their fun. They told the girls, the dare starts here and Troy turned to start kissing Jessie on the lips while his hand, slipped down to hold her between the legs. James had his hand on Charlies breast, sqeezing her gently, with his other hand on her outer thigh, and was kissing her on the lips too. Both girls gave each other a glance, grinning at each other, enjoying the bus ride and the suspense.

They reached the bus station in the city and got out. The boys took them straight to the store they had decided on. The girls were told to wait by the doors outside, while the guys went in and picked out their clothes for the day. They had no trouble in finding what they were looking for and took them to the counter to pay for them, with each outfit being put in a seperate bag. When they got outside to the waiting girls, they handed them each a bag and told not to peek inside. They were taken to the public toilets and told to get dressed and put their clothes they had on now in the bag, and they would be met out front.

The girls giggling and laughing, went to go change. The boys could hear the laughter and the shrieks, as they knew they girls had seen what it was they were going to be wearing. They guys got themselves ready. They had bought cameras with them, to capture their afternoon. They had the cameras at the ready as the girls stepped out of the toilets, and snapped the first pic of the day, and what pictures they were too.

They were dressed in short white wrap-around flared skirts, white bikini tops and matching thong briefs, little white pumps and little white velvet kitten collars. They were then filled in as to what their dare was. As they loved to flirt and show off so much, the guys had decided to let them go at it. They were to work their way up and down the streets, while the guys followed them with cameras in hand and they were to flirt, flash and do what ever they wanted to each other or to others. If they were good, they would get a treat. They were smacked on the bottoms and told to ‘move out’!

The girls were a little unsure of what they were to exactly do, but the guys weren’t giving them any more clues, so slowly, they headed back to the main drag, discussing what to do. First they decided to play lesbians. They held hands and walked on together. Smiling and laughing, they began to blow little kisses to each other, a wink, a pinch on the bottom and watched as the onlookers started to watch them. They were getting into this now.

They found a little seating area that was surrounded by trees and quite secluded with only one entrance and one exit on the other side. They sat down on the bench, one at each end, facing each other, both grinning. They put one leg up on the bench, the other hung down resting on the floor, opening their legs nice and wide to show off their little thong briefs to each other. Jessie picked her foot from the floor and tucked it under Charlies pussy, and wiggled her toes about. Charlie showed she was enjoying that by leaning her head back, and started to rub her inner thigh. She now pulled her leg up, and rubber her foot up and down Jessies leg. Troy and James were enjoying the little show, and taking some great photos of their two playful kittens. Both girls were now rubbing their inner thigh and their fingers just touching their pussys with one hand, while the other hand moved to the breasts, rubbing them and squeezing themselves gently. They were getting quite caught up in their own world, that they forgot where they were, and that at any moment, someone might walk in on them. Jessie removed her foot fron Charlies pussy and leaned over to her and kissed her on the forehead. Both girls were now leaning in on one another, and started to kiss. Charlie took hold of Jess and pulled her to a standing position so she could remove her briefs and dropped them to the floor. Jess returned the favour. Troy and James decided to step in here, before the girls got too carried away!

They broke up the heated kittens, and told them to pose for them, so they could get some good close ups. They left off their knickers and put one leg up on the bench so the guys could get some photos of two lovely clean shaven pussys. The girls loved to be in front of the camera, so began to pose and make the most of it. Jessie went first and reached behind her back and undid her bikini top and let it fall, revealing her full breasts and pert erect nipples. It didn’t take Charlie long to follow suit. They closed their eyes and began to rub themselves on their pussys and breasts, pinching and pulling at their nipples. Then they turned on each other. It didnt take long, before the girls had fingers up inside the others now sopping pussy and began to kiss and lick each others nipples. As Jessie pulled away to go down to kiss Charlies pussy, Troy decided they should move on and to cool them down, and took away their bikini briefs.

