Who’s Your Daddy? Part 6


Glowing orbs and wormholes continued to bend and warp the event horizon outside.

Eric Jay had sexually plundered both his middle-aged mother, Twila Mae, and his future daughter, VeNietta, that day. He closed his eyes, a half-smile of sheer relief appearing. Cooling sweat still ran down his red cheeks. He had done much good this day and was ready for a well-deserved rest. If Fate permitted, he promised himself, he would bang them both hard again soon after resting up a little.

He also wanted to hold both of these naked women close to him, and he wearily slipped down between his tired lovers. He slept with them both cuddled up beside him. They could smell each other’s sex as they dreamed strange things that odd afternoon in 2011.

He wanted to screw his daughter missionary style and watch her face contort up close as he filled her up again.

Unbeknownst to the weary threesome, other visitors from the pulsating vortex had arrived a short time ago. They had watched the last moments of the sexual activity most intently.


For a time, the four shadows played with themselves and each other in the hallway just outside of the master bedroom.

The four even took turns in fellating each other’s rising penises. Their heavy breathing and moaning grew louder and louder.

Definitely masculine voices and outlines.

Broken from her slumber, Twila Mae clicked on the lamp on the bed stand next to her.

The naked threesome awoke to find four young and nude Eric Jays standing at the bedroom doorway. Their cocks were long, stiff and erect.

The four brooding cockmen converged before the bed. They were handsome young bucks in the prime of life ready for copulation, pure and simple.

“I think it’s mating season, my ladies,” Eric Jay realized.

The four cockmen moved quickly to fuck VeNietta and Twila Mae, who made no discernible effort to stop the incestuous orgy. If anything, they welcomed the four pounding shafts, and the initial shock of being ravaged by so many cocks only made their orgasms even more sensitive.

The Eric Jay from the present was turned on as well, but still too tired to get hard and fuck some more. He let his other selves do the dirty work. While watching his replicas do their hardcore bidding on his (their) mother and daughter, he then got the notion to fellate himself by sucking off their dripping cocks whenever they pulled out of the women or moved into another sexual position.

Eric Jay could taste their cunts on the various cocks.

It was indescribable to feel four of his own cocks in his mouth at different times. The contours of the penis head and the long veined shaft, not to mention discerning the vibration-sounding thrusts into one’s mouth, echoing in the ears and back of the head… the hands wrapped around the skull. The throat filling up and saliva issuing forth. He looked up to see a sweaty replica push his pelvis back and forth into his face. The two women were sweet tasting as well.

Finally, after tasting the glazed cocks dipped in pussies, Eric Jay got a huge surprise. One of the cockmen turned full attention to the current Eric Jay, his thick cock now ramming down his mouth and throat.

The thought of butt fucking himself crossed both of their minds, but the seemingly bisexual cockman then shot a thick load into his other’s mouth, thereby ending any possibility for self-fucking.

For the first time, Eric Jay in the present had swallowed himself. The warm, creamy, thick load worked its way down his throat and gently settled into his empty stomach. A good taste of freshly squeezed prostate gland, he mused.

Meanwhile, the women were pulverized exquisitely.

“Ohhh! Oh oh!” VeNietta moaned.

“Yes, Twila Mae… yeah…” one of the cockmen responded to Twila Mae’s incessant groaning.

The cockman who ejaculated into Eric Jay’s mouth now proceeded to blow him. Eric Jay smiled, trying to build up his erection.

The bed where the others copulated continued to rattle loudly and rapidly.

The orgy had now reached a grand crescendo. Like fiends, two of the horny cockmen in quick turn flooded VeNietta’s vagina, while the other exploded in Twila Mae’s.

The four Eric Jays had finished their mission and soon dissipated into the vortex like faint wisps of electrical smoke.

In the ensuing silence, the three remaining souls looked all around them. Empty, gone. They almost expected more restocked cockmen to appear at that instant. The whole bedroom now smelled like sweet, spent sex, too.

A short time later, a ravished VeNietta also vanished back to her own time and place, but much farther into the future. There was no chance for them to say goodbye.

