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Free Rent Part 2

She motioned for me to kneel next to her, so I did. She put her hand on his cock and took my hand and put it on his balls. She told her husband to relax and enjoy his cigar while she gave the training session and not to interupt. his reply was to just lean back into his chair and take a puff off of his cigar. Alice had me gently massage Mikes balls while she sucked his erect cock. I watched with student like enthusiasm as I put her technique to memory. After a few minutes she stopped and had me switch places with her. His penis was wet with her saliva as I gently stroked it trying to get a feel for it. I slowly placed the head into my mouth, lust running rampet through my body. I exhaled and then slid the next couple of inches in. Alice warned me not to try and ake too much all at once, so I just bobbed on the first couple of inches. My hand was always following my lips along his shaft. I fell into an even rhythem as she massaged his tightening balls. As she spit on her finger and rubbed the saliva around his but hole she warned me that he was going to cum soon. This excited me more so I picked up the pace. She slowly slid her middle finger into his ass. She was right because not long after I felt a hot blast hit the back of my throat. I chocked down the thick salty liquid as best I could. Alice laughed at me and said I would get used to it. She asked Mike how I did, he just grinned and said that I swalowed the answer. She suggested that we go to the jacuzzi room for a rest. I followed Mike into the room. It was a large, sunroom that ran the length of the house. At the end with the jacuzzi was a door that lead to the pool outside. On the other end was a pooltable, dart board and a bar. Mike showed me how to use the controlls on the jacuzzi and Alice came back from the bar with three glasses of wine, three cigars, and three ashtrays with built in lighters. She said she didnt know if I smoked or drank, but she brought enough any way. She put the tray down, but didn’t get directly into the water. She squated at the waters edge and one by one she slid the cigars into her snatch and pulled them back out again, glisting with her juice. She passed the cigars and wine out. I gratefully accepted both. I couldnt belive the great taste of the cigar, I didnt know if it was a specialty cigar, or if it was just her pussy juice on it but it was good. We just sat and talked. I did most of the talking, telling them about myself, childhood, etc. They told me stories of swinging and other exciting events in their life. After about an hour, we had finished our wine and cigars, we were still talking, when Alice said she had a surprise for me. She told me to close my eyes and lean my head back. I eagrly did as he requested, this being my new job, and I could feel her stand up in the water. She told me to open my mouth, I did. I could feel her pussy upon my mouth, but before I could put my tounge into action I felt a hot burst of liquid go down my throat. She had gone pee. I opened my eyes to find her laughing again. the harder she laughed, the more she peed all over my face. she appologised, but said she couldnt resist the fun. I told her all she would of had to of done was ask and I would of complied, like the good bitch boy I was. They both broke out into laughter at that and decided that that would be my name when I was “working” for them. Bitch boy. We were all ready to go again after that, and Alice said it was time to see how well I took it up the ass. Mike went to the bar to get some lube while alice and I got out of the jacuzzi. Alice walked over to a padded bench an bent over it telling me to ream her ass out. I kneeled down and spread her ass cheaks and licked her ass. She had me stick a finger up her cunt to get it juicy and wet, then slowly slip it into her ass as I tounged it. Mike came back with two rubbers and a tube of lube. We suited up, then Alice had me lube up her ass and slide my dick in. It was like heaven in there. She told to to just concentrate on fucking her ass to help me loosen up for her husbands dick. mike was remarkable gentle. He reamed me out with his tounge, then used a liberal ammount of lube on his finger to coat the inside of my ass. The lube was cool and felt good inside me. I couldnt belive it could feel this good. I urged him to hury and put his dick in my ass before I came in his wifes. I felt his head against my cheeks. Alice reached arround me to spread my ass for him. He slowly slid in the head of his dick, i had stopped fucking Alice so I wouldnt cum too soon. He was moving too slow, so I backed up into him, i needed more in me. Once he had a few inches in my ass I stopped, and we all three cautiosly started a rythem. I reached arround Alice and played with her pussy clit. She started slamming back into me wildly, it was all I could take. I emptied my load into the rubber. Even though I was spent I didnt complain. I just laid on top of Alice until Mike shot his load. Even with the rubber on I knew he had come, I could feel his entire penis inside me get larger for a single instance when he came.
The night soon came to an end. We showered together, and i got dressed. They said the apartment was mine for free if I wanted it. I told them that I wanted it more now than ever and that I would be back tomorrow with my stuff to move in. Mike handed me a set of keys, they both wished me a safe trip home as I headed out the door to my truck. I got in my truck and just chuckled to myself, and here i thought i wasnt going to be able to afford the rent.
If you liked this story please look for further additions to the free rent series, and drop me a line if ya liked it, or hated it……Soupman1

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