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Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me

The Story of How My Best Friend Humiliated Me in Front of the Girl of My Dreams and Made Me Watch Them Have Passionate Sex

JT and I had been friends since the 3rd Grade. We competed with each other in everything and hung out all the time. I have straight, combed-over brown hair, greenish-grey eyes, and a gawky physique. JT was slightly shorter, but more confident, barrel-chested, tan skin with piercing blue eyes. We were both competitive and challenged each other. We spent every summer hanging out at the local pool checking out the girls at we got older. Around the time we turned 10 in the 3rd grade, JT started ripping on me constantly for fun. I was young, awkward, and took everything personal so I often held my anger and resentment inside always unable to respond or stand up for myself. It was subtle enough abuse that a bystander would perceive it as guy friends messing with each other but I just saw it as JT being a dick. I figure when we got to middle school, he’d mouth off to some guy and get what’s coming to him. He was brave but he was shorter than me and not too much more bulky.

Anyways, a few years went by and we were in the 6th grade. I was sure I’d be way more popular than JT in middle school. I was wrong however. It was the 2010’s and if you were black, Hispanic, anything but white, you were automatically cool. So quickly, being a manipulative snake, JT made the move I failed to do: befriend the most socially powerful people of color in the school. Of course all of the women our age were infatuated with the boys of color so the best way to score women was to integrate oneself into the black and Hispanic kid’s friend groups and impress them with how accepted by the people of color you were. I found the ploy to be shallow and devious but to my astonishment, it worked. I was a gawky, pale white kid and at the time I had tried to succeed with a few women in the school that were scalding hot Latinas with long, thick beautiful black hair and big brown eyes, also one of the first girls to develop womanly breasts at our age. They all rejected me because I was really white, including my personality to a degree, while JT on the other hand was plenty successful in both impressing and attracting such women despite being a white blonde haired, blue-eyed kid. His exceptionally tan skin and charming charisma certainly helped, which I bitterly envied. As the years progressed, he grew more popular while remaining my friend but humiliated me in public more for attention, laughter, and praise. He would find ways to make me out to be a goof, a jerk, or a jealous nerd in front of everyone while simultaneously convincing everyone he was this ultra-smooth stud. I hated it. For example, on the last field day of 8th grade, in front of the girl I was talking to (Isabela Ramirez who was way out of my league but almost started dating me), he humiliated me in a game of basketball. Pissed off and confrontational, I pushed JT which spurred a fight I knew he intended to cause. After he wrestled me to the ground,  he had got a hold of my left wrist, swung it under my stomach back between my legs and pulled it up like a lever, crunching my balls. He did this repeatedly until I submitted to his dominance. The whole crowd laughed at the sight and ew’d when my tongue plunged into the sloppy, wet pile of poop. I squealed a bit at first because the taste and smell was so bad. JT pulled me back for a moment to whisper into my ear that things were changing from now on, and that High School was going to be like this everyday. I continued to eat the mound of hot shit while JT commanded I “eat that shit like a man!” The last hour of field day we had remaining consisted of JT making me tell our class the consistency of the shit I was eating. It was hot and sloppy on the outer layer but cold and chunky like fudgy sewage on the inside. Later that day, JT got to make out with Isabela in the hallway and she showed him her big bouncing Spanish boobs in the bathroom. Groups had conversations saying this was the best field day ever. The whole thing was posted on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Over 1000 people saw it.

