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The New Roommate

Cassandra was excited… she finally got her transfer to Evergreen Hall. She was on the third floor… she would have a roommate. That was half the fun of college, right? She arrived with her belongings at nine, the time that Gina gave her. She said that would be the easiest… that way they could arrange together.
Knocking on the door, she heard a light murmur, “Come in, it’s open.” She pushed the door open the rest of the way, and saw Gina on a low bed… she was scantily clad in a pink halter top and a pair white of cut-off daisy dukes. Cassandra could see all the way up her legs, from the cross-legged position that Gina was in. She saw that Gina wore a pair of tight white cotton bikini underwear. She was just getting off the phone. Then she jumped up, and her well rounded, large breasts almost popped out of the top. She reached her nicely tanned hand out, “Nice to meet you, I am Gina!” She had the easiest, prettiest grin. Her long chestnut was pulled up in a pony-tail that swung happily.
She helped her get settled in, “Oh, I am sorry. You have to have the top bunk… it keeps the room open so that we have room for stuff.” She said all this apologetically. Cassandra smiled. Gina had a huge TV set up on one side the side of the room directly opposite the bed… on the left were two desks… and the right a set of closets. Evergreen had the best rooms. Leading off from the side of the TV was the door to the bathroom that they would share with the girls on the other side. She got settled in easily.

That night all Cassandra could hear was the sound of typing from her roommate, who sat steadily at her computer… looking down she said, “What are you doing?”
“Oh, I am sorry, is this keeping you up? I chat on here, and do my homework at night. I am a night-owl, I am sorry…” she said with sincerity.
“No, its ok. I don’t mind. My other roommate, all she did was party.” She hopped off her bed and padded barefoot next to Gina… she looked down at Gina’s pajama’s. All her roommate wore was a tight fitting Hard Rock CafĂ© t-shirt and the same pair of white panties. Her hair was braided down her back. She looked up from her computer with a sly grin.
“You know… you’re kind of cute. I bet we could get you looking great in NO time…” she had a devilish glint in her eye…

Gina thought that Cassandra was HOT the moment she walked in the door. Although not openly bi-sexual, she felt herself quiver at the sight of her new roommate… Cassandra was short, thin with small tits. But she was well sculpted and her spiky blonde hair gave her a cute but don’t-mess-with-me edge. The clothes though, were too big, and hid most of her body. She wanted to change her the moment she walked in.
“First off… get rid of that old lady nightgown. Where this…” she handed Cassandra a tight-fitting short nighty that was silver satin. It was short and showed off her well sculpted legs. It clung to her chest, so she knew it couldn’t fit Gina, whose chest was considerably larger…
“It was a well intended gift,” Gina shrugged. She went over and brushed the satin… “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Her hand grazed Cassandra’s breast, the nipple jumped alive. She walked around her… her hand settled on Cassandra’s ass. “Mmm, wow. That’s nice. You must work out.”
Cassandra giggled, nervous. She liked girls, better then guys. But this girl, Gina, had to be straight… she just had to be. But Gina kept walking… her hand still on her, it followed her. She moved it to Cassandra’s crotch, which was wet from her initial touching, and the sexy clothes. “What have we here?” Gina asked, with her eyebrow raised. She let her hand slip under the smooth fabric. Up and up she reached… until she came to the barrier of fabric. She began rubbing her pointer and middle finger across the slight bulge of Cassandra’s clit. Cassandra shook, pleasure and shock surged through her.
Cassandra reached up and began massaging Gina’s breasts… Gina kissed her… she wanted this. This was nice. A sex partner anytime. She smiled evilly, and bit Cassandra’s lip. Cassandra aroused by the force reached down and began fondling Gina’s pussy. It was as wet as she was. She smiled… Gina pushed her down onto her bed, reaching with her free arm she pulled out a pair of hand-cuffs. Cassandra’s eyes widened but she nodded. Gina cuffed her new roommate to the metal bedpost.
She pushed open Cassandra’s legs and pulled off her now soaked panties. She massaged gently up her roommates calf… and up her hip to her narrow waist… she kissed Cassandra’s navel. She pushed the nighty up over her hips and over the barely there breasts. She kissed up, and licked each already hardened nipple until it was even pointier. She teased it with her teeth. She licked down her ribcage to her stomach, licking at her belly button, then lower yet. Gina kissed the other girls sweet center, who pushed her, hips forward wanting, needing more.
Smiling with wickedness she bent down. Licking softly, so that little sighs of pleasure escaped her roommate. She grinned and sucked a little… Cassandra, being so wet was delicious, and Gina drank it. She began to lick faster… she let her tongue slip deeper into her new roommates pussy, deep inside she sought, licking furiously. Cassandra started bucking… moaning, “Oohh… oh. Oh… mmmmmmmmm…” she was breathing heavily. Gina latched onto the clitoris and licked at it furiously, causing even wilder bucking of Cassandra’s hips. She was practically screaming… she moaned one last time as she came into Gina’s mouth. Gina drank it eagerly savoring the sweetness.
She leaned back over Cassandra, who now had a glazed over look in her eyes. She kissed her, letting her taste the sweetness of her cum… “You taste so good.” She whispered as she undid the hand-cuffs, she hugged her.

Coming to her sense Cassandra was shocked at what her roommate had done to her, she had just gave her the strongest orgasm that she had ever had. She reached over and pulled off Gina’s white panties, which were wet now. She pulled her roommates t-shirt over her head… smiling as she marveled at the other girls perky breasts. She bent down and suckled one. The massive tit gave way, being real and not silicone. She sucked hard, emitting a point from each. She kissed her way down. Only one way to thank her for such an amazing orgasm.
She bent her head and her roommate already had her legs spread wide open. She was leaning against pillows. She lay there eager. So Cassandra knelt down with her well-toned ass in the air, and started licking in slow circles her roommate’s pussy. She tasted like cinnamon. She licked closer and closer to the clit that stood erect, seeking attention. She reached in with one hand and began pushing her finger in and pulling it out while she licked. She went deeper and licked harder.
Gina’s hips quivered but she remained mainly still. Cassandra buried her head deeper in. Licking faster as she fingered with the same abandon. She slipped in two fingers and licked faster. Moaning came from Gina, unbidden, she tried to clamp her mouth shut. Her hips moved up and down, covering Cassandra’s face in juice. But Cassandra continued faster… and she slipped three fingers into Gina’s sweet cunt. She licked at the clitoris with abandon… and suddenly with a half sigh half scream, Gina came, covering Cassandra’s face in wet sticky fluid. Cassandra sat staring, shrugged and began licking again at her friend’s pussy, until it was basically clean. She lay down next to Gina and rubbed her breast with one hand, the other she offered so that she could taste herself off of her fingers. Gina smiled, her orgasm had been amazing. No man could ever be as good.
They lay kissing and fondling for a few minutes before Gina remembered that she had turned her web-cam on. She giggled and told Cassandra that she needed to get some work done, but that she could sleep with her that night. Hopping on the computer, she saw that the three guys she was talking to were still on. Waiting. She laughed inwardly. She typed to them, “Did you like the show? Wanna join us for some fun next time?”

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