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Teaching Heather

Heather and I had been best friends since we were practically born. As we grew up we took our own ways. I was the perverted, slutty cheerleader. Where as she had a long term boyfriend who she *loved*.
When we had our sleepovers we usually got into talking about sex, and masturbation, because of well, me. One time she confessed that she didnt masturbate on her own. I asked if she had ever even had an orgasm. She told me she *thinks* she has. I nearly died of laughter trying to explain that if in fact you have had one you will know it. I asked her if she would like to learn how to give herself pleasure, she told me she guessed she would.
Now I have a dildo and a body massager (which gets me off in a short time) but I wanted to be fun and give her ways to do it where she didnt need to buy anything. So I explained to her I was going to show her how to rub her clit, fingering just is uncomfortable to me to do to myself, and other girls I have talked to so I just rub it.
Heather removed her skimpy shorts and panties and I placed her finger tips where they where I thought looked like the right place, and told her to rub in a circular pattern, she said she wasnt really feeling anything so I got out a porno and put it in, I saw Heathers eyes widen because it was lesbian porn and she was shocked. I told her to just keep rubbing, soon I saw juices start to run on her fingers. I had to bite my lip because it was actually turning me on, I slipped my hands into my shorts and started to do the same thing while I watched her rubbing her clit while watching the porn. Her breathing got heavy and I could tell she was getting close just by her expressions. I leaned over to her and kissed her, instead of objecting she kissed me back, I pulled back her shirt and started to rub her erect nipples and started to suck on them vigorously while my hand moved to her clit and took the place of hers, except that i slid my middle finger into her and started fucking her with it, Then I slid in another one as she started to rub my clit through my shorts, I was getting so hot I couldnt take it I wanted to taste her pussy. I pushed her back on my bed and spread her legs apart holding onto her knees, I pushed my face down and started to slowley lick up and down her slit, she started to move her clit around trying to get me in her, I watched her twisted face while I just licked her like a popsicle. Then i rammed my tongue into her hot, sweet pussy and moved it around faster trying to put it in as far as I could, I rubbed her clit with my thumb while my tongue found its way around and in her pussy, she started to move her hips into me jerking around and I knew she was about to cum so I started to finger her with all my power, I got 4 fingers in her before she started to cum and afterwards I made her lick all her juices off of my hand.
She told me I was right and she had not had one before then, that was both of our first bisexual experiences, and we started staying the night with eachother much more often after that and I showed her a few other ways. No one knows except us, and she still has her boyfriend, and I still have my fuck buddies, I dont consider myself Bi yet, I think i need to have a few more encounters with other females before I say that.

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