Freshman year hit. I had been forced into submission so many times that my levels of manhood had sharply decreased. I was scrawny, soft chinned, and had little mojo and confidence. JT emerged on the scene like a bronzed stallion, cocky as ever. His Testosterone had increased so much as all his success with babes was very evident. He had grown slightly taller than me now. His skin had tanned gold, his hair which was longer now, flown down the sides of his head in feathered in shiny golden locks like a Greek god, the charming smile on his chiseled face was irresistible to women along with his robust and muscular stature. By the time our senior year hit, he had given me so many nut wedgies and swirlies in the bathroom in front of the hot babes like Kiara, Alina, Isabel, and Sheela, my confidence was more than diminished. I had always hoped he would catch an STD from all the sex. But no. Instead, rumor had it that all the sex actually made his dick longer and erections last longer. Every time he dominated me in front of a woman, it was like the ethereal center in my balls through which masculine energy (mojo) flowed, which JT and I referred to as one’s manhood, had been choked out by all the humiliation. It was like he would feed off stealing it from me and increase his manliness. Needless to say the women loved it when he did this and it turned them on, which in turn, greatly aroused me myself. I hated it.

By the time we were both 18, I was ready to start anew at a college somewhere. To my despair, JT along with many who praised him in High School ended up at the same local college. I looked like a younger version of the guy on the left and JT looked exactly like the guy on the right:

At the new college, we were given roommates. I was put with this fat kid named Frank Krauss who was a huge asshole. He was messy, overstepped boundaries and would sometimes for no reason grab me by the neck and hold my head down where he’d fart and laugh. I was stressed all the time, which became evident in my appearance. I was on this floor with some other people however that were pretty great and unlike in High School, thought I was pretty cool too. JT got to room in a much better dorm with large private bathrooms. His roommate, Tyrone, was a football player/pledge to the Delta Phi Omega Fraternity on campus. This meant JT almost immediately became friends with both the football team and the biggest party frat on campus. Ridiculous, I know.

However, the one upside of living in the dorm I did was that on the other hallway perpendicular to the hallway I lived in was this absolutely, stunning, beautiful, gorgeous smokin’ hot babe named Victoria Atwell: transfer student from Winchester, England. Below are pictures of a UK model who perfectly captures EXACTLY what Victoria Atwell looked like (More Pictures Later) —

See the source image
See the source image

First sight of her was unreal! I mean, yes, in our high school we had plenty of babes with smoking hot bodies (I was particularly obsessed with big boobs) but none had ever come close to Victoria. Easily Movie Star quality. She had long, thick, shiny, dark hair flowing down to her lower back in shiny curling locks. Big, captivating Blue eyes and full lips complemented by a big sexy smile. She wore provocatively tight shirts and blue jeans which emphasized her curvaceous hips and slim waist, and as you can imagine, BIG boobs. Really big. Anyway, when we first met, she was actually a lot more polite and charming than most of the hot girls I knew high school who would just give me snarls of disgust and disinterest if I tried to talk to them. She had a lovely voice, mature/sexy and womanly, like Jessica Rabbit with a very sophisticated accent. I never saw her roommate except once during November of that year – talkative and kind of loud. Needless to say though, she was the biggest crush I ever had. This dame gave any man who saw her an instant boner at first glance.

It was after a few months, however, that the realization sat in that JT was also at this university. Every fantasy about dating (and doing it with Victoria) was now tainted by a nightmarish twist where JT does what he always does. I tried to block most of the negative thoughts out and focus on things like school work and forging friends with the kids on my floor who were more brainiac nerdy types like me. This was actually going quite well for a while. Second semester began, still getting a hard on every time I saw Victoria and talking to her more and more. It finally seemed different in terms of my ability to talk to beautiful women again.

It was around the time in early March where I thought about soon asking Victoria for her number and to potentially go out on a date with me when JT started showing up in my dormitory hall.


Apparently, my roommate, the jerk who made me periodically smell his farts, was on the same football team and fraternity as JT’s roommate Tyrone. One day, as I was playing some nerdy computer game on my laptop, Frank walks in our room with Tyrone and JT, only this time JT was walking/talking with Victoria.

