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A Night at the Lake with Friends!

My husband and I went to a party out a lake with some friends. At these parties the women usually end up topless. This one was no diffrent then any other one. Except I was the one to start the toplessness. Half way through the night we were all pretty fucked up. There were two young girls there and they were all over each other. One of them was so fucking hot. Just watching them had me so turned on. It had been awhile since I had been with another women. My husband has always wanted to see mee with another woman. So we went up to them and asked them their ages. They said that they were 18. My husband asked if one of them would kiss his wife. The really hot brunette said she would. I about came right then and there. She walked up to me and I put my hand on her nice firm ass. As she parted her lips I opened mine. I could smell her sweet breath as I went in for the kiss. When our tongues met I had to keep from moaning out loud. Her tongue was so soft and tender I just played with it. Then she pulled away. I never wanted to let go of her. I hated to see her go. My husband grabbed me and saidthat he was so turned on. He didn’t even know the half of what I was feeling. As the night went on I spent most of the time in the water. My husband was oggleing a friends fake boob job. The brunette and her friend were in the water also. I seemed to know where they were at all times. Someone called my name and I turned around to answer them. All of a sudden I felt a soft hand start needing my breast. I turned around and there was the brunette and her friend. Nothng was said between us. I just grabbed her and started kissing her. I played with her tongue for a while. Then started caressing her breasts. Slowly I ran my lips down her neck as I made my way down to her breasts. I took one in my hand and started to lick her nipple. She drew in a sharp breath. Her breasts were so perky they were beautiful. I moved my hand down under the water and in between her legs. I start to rub her and can feel her excitement. She stops me and I feel really disapointed. But she surprises me by taking her bottoms off. Then guides my hand back. I start to rub her and I can feel how wet I have made her. Slowly I put one finger in her and she starts to moan and grind on my hand. Then I insert another finger and she grinds me even harder. I can feel that she is about to cum on my hand. I’m tempted to let her but I want to tasted her as she cums. I push her to a more shallow part of the lake. And have her lean back on the sand. I spread her legs and start to lick her into a frenzy. I about sen her over the edge when I started to lick her ass. I had been wanting to taste it. I insert a finger in her box and start banging her and licking. I can feel she is about to cum so I start to lick faster and bang her harder. Just as she satrs to have her release I take my other hand and insert a finger in her ass. That sent her clear over the edge. I lapped up ever bit of cum she gave me. I had never seen someone cum that hard before. When her hips stopped bucking and her moaning stopped. I removed my hand and kissed her. Then she and her friend went off in the water to talk about what had just happened. I wentand grabbed myhusband pulled him in the water and told him what had just happened. He was so turned on that we fucked right there in the water. When I came it wa with such feirceness that I almost blacked out. My husband wishes he could have seen it happen. I told him next time he can be there. I think we will be going to the lake a lot more.

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