Who’s Your Daddy? Part 7


Twila Mae, now pregnant with VeNietta, one wintry evening at home heard a rapping sound on the back porch door. Somewhat alarmed to hear it at this late hour, she rose from the living room recliner and stared out the main windows and then approached the French doors leading out to the back yard.

It was a young woman wearing a white dress, barefoot, shivering. Her bronze hair and tanned skin looked so out of place in this environment.

“My God!” she exclaimed, recognizing herself from nearly twenty years earlier. She fumbled to open the door to let herself into the house. “Twila Mae!?” She then felt her fetus leap inside of her; apparently, Baby VeNietta was as surprised by the visitor as she was.

The young version of herself stood frozen for a moment. “You are me? Where am I? What’s happening to me? Please.”

“We have to talk, Twila Mae,” the older version explained. “Come in, dear, and let’s get you warmed up.”

“Are the Eric Jays here?”

“Eric Jay? Oh, Eric Jay will be back later this evening from his classes. You are in our time now, it appears. When did you see him last?”

“Just a short time ago. Two of him, now I believe. In the field…” the young Twila Mae said, looking around. It was an admission of the oddest truth. She tossed a knowing glance at her older self. “Do you remember that?”

“Yes, a little bit now. Yes,” the older Twila Mae confessed. “The strange time dilation seemed to have messed with my memory somewhat.”

“Exactly my feeling, too!”

“Probably affecting all of our memories right now. Eric Jay said much the same after…” She decided not to mention VeNietta just yet. “Then again, the whole course of events is unreal…what we have been doing, that is.” She patted her pregnant tummy again, reminding herself that she was carrying her son’s child, her daughter and grandchild, as well. “It’s all more like taking part in a wild dream.”

The younger version simply nodded at this point, still shaking from the frigid outside air. “I am so cold.”

The older version of herself handed her a soft blue blanket. When the young Twila Mae wrapped it around her white dress rather gratefully, the older one could only smile with dear admiration. She pictured her younger self as a young virgin standing there dressed in white and blue, barefoot, bronze hair and tanned skin, adoring this beautiful, spry young maiden who only a short time ago was touched by a divine, mysterious hand in the vortex. It was this same girl, herself, who agreed to conceive her own son from outside of her own space-time in order to give birth to him.

Indeed, college freshmen and nineteen-year-old honor student Twila Mae Smith had been a virgin until that incredible outdoor moment in 1992. At the time, she had hoped to save her sexual innocence and her bountiful fruit for Dr. John Tallin, the dashing scientist whom she had encountered during her freshmen year. He had met with her about a special extra credit project only weeks before the profound sexual encounter with the doppelgangers.

Still sensing the semen of her son(s) inside of her uterus, young Twila Mae sat down on the living room sofa beside her. “What year is it now?” she asked.

“It is 2011. More than nineteen years have passed.”

“I see.” But the semen was still fresh and quite alive, less than an hour old, according to her reality in 1992.

Silence lasted for several moments.

The older Twila Mae interrupted the disturbing quiet by noting, “Do you remember Dr. John Tallin?”

The young girl paused, closing her eyes as if searching the deepest depths of her mind and soul. “Not well, but I do remember Dr. Tallin when he visited with me following the end of my college class, and just before spring term had ended. Spring 1992. He told me that I was a final selection for a special grant project. I think that I had signed up for it to earn some additional money. But all the rest is fuzzy, so hazy to me right now.”

“I wish I could tell you more. I can’t quite place his face either.”

“I can’t either.” She shook her head. “I sort of thought Eric Jay might be him, but that doesn’t make any sense,” the young girl said.

“What does right now?”

More silence ensued.

The elder Twila Mae said, “But it all seems to be coming back in bits and pieces. But not fast enough to my liking or probably yours, Twila Mae.” That sounded so odd to talk to herself, to call out her own name to another knowing that they were the same person at two distinct times and locations simultaneously. Familiar and alien at the same time.

“You are pregnant?”

“Yes.” Should I tell her the truth? she wondered. Or just part of the truth? “Yes, I am pregnant with Eric Jay’s baby. It was wonderful. The storm made us do it.” Her thoughts ran to the young VeNietta from the future who was a key part of that threesome, all in order to make herself incarnate in 2011. “It will be a girl.”