See the source image
See the source image

Caught off guard and embarrassed, I was shocked by their entrance into my room more shocked and terror stricken that JT was interacting with Victoria who I didn’t know he had met. At the initial sight of seeing them together, it was like every negative emotion of anxiety and inferiority accompanied by hyperventilation, increased heart rate, and perspiration came back to me in a flash. While Frank and Tyrone began to check something out on Frank’s computer, Victoria began to greet me but was interrupted by JT rudely blurting, “Oh yeah, Herbert’s a nerd.” Frank standing up straight and looking at us said, “You know this fucking loser?” I thought that was a harsh remark even coming from Frank. Victoria seemed a little confused. Most girls, like the ones from High School, at this point produce an evil smirk at my abuse, fitting into that dominatrix/hotwife archetype. Little conversation was had in the next few minutes, me being the only real one uncomfortable given how intimidated I was by all of them, but especially JT. I hated how he had gotten significantly more muscular since graduation. Frank and Tyrone were looking on their chapter’s website which apparently one of the senior brother’s had created about the biggest party of the year. At the mention of it, Victoria said she couldn’t wait for her first time at an American party. I don’t know if most English women have that attitude at 18 but Victoria seemed like she was really into party scenes. I remember what she was wearing that day in early March. Like always, it was a tight, white t-shirt with black letters and ripped jeans with some boots that made noise when she walked. As she left the room to I think meet up some of the girls from Lambda Psi, the other fellas in the room started talking about how hot she was, and how hard they would smash.

Exiting the room themselves, Tyrone and Frank made gay jokes about me which both JT and I never cared for. JT liked to make his attacks much more real and personal which is why when we were alone in the room, he put his hand on my desk and arched over to get into my face saying, “Don’t you ever forget what High School was all about, Flendel. It’s about JT gettin’ the good stuff,” I hated when he talked douchey like that, “JT get’s the girl and no matter how bad you want her, I’m gonna be the one who takes her away from ya.” Completely paralyzed by the intimidation he had over with the craziest look in his eyes, I honestly wondered to myself, at this point in my life having taken his shit for so long, why was he doing this to me? So I decided I would humble myself and honestly beg JT that he not take this girl from me and explained how much I wanted this woman (It was REALLY, really, bad). He took a step back, a huge grin over his face and shook his head saying, “I know you can’t stand the thought of me snatching Victoria out from under you, especially at that party which you’re probably not invited too. In front of all these new people, they’re going to watch the ultimate slap of your manhood as the hottest chick to probably ever walk this campus chooses me over you.” I became nauseated just listening to him describe it. It was the most vivid vision of the future I had ever imagined. And the worst part was, Victoria probably was LITERALLY the hottest woman to walk this campus. I’m not kidding folks. JT, before he himself left, seeing he had mentally destroyed me, mentioned that he’d have some help from his boys secure a special treatment for me if/when I showed  up to Delta Phi Omega’s party. I yelled at him accusation, saying that wasn’t fair or adequate. He quickly got up in my face and said intensely, “You just sit back and watch the Boss handle the business, that way he go’n give it to ya, cuz he go’n give it to ya good, long, and hard!” I had no idea what this meant. I later found out he was not talking about doing something gay but rather humiliating me in a very degrading way.

The next two months went and my anxiety peaked again. I couldn’t sleep and had reoccurring nightmares turned into wet dreams about JT hooking up with Victoria at the party. I hated that I was intensely aroused by the thought of him cuckolding me. I was so close to getting her to go out with me by the end of March, and I was sure JT and her friends were fucking that all up for me. Despite the fact that we had chatted regularly by second semester, when JT came around, he got the attention of all the fellow students on my floor. Even my nerdy friends saw him as this god. I had to stoop to low level of dignity to eavesdrop on a few conversations sorority girls had with Victoria, recommending she hook up with “that hot guy JT at the Delta House” when the party came around. I was infuriated, so frustrated that not only did things always seem to work toward JT’s advantage, but also that those stupid sorority girls were helping him steal her away from. However, what I heard in a conversation Victoria was having with her roommate, Carla Baumgartner. I was almost exposed listening to them when this other Foreign Exchange Student walked by and saw me but fortunately, he was cool about it. Anyways, Carla was actually rather nice to me when we interacted in the hallways. Listening to what Victoria and her were talking about in the lounge, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my name being mentioned. Victoria was actually talking about how she supposed I like her and speculated I might even ask her out soon. She didn’t seem put off by the idea either! In response, Carla suggested she attempt to hook up with me at the frat party! I couldn’t believe my ears. I was astonished and psyched! But Victoria’s response was not so reassuring. She stretched out the word “Welllll…” and continued to explain that while she thought I was cute and nice, she wasn’t sure I would make a definitive decision and it was her last semester here. So despite her doubts in me, I went against my instincts to doubt myself as well and said to myself that I would show both her and JT that I could rise to the challenge and get the girl!