“VeNietta?” Twila Mae cried out. She looked down. Her hands touched her flat belly. Would they ever meet again before her appointed time of birth in nine months?

“I hope she returned home safely. I’m sure she did,” he said.

“Oh, my God,” Twila Mae whispered. “Was this all a dream…?”

“No,” he sighed. “But it might have been heaven.”

Overwhelmed both emotionally and physically at this point, mother and son turned over together to sleep off their intoxicating orgy in the master bed. They would try to sort everything out later the following day, and perhaps even revel in their VeNietta’s conception. They felt too tired even to turn off the lamp on the bed stand.

Later that night, Eric Jay awoke aroused beside Twila Mae. He had just been dreaming of his tanned, lean double giving him head and then inviting him into his own bedroom, where he would get the chance to fuck himself up the sweet, tight ass alone. Cosmic masturbation, Alpha-Omega masturbation, the ultimate in self-love… Fuck yeah…

His breath smelled of the virile sperm that he had drunk from his double hours earlier. In a light sweat, he was now wide awake, naked, with a classic case of morning wood. He had to clear his swirling mind and nagging conscience right now.

With a half-smile, he took a deep breath and rolled over on the bed, where he proceeded to fuck his middle-aged mother as she dozed on her stomach.

Heavens, while growing up, he had always dreamed of doing this kind of thing, too! Almost like performing push-ups with his strong arms outstretched on either side of her, he lifted himself on and off of her in rapid succession. Then his lean, tanned back arched and his firm, untanned buttocks flexed into a certain kind of natural syncopation. He slid into Mom further now. The bed started to sway front and back to his thrusts. In good time, he was pumping her tight MILF ass until she stirred with a nice near-orgasm.

“Oh, baby, push it good.”

“God, I want you, Mom!” he called out. “…VeNietta…!”

Slap slap slap! his pelvis sounded off on her vibrating rump. Slap-slap slap-slap, slap!

“Ooooo!” she screamed with joy, her voice vibrating to his jackhammer thrusts. Her son’s big young shaft broke the wet tightness time and again, and she climaxed hard, barely able to breathe past the sweat-soaked pillow. She was about to pass out, stars streaking across her field of vision. He plowed her smooth, dark depths.

In the warm, yellow glow of the bed lamp, Eric Jay loved the way his mother’s firm, juicy buttocks appeared as a creamy off-white color. The summer tan lines provided a sharp contrast with her browned smooth back and legs.

“Who’s your daddy!” he bellowed in a muffled voice, nearly speaking into the crumpled pillow, his head off to one side of hers.

The quick, deep insertions into his mother’s warm, wet cunt from behind and on top only intensified. He was tapping her for all it was worth, tilling her slick moist love canal with gusto. Meanwhile, his dripping perspiration made her beautiful, soft tanned skin glisten in the lamp light below him as he violently rocked both her entire frame and the bed.

“Who’s your daddy!”

Crunch crunch crunch! was the sound of the bouncing bed. The steady sound of ancient rhythms of intercourse bounced off the bedroom walls.

“Ahh!” Twila Mae orgasmed again, now pushed to her physical limits.

Surveying everything around him, Eric Jay noticed that her sweet, soft feet and painted toes curled in the wake of the countless tingles that now pulsed throughout her spent, violated body.

He then redoubled with utter careless abandon the force of his fucking as he stared into the back of her bouncing bronze head, her tanned arms under her white pillow. He grasped her smooth brown shoulders and held on.

“Oh fuck, Tookie…” he blurted out. “My sweet MILF Tookie… My sweetness and my hope.”

With that perfect vision of his sexy mother so close to behold under him, he whipped himself into a final fast and furious frenzy and ground down into her sweaty ass. He climbed the mountain of ecstasy and agony. Exhaling with a pleased moan, calling out, “Yes!”, he creamed inside her already very full pussy, leaving a respectable deposit to mingle with the other sperm loads. He was literally drained. His purplish mushroom cock head throbbed. His feet had curled in a final rousing of pleasure, too.

Eric Jay could see her tanned, sweaty back heaving because of rapid breathing. After pumping her hard and deep one last time to drag out the intense pleasure that seemed to go so far inside of his brain, he slowly pulled out of her, eyes shut, mouth gaping. He then collapsed beside her, shaking the mattress in the process.