“Do you have a name for it, or her?” the young Twila Mae asked, blushing excitedly. The news was overwhelming.

“VeNietta,” the older one replied, smiling, but she refused to go into further detail for now.

“VeNietta,” the younger one whispered, nodding with a slight grin. “Very nice name.”

The older Twila Mae thought it best to avoid bringing up the issue of the conundrum of the future VeNietta for this displaced younger version of herself. They both still had so much to sort out.

“Eric Jay is so sensual and powerful, isn’t he?” the young Twila Mae said. “I mean…he, they were brilliant in the coulee.”


“I hope to bear him for us.” The younger Twila Mae patted her own abdomen as she looked into her elder’s eyes.

A brief flash of lightning occurred outside, barely discernible to the two Twila Mae’s.

The older woman smiled back and touched the younger one’s abdomen. The younger one then reached out to touch the full roundness of her elder’s. The older Twila Mae held the younger one’s hand onto her big belly for some time. They both gazed into each other’s eyes.

“He planted his garden inside me,” the older Twila Mae sighed. “His seed inside you now.”

“Yes, very much so. I can feel it inside me. It is newly planted seed,” she closed her eyes recalling the incident. “Part of me in more ways than one.”

“Part of us…”


The older Twila Mae said, “Eric Jay will return from his evening class later. We will see him.”

The younger Twila Mae took an anxious breath. “I hope that I will be able to stay here long enough.”

The older version recalled how VeNietta had vanished in a mere flash that past summer after the incestuous orgy.

“Would he like to plant more seed into me, just to make sure that I can conceive him? I am still ovulating at this time.” The younger Twila Mae stared into the mirror image of her own blue eyes.

“As if Fate already knew this time of planting season,” the older one said to herself. “And I want to help her harvest the man who will plant his seed in me again….”

After a pause, the older Twila Mae announced, “I forgot how beautiful and vibrant I once was! You are ravishing, Twila Mae!”

The young girl blushed with a lowered smile. “Thank you. You are a stunning lady, you know. I can see why Eric Jay desires us both so much.”

Like her hunger cravings during pregnancy, the older Twila Mae felt a sudden pang of desire and adventure. “You said that Eric Jay’s seed is still inside you.”


“Can I smell it? Can I perhaps taste him inside of you? Just for a moment in eternity? This moment is so overwhelming for me!”

“Yes, please… but it is very deep inside now…”

“Just to smell your musk mixed with his love, that’s all.”

“Yes, please…” The young Twila Mae parted her lips in a welcoming smile. She felt the electricity in the room, as another flash appeared outside. She proceeded to lean back and spread her legs, lifting up the blue blanket and white skirt of the dress.

Squatting down onto the floor in front of the sofa, the older Twila Mae sank her face and mouth over young Twila Mae’s mound.

“Mmmmmmmm,” the older woman groaned, as she breathed in the musky smell of young vagina and fresh semen together. “Yes, he was here. I can recognize his scent anywhere now.” Her tongue began to probe the clit and vaginal lips.

Young Twila Mae closed her eyes, sinking into bliss as her older version salivated at her pussy. She lifted her tan, lean legs to rest the back of her knees on her elder’s shoulders, her sexy feet with red-painted toenails dangling and curling. While the woman ate her out, she ran her tender young hands through the elder’s bronze hair that was practically identical to her own.

The tongue darted in and around the vaginal entrance, the warm, wet cave quivering as lips and tongue performed their powerful magic. Young Twila Mae moaned and then climaxed deeply, her whole body shuddering on the sofa.

The older Twila Mae stood up, licking her lips and relishing this bizarre scene. “I suppose this is the ultimate form of masturbation,” she laughed, “better than what any cucumber could do!”

Young Twila Mae was dizzy with orgasm, and she could only gaze up at her older incarnation, who looked like a she-wolf ready to devour her young.

“I love you.”

“Do you want me to taste you…and VeNietta?”

“Yes…” The older Twila Mae lifted up her night gown, slipped her panties to one side of her crotch and let the girl get down on her knees in front of her and perform cunnilingus on her. “Yessss…!”