By the time May came, my grades were looking okay, I had plans for the summer, and Frank (my roommate) was hardly ever in the room. I hadn’t had a nightmare about the scenario in weeks, except for the time in April when I watched a conversation of JT and Victoria from afar. Victoria was wear a tight all-black t-shirt tucked into her high-waisted jean shorts which pulled her top over her chest accentuating her massive bust. JT was throwing a football in a tank top. I knew that douche bag was flexing his arms the entire conversation. This is all aside from the point. So eventually the time for the party at the end of the Spring Semester came. Was I nervous walking up to that frat castle, strobing with lights, littered with pretentious people (most older than me), bass blaring from speakers as splashes and diving boards could be heard from the pool? HELL yes. I was greeted at the door not by some huge senior Delta Phi president who would threaten to kick me off his porch but rather Tyrone and JT. I was confused as to why the house was letting them act as bouncers for the party. They said it was because Freshman (Tyrone was no longer just a pledge though) had the duty of watching the entrance. They decided to let me in with a menacing aura. JT always acted friendly toward me in public, as we were technically “best friends since 1st grade.” However, I now looked like I was about 19, JT looked like he was easily 23 years old.

It was dark inside, large bodies of people dancing, smoking grass and drinking alcohol. Everyone in there looked a lot older though. This was terrifying because I hadn’t considered all of those older frat guys attempting to sleep with Victoria that night. JT was no longer my biggest concern. However as the night went on, I saw more of the older guys with their girlfriends, most of whom were members of sororities. Everytime I saw a huge frat guy cross-faded on a couch with some girls laying on him, I was relieved the seniors were spending time comatose or throwing footballs instead of swooping in on Victoria. I knew almost no one there so I was basically on my own. I struggled to find JT, Victoria, or even Frank and Tyrone. Victoria was nowhere to be found even though I knew she was coming to this party. It was a massive house with many rooms, a basement, and a large swimming pool in the backyard. I reached a much larger living room which I had passed over many times when the song “I like it, I love it” by Lyrics Born came on. That’s when I saw her: Victoria. She looked so hot, Oh My God. My breathe was taken away, all my blood rushing into my penis. She was wearing a super tight, bright- red t-shirt.


She had actually cut her hair a bit shorter but it looked super sexy. She had hair like Jaclyn from Charlie’s Angels in this picture but just down to her shoulders.

The loud sound of the bass, wavy guitar and breathing sounds perfectly synchronized with the hypnotic shaking of her curvy hips. She turned, swaying her hourglass body in the middle of dance floor, surrounded by her girlfriends but clearly visible in the crowd. She had a drink in one hand, inferably buzzed but not drunk to the point where her judgement or balance was off. No, she knew what she was doing, she knew how to move.


About 30 seconds passed but I felt like I had been watching her dance for hours. This was it. I was going to approach her, having never had sex before or even attempted to do anything with a girl this hot before. With her back turned, bubble butt rocking to the music in her tight jeans, I approached. But just in that moment, Tyrone, JT and three other frat brothers (I think juniors) returned with more alcohol. As they came through the door, lots of people spun around to see who arrived and cheered at the sight of these “heroes.” Victoria, as she turned to see them, was absolutely thunderstruck by the magnificent sight of JT. It was actually like that scene in the movie “Daddy’s Home” when Will Ferrell sees Mark Walberg’s character for the first time and the song “Thunderstruck” by ACDC plays. I hate to admit it but he was practically glowing in that instance.