They walked out back into the street and the guys dropped back to give the girls room to play some more. They were all now very hot and horny. They were close to the Mall, so decided to take advantage of the a/c inside. As they moved through the crowds of shoppers, they rubbed up against anyone they could, man or woman. They let their nipples brush against an arm or back here, a hand trace a line across a butt or groin area there. They got smiles from some, and angry stares from others, but that didn’t stop them. As they walked, they kept a hold of each others hand and now and again, they would touch each other and even flick up each others skirt to reveal their bare butts and show off their shaven pussys to who ever was looking. They ran up stairs, so their butts and tits would bounce and their skirts would flap to show who ever was behind them a good view. They would stop to look at things in the stores on bottom shelves and bend from the hips to pick them up and look.

Charlie quite enjoyed the view she got when she flicked up Jessies skirt, so did it more and more. Jessie didnt mind either, but thought she could have some more fun, so let go of Charlies hand and ran off out the first exit door and ran off back into the streets, her skirt flapping against her backside and lifting as she jogged along. Charlie laughing, took off after her. They played tag through the streets and as they caught each other, would flash the butt of the one caught. As they ran about chasing each other, if they passed an older man, they would run behind him and lift their skirts high to the mans back or lift their bikini tops to show off their breasts to his back, then run on laughing out loud. As they ran, they would shout to each other saying they liked the way each others tits would bounce, or let the other know the wind had blown her skirt up and she saw her butt. They enjoyed watching the people watching them, seeing people just stop and stare, wives and girlfriends slapping their partners for staring, people coming out of shops and looking out of windows to watch these two play.

Troy and James couldn’t believe the amount of energy the two girls had, and wondered if they would ever slow down. Jessie and Charlie were also starting to tire a little so stopped running. They were walking once again, side by side towards the top end of the shopping strip. As they came out of the pedestrian area, they started smiling and waving at the cars that went past them. They were getting beeped at by the guys in the cars as the wind would lift their skirts to them. This was a great new game, so they decided they would lift their skirts to all red, white and blue cars, and any other colour, they would lift their tops to show of their breasts. If a car got stuck at the traffic lights, and the occupants were cute enough, they would lift their tops, and fondle their tits, pressing firmly into their mounds and pulling their nipples towards the cars, or they would close their eyes and slowly let their hands wander down to their hot wet pussy and show the passengers of the car their fingers working into the wetness. Sometimes they just touched themselves, but if they noticed a group of guys really watching them, they would fondle each other. They would suck and nibble on each others tits, while their hands would walk down to the others sopping wet pussy and she would finger her, but every now and again, give a cheeky glance up to the car, just to make sure they were still there and watching.

They noticed there was this one guy who had taken a liking to them and was following them. They checked, and Troy and James were still there watching and still taking photographs, so they went straight up to the guy to ask if he wanted to see more. It turned out, he was a newspaper reporter sent to get a few shots of the hot white kittens that were spotted wandering and playing in the streets of the city. Of course the girls agreed and did a few poses for the reporter and his camera. He shook their hands, gave them a quick kiss on the cheek to thank them, and left them to carry on with their games.

It was starting to get dusky now, so the guys decided to wrap up for the day, besides, they were dying to see what the pics would turn out like. They caught up with the girls and lead them to a taxi rank just up the road and headed for home. They only just managed to make it inside the house, when they turned on each other. They were all so turned on, horney and hot, that they didnt seem to care that both couples were in the same room, they didn’t notice. Clothes were ripped from bodies as they each set about relieving each others pressures and desires. There were gasps, moans and grunts as one orgasm was reached after another until all four was silent.

Eventually, the guys left the two girls downstairs to talk over their day, why they took their cameras upstairs to get the photographs uploaded onto the PCs. The tre’at they had planned for the girls was to make up a web page so all could see their two beaufiful kittens in play. They couldnt wait to get them all onto the web and show the girls how their day had looked from an on lookers point of view. By the time it was finished, the girls could not belive thier eyes. They fell about laughing as they looked in the back grounds and saw all these people watching them, that they had never even noticed. All four were happy with the way things had turned out that day. And both Jessie and Charlie could not wait for thier next dare! ……………….

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