Twila Mae turned her head to catch her breath. She started laughing as her orgasm continued to toy with her senses. So much of her son’s (sons’) semen had settled inside of her now! Her pussy felt like it was flooded, or perhaps clogged was the correct term, thick seminal fluid clinging to her cervical walls and uterus. Perhaps that was into where VeNietta dissolved a short time earlier? she wondered.

At least three substantial tides of human tadpoles had washed up onto her shore in less than a day.

If Mother and Son could have mustered up enough energy at that moment, they would have fucked each other again.

She managed somehow to roll over onto her wet back, a limp forearm resting now on her forehead that was beaded with sweat. She knew that Eric Jay was now fast asleep, and she giggled as she raised her legs.

“John Tallin…” she whispered into the ceiling as she snapped off the bed lamp. “Where are you?”


His mind was bent on the complex set of logarithms. He sometimes dreaded the super-advanced levels of variables to account for in space-time flux.

Enough… his head almost short-circuited.

Taking a break, he pulled out the pornographic magazine. The April 1992 issue of Gallery already looked quite used, he chuckled to himself. Truly, he knew, pornographic materials of the late twentieth century were no match for the holograms and life-like droids of the 2030s. He snickered to himself as he admired the explicit centerfold. But a beautiful woman, ah, that was a goddess in any era. The Woman–a proof of the existence of God. Or of the Devil’s countless whims and fancies, he reminded himself.

He then heard a soft knocking on his university office door.

Slipping the dirty magazine back into the desk, he swiveled in his chair, gathered himself, and opened the door to let in and welcome his young and promising female student.

Another piece of supporting evidence of that basic truth, he told himself as she walked in and sat down in front of his desk. A true divine specimen.

They had much to discuss that late spring day about the potential grant-funded project that would shatter the scientific community…and the world.

Project Mastermind was its official name, but in his own mind, it was Project Tookie.

The girl was an honors student of the highest caliber at this prestigious Midwestern university. She needed the money, but more than that, a promising summer internship that would also give her an edge in gaining more experience in the field of cutting-edge experimental biophysics.

Yes, Project Tookie he called it, the dear nickname he had overheard her friends call her fondly outside of class on a handful of occasions.

He would not yet tell anyone that “biophysics” was his word for time travel either.

This lovely girl was a local academic achiever and athletic star with a penchant for singing. Fascinated by studies in acoustics, she was still playing with the option of becoming a music major in education. In the meantime, he had to hold her close to him, and that meant keeping her at least a little longer in the Physics Department. She had aced his survey courses. So far, so good.

His academic critics of this time and place be damned, because he already knew what could be done through an interdisciplinary model at the most sophisticated levels. His closest associates in the future could only appreciate that glaring fact.

Lives would be made or lost in this cosmic game of high stakes…

But it was more than his professional career and personal ambition or ego that were at stake across the ages.

“Hello, Dr. Tallin,” she smiled, sitting down politely before his desk.

“Ah, my sweet Tookie,” he thought to himself, his cock stirring ever so slightly behind the desk. My own Theotokos (God-bearer)… The bronze hair, the blue eyes, the tanned skin, and the slim, pert figure. The slight freckles on unblemished skin. Her keen mind and dear personality, coming from excellent family stock…perfect for breeding… He recognized the striking traits in himself, yes.

He smiled, the rest of his face of nearly forty years not in the least changed. “Good to see you, Ms. Smith.”

“You may call me Twila Mae, Dr. Tallin.” She shrugged. “Please.”

She crossed her legs. Her skirt fit her well.

“All right, Twila Mae.” He savored those words. Sweet Tookie…. “Thank you for coming today.” His gentle, blue eyes shone brighter than ever before.

She might never have heard of him two semesters ago, but one day she would want him to apply the laws of physics on her… the laws of motion…

Dr. John Tallin’s very life–no, his very existence–depended on Project Tookie’s success. That is, he had to rely upon his filling up her womb before the future rogue scientists could unravel everything…



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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