JT confidently strides right past me and approaches Victoria so as to ask her something, her not even noticing me though I’m within five feet of her. At that moment, one of the seniors DJ-ing the party stopped the music to announce on the microphone that Delta Phi Omega house was now hosting a dance battle. To some of you this may seem dumb or corny, but the first couple rounds were actually quite entertaining. The primary contestants were either shorter athletic guys who could do cool slips and spinning shit or some comical fat dude from the football team who knew how to make the crowd laugh with sarcastically sexy dance moves (ironic humor because he’s fat with a neckbeard).

I spent most of my energy trying to separate Victoria from JT as I knew what he was up to. I got lucky for a moment when some of Victoria’s girlfriends dragged to do something downstairs real quick. I walked up to the small DJ platform, pissed that JT was back on the playing field for Victoria and madly confused as to why a Freshman (JT) who wasn’t even in the frat was had so much influence and involvement in their party. I asked him if I could say something on the mic. He told me to fuck off because I was a freshman but when I reiterated that I wanted to challenge someone to a dance off, he allowed for it. I spoke on the microphone that I challenge JT to a dance off. The crowd was of course interested in a direct voluntary challenge. Once I circled around the DJ table to the dance floor, at close range JT, smug yet exhilarated by the challenge, asked, “You sure you up for this Herbert.” With a mean squint in my eye, I told JT to remember the one way in which no one was cooler than me in High School: making people go crazy reacting to my dance moves at events like Homecoming, Court warming, and Prom.

So the dance off began with me going first round. I wasn’t too nervous because Victoria wasn’t back yet so even if I failed, she wouldn’t see it, plus I knew JT had little to no dance moves. Surging with adrenaline from all the pressure, however, I began with the dance move I was relatively famous for in High School. I executed it perfectly. However, to my surprise, no one was digging it. I continued to do it, slowly sputtering out with a look of confusion on my face and the crowd reciprocated with looks of disappointment themselves. I was shocked. Trying to recover while the music was still playing (I think it was something by the Weeknd), I continued to try and pull off dance moves but they were repetitive and incoherent. A few people started booing. I stopped out of self-defeat and embarrassment. The DJ called JT forth, and around this time Victoria and two other girls came back upstairs through a near doorway. The DJ started playing Bottoms Up by Trey Songz, to which JT gave me a sinister look of psychopathy. As JT stepped forth, Victoria and her friends began spectating. The worst part about this though was that the song actually begins with Trey Songz singing 4x “It’s Mister STEAL YO GIRLLL” At this point I became semi-nauseated. I had hope though, as JT could still embarrass himself as I did. He didn’t though. He somehow managed to pull of some disco-like moves that looked good just because he was muscular and confident. As he moved side to side across the dance floor you could see how caught up Victoria and her friends were in the movement of his body.

As I watched her friends whisper suggestions about JT into Victoria’s ear, I knew it was over.