The younger version lapped up the purple-pink vulva and licked the swollen clit of her future self. She could almost imagine feeling it as well. Her tongue washed across the creamy, smooth thighs and up to the protruding belly button. Her hands roamed to feel out the pregnant belly holding and nourishing her future daughter-granddaughter. Her eager fingers worked their way to the massive breasts and nipples ripening with six months of pregnancy.

The older version peaked in ecstasy, too. Her entire body quaked as she held the young woman’s head between her legs.

“Let’s go to the master bedroom, Tookie…” pregnant Twila Mae told her young self-lover, taking her by the hand.

The girl smiled.


Eric Jay returned home later that evening from his physics night class and lab. He called out for his mother and worked his way to the back bedroom. There he found his pregnant mother and her younger version—the one he remembered out in the field—still making passionate sapphic love on the master bed, their naked bodies interlocked. When they both turned toward him, his weariness soon faded with a jolt of pure desire.

“Please enter the chamber,” the pregnant mother told him, extending both arms out to him. “Plant your seed one more time in the girl. I could still taste you inside her from that time in the field.”

Memories from the field came back to him in vivid colors. The young man undressed at this command and hopped onto the bed to devour the younger version of his mother. He smelled and tasted her sweet, pulsating pussy, as if to confirm that he had in fact fucked her in the field. He then laid her down on her back. On top of her now, he entered her vagina without hesitation. He began fucking her hard, which made the bed rattle, just as he had done to VeNietta some months ago…just as he had done to young Twila Mae in the field oh so long ago, or not so long ago.

As she watched them copulate, the older Twila Mae massaged his muscular, pumping ass. He responded by thrusting deeper, harder and faster up the young goddess’ cunt.

The older Twila Mae also kissed them both as they engaged in coitus.

Sweating, Eric Jay could feel his young mother’s vagina clamping around his hard cock, but the pussy was slick. Very slick. He sensed that some of his own fluids from 1992 now helped lubricate his ferocious series of thrusts into her love cave in 2011. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, aware of what was soon to come.

“Sweet Tookie…” With the force of a tidal wave, he ejaculated one more time into his young mother, Twila Mae. He groaned. She took him in all the way, calling out his name in a happy shriek as her older version kissed her mouth shut.

Eric Jay beamed like a conquering Julius Caesar; the cock hero eased out of his young soon-to-be mother. The sheer idea of fathering himself made his loins quiver once more. As he did so, his older mother licked and tasted his soaked cock. Some remaining thick ejaculate pulsed out onto her flicking tongue, and she could discern the mix of her own younger self’s vaginal fluids and her son’s semen, an intoxicating tangy-sweet-and-sour cocktail.

Eric Jay was now spent and had to lay down to sleep between them both.

Later on, the pregnant Twila Mae was able to ride her son reverse cowgirl, allowing the younger version occasionally to pull out his confident, purple cock and taste her vaginal secretions as well, before placing it back in for more fucking. Her swollen pregnant belly and tits helped her to grind him down into the noisy mattress.

Eric Jay was about to cum one last time. The older woman stopped riding him and pulled him out at the last second. Standing up, she let him spill a lesser load into the younger woman’s hungry mouth, as if awaiting for a Communion wafer.

Young Twila Mae swallowed his remaining precious, life-giving sperm.

Near the end of the night, a lightning flash took place, and the young woman disappeared into the void. Eric Jay and his older mother were alone sleeping in bed in the year 2011.

The young Twila Mae awoke to find herself in a groggy state of mind, but still quite aroused. Her dress was half on her, exposing her tits, just as she had been in the bed with future Eric Jay and Twila Mae. Almost gasping for air as she sat up on her picnic blanket, she was back in the open, green field in the wonderful summertime.

It was 1992.

She turned around to see the two doppelgangers starting to walk away toward the coulee and then turn into strange multi-colored orbs and disappear into the vortex. She had just fucked them moments earlier!

She pulled up the top of her dress and gathered her few belongings. It was then that she noticed the blue blanket from the future was also with her. She had it wrapped around her while sleeping in bed with her future lovers. She packed it up with her as well.

Young Twila Mae brushed back her hair and wiped her mouth. Rushing to the university in desperate search of Dr. John Tallin, she could still taste Eric Jay’s fresh sperm in her mouth from nearly twenty years hence.



(Image Source: Forbidden Fruits Films)

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