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Tennis Lesson

‘That is just so typical’, I thought to myself, as I drove to the club that day in my Mercedes sports, ‘that Marty is so possessive’, I murmured absent-mindedly. I should explain, Marty is my husband, he’s twenty years older than me, not much to look at, but boy is he stinking rich and more importantly, completely devoted to little old me. Ever since I’d asked Marty if I could take tennis lessons he’d been very strange with me, the first time I mentioned the subject all the blood just drained from his face and he just said “We’ll see”. We’ll see! I was mortified, I was just used to getting what I wanted, when I wanted it. I didn’t get angry though, I just assumed it was my hubbies jealousy rearing its ugly head, (about the only head that did rear up these days). Mind you if Marty had seen the coach I had been thinking of hiring, or heard his reputation, he’d have had every reason to worry, young, fit, tanned and randy, everything my beloved spouse wasn’t. I knew I’d get my own way in the end but still things hadn’t worked out as I’d planned. A couple of weeks after I’d first asked for them Marty suddenly announced,

“I’ve booked your tennis lessons, here’s the details”

Nonchalantly handing me a hand written note. The bastard had only gone and employed a female coach, a Miss Williams, my whole motivation instantly wiped out, I was furious but I couldn’t say anything could I? I must admit that my enthusiasm was less than complete when I arrived at the ‘club’ for that first hours tuition, sure I’d made the most of the opportunity, bashing Marty’s gold card in all the most exclusive sports shops, I thought I was all ‘designer labelled up’ but as I got ready in the locker room I realised I’d actually forgotten to buy something, I didn’t have any of that oh so practical, passion killer, sports underwear, damn, now everyone would know I was just a beginner. There was nothing else for it, I had no other option, I would just have to go onto court in the lingerie I was already wearing, on that day just a pair of white lacy thong panties and no bra.

“Hi, my name’s Cindy”

Announced the pretty blonde woman that walked towards me as I made my way onto the courts, like me resplendent in white, though if I was being honest, it suited her more, the short pleated skirt emphasising her tanned, smooth, muscular thighs, the tight T-shirt she wore was taut against her washboard stomach and large bosom.

“Today I won’t try anything special, we’ll just play a few games so I can assess your ability.”

Said Cindy professionally, whilst I studied her more carefully, her impossibly blonde hair was sun bleached white, cut short in an almost boyish style, unflattering on most women but it somehow suited her, with high cheekbones, large blue, almond shaped eyes, a cute button nose and full plump, scarlet lips, she really was a stunner, a natural beauty who neither needed nor wore any make up. It didn’t take long for my lack of tennis skills to become glaringly obvious, with seemingly no effort, Cindy soon had me running all over the court, throwing myself around in a most undignified manner, my large DD, unsupported breasts bouncing uncontrollably and almost giving me a black eye. All my exertions had made my big nipples stiffen but it was the effect their appearance had on my coach that was remarkable, she just couldn’t help staring at them, almost totally failing to make eye contact with me like some adolescent boy, I was flattered and amazed at how horny her lascivious glances were making me feel. Almost without thinking, I began flirting with my pretty instructor, making sure that each time I had to bend over, I did so with my back to Cindy, allowing my short skirt to rise up and revealing my bum cheeks that were fully exposed by my skimpy panties. I didn’t really know what I was going to do next but judging by the way my coach was smiling and licking her lips, she liked what she saw.

“If you stay where you are, there’s a few; strokes I want to show you.”

Said Cindy, breaking the sexual tension and coming round to my side of the net.

“Now show me how you hold the shaft, of your racquet.”

Continued the pretty young blonde, walking behind me but standing very close, so close in fact that I could feel her hot breath on my neck and smell her lightly fragranced skin.

“Hold the racquet like this, you’ll get more grip.”

Murmured Cindy breathlessly in my ear, enclosing my hand gently in her own, softly stroking my fingers into place around the handle whilst her other held my waist. I could feel my teachers hard nipples brushing against my back as she swung my arm at mock shots, her hand slipped down onto my hips and I offered no resistance, instead subtlety pushing my arse backwards until it nudged against her groin, an electrical charge seemed to jump between us.

“Oh, I hadn’t realised how hot you were, perhaps it’s time we went for a shower.”

Said Cindy suggestively, steering me by my arm while her other hand dropped onto my arse, there was no mistaking the signals now and I couldn’t wait. My heart was beating so fast that I seemed to be floating, finding myself alone in the locker rooms with the beautiful Cindy without knowing how I got there.

“You look real sticky, I better get those clothes off you and get you in the shower.”

Cooed my tutoring temptress, already pulling her own shirt over her head. Facing each other, Cindy and I slowly undressed, not that it took long, devouring each others bodies with our eyes,

“You’ve got lovely breasts.”

I stammered as the pretty blonde unclasped her bra and let her big firm tits fall free, she smiled, conscious of my awkwardness, turning to the side she leant forward, quite deliberately peeled her panties down over her jutting butt, letting them slide to the floor and then with her hands on her hips she turned to me, revealing her shaved pudenda, a narrow strip of white hair barely concealing her pink sex.

“Do you want to wash them for me?”

She asked. Gulping hard I quickly yanked down my own damp knickers, lightly stroking my bushy, black haired minge, I couldn’t believe how wet I was, taking Cindy’s outstretched hand I followed her into the tiled, white cubicle admiring her sculpted arse and shapely legs. My instructor turned on the taps, warm water burst from several shower heads, quickly drenching us both, without any further words or invitation, the pretty blonde reached up and began to soap me all over with a hard bar she held, holding my gaze with a wicked stare while she worked me up into a lather. Although the water was hot, I was trembling, I’d never felt so excited, Cindy was certainly teaching me more than expected, her expert hands slid all over me, gently circling my stiff nipples, gradually making their way down my stomach to my aching pussy, I stood passively still, only my disembodied groans offering any encouragement, it was enough, while one hand started to stroke my arse the other started to run the soap over my slit, pushing it through my legs and between my bum cheeks. While steaming spray bounced off us, Cindy began to frig me, one hand strumming my clit, the other rudely rubbing my arse hole, I stopped holding back, leaning forward to kiss the horny blonde, slipping my tongue into her mouth and crushing our heaving bosoms together.

“I’d better check that I haven’t left any suds in your pussy hair.”

Purred Cindy hoarsely, easily sliding down my still soapy body until she squatted before me, looking up at me with her big blue eyes sparkling saucily, riverlets of water trickling down her face and then with one finger on my arse she simply covered my whole cunt with her mouth. I gasped, steadying myself against the wall, the blonde at my feet was flicking her tongue against my swollen clitoris, fingering my gaping gash and nibbling my puffy, pussy lips, before I knew what was happening I could hear myself screaming, a huge wave of ecstasy surged through me, my knees buckled and I came in my tennis coach’s mouth. As soon as I had regained my breath Cindy turned off the water and led me out of the shower stall, throwing some towels on the floor, she turned to me.

“Now it’s my turn, and if you do it real good, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I couldn’t wait, it was my first time going down on another woman, but I knew what I liked and I thought I could show her a few tricks. Whilst Cindy lay back with her thighs wide apart I crouched between her legs, at first I satisfied my own desire sucking on her gorgeous tits, dwelling on her teats that had so turned me on, eventually snaking down her stomach with random kisses, teasing her further until with fevered hands she indicated she could wait no longer, anxious to impress, I dived straight in, sliding my hard tongue right up her tight slimy hole, smelling her musky aroma and tasting her tangy love juice. I soon had Cindy writhing with pleasure, sucking on her pink clit, lapping at her labia and licking her bum hole.

“Oh god, that’s fantastic, I’m gonna cum in your face, stick your fingers up my cunt.”

Still slurping on her engorged bud, I jammed two fingers into Cindy’s dribbling snatch, almost as soon as I began to find my rhythm, she grabbed my head and ground her sopping wet snatch into my face, smearing me with her sticky love juice as she reached her own enormous orgasm. I certainly seemed to get Cindy’s approval, later that afternoon she gave me my surprise back at her apartment, introducing me to the full delights of a strap on dildo by fucking me doggy style over the arm of her sofa, ramming the hard rubber phallus up my cunt as I screamed down the room.

After all the lessons I had with my tennis coach, I should have been a pro, something I worried about as the inter club tournament grew near; I shouldn’t have bothered, two days before my first match, ironically, Cindy ran off with Marty, Well! I suppose he was paying the bills.

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