As he finished dancing at the close of the song (which was made 3 minutes shorter for the party’s sake, he got up in my space. He asked me how I was going to stop him from fucking Victoria now. Nobody else heard him but I was so angry I didn’t know what else to do, so swung at his face which was about 6 inches above mines. He ducked it, however, and swung a nice jab to my balls. The whole crowd makes that woah noise of surprise. Catching my breathe, right as I was about to call him out on giving me a cheap shot in what was supposed to be a fair fight, he shouts to the whole spectating crowd that “this Freshman is a racist!” I thought “what did he say? What the hell? JT continued, “He has repeatedly slurred my roommate Tyrone and many of our Latino-American brothers and sisters on this campus!” Many people making noises of appall, scold me. Victoria, looking down on me with shock and disappointment, asks me if this is true. I of course shout, “NO! He’s lying! It’s what he always does to steal the girl! He just wants to have sex with you!” People in the crowd make remarks about me being a dramatic loser. JT, faking nobility, looks down on me and says, “I would never do such a thing. I value women for who they are, but seeing as you aren’t a man of integrity and pride, I’ll give Victoria the sex she needs if you can’t man up to the challenge.” Even he was blowing complete smoke out his ass, no one picked up on it, even the overtly sexual implication of his last statement. I didn’t do anything but continue to hold my balls while on my knees. JT whistles and my roommate who had recently entered the scene left to get something with three other frat guys on cue. I knew he had planned something much ahead of time like this. JT now standing beside my kneeling body asked aloud if the people wanted to him “put this racist, sexist loser in his place!” (He just added the sexist part in there that time without anybody noticing). Victoria, though she had been kind to me in the past, now cheered along with the crowd as she had been convinced by JT that I was some sort of jealous bigot. My heart dropped as I saw the look of disdain on her face. JT knelt down next to me and whispered that which made me both miserable and incredibly aroused at the same time: “You admit that I’m the Alpha Dog. You admit that I am the Alpha Male and that you’re the Beta when I fuck your girl in front of you.” Preventing myself from getting a boner in front of all these people while still incredibly aroused, I nodded and submitted. JT was the dominant. Moments later, Frank and some sophomore frat brothers returned with an old toilet dislocated from a pipe system . It was brown and had some spray paint letters on the outer bowl. The stench was immediately recognizable. The boys set it down in front of me, the crowd excited to see what was coming next. To my devastation, Victoria had that same look of excitation on her face. Frank bent down to let me know he personally took the shit after eating three spicy black bean burritos. This kid was my roommate from August 15 to May 21st of 2017 – trust me, I knew it was going to be bad. JT asked Tyrone to help him give me a swirly. Tyrone with an angry look, nostrils flaring, says, “Let’s swirly this racist white boy!” The crowd cheered as they lifted my legs by the ankles over my upper, positioning me like a wheel barrel. JT says, like the true enemy of mine he is, “You go’n eat that shit, Herbert!” Fully aware of the fact that this was all happening in front of Victoria Atwell, the hottest woman till this day to ever enter my life, my head was submerged into a putrid mixture of vile crap and undigested beans and corn. Pitying myself and sick of the struggle to succeed even once, I shook my head in the goopy water screaming and gargling. The whole crowd laughed and applauded like crazy.

One of the frat brothers tossed me a washcloth to wipe my face off once Tyrone and JT set me down. As I finished clearing the brown muck from my face, I saw JT standing really close to Victoria. I wiped my eyes once more to find them staring into each others eyes with a look of deep sexual intention as she slid her hand up and down his muscular chest while he held his hands on her waist. Devastated, more so by the humiliation than anything else, I watched Victoria suggest to JT that they find a room upstairs. JT quickly hollered at one of the seniors, who he was inferably cool with, if he could take one of the rooms. The senior, OF COURSE, granted it while Frank or somebody else tossed JT a Delta Phi Omega Wood Paddle. He then looked at me, Victoria watching with a devious look in her perfect blue eyes, commanding that I follow them upstairs. Reluctantly, I get off my butt and trail close behind as Victoria, the girl of my dreams, pulls JT by hand to the destination where my ultimate cuckolding experience will take place. We get to the room. Victoria tells JT she wants to “get ready” in the walk-in closet while we wait. JT commands me to sit down on the bed. Victoria closes the door behind her. JT stands in front of me, looking down. I ask him what the baby-crib-sized contraption next to the bed is and what it’s for. He tells me it’s a harness the fraternity locks their pledges into so as to spank them with the wooden paddles. The sound of that make me uneasy. JT could tell how much I had been flushed with anxiety and hyperventilation. He gave me a small bottle of something to help, I don’t know what it was but it was made of green glass. I think it was some sort of THC syrup derived from a sativa strain of MJ. It made my body calm down while making my mind much more alert. Things started going fast yet slow-mo. Out of focus yet crystal clear. Interrupting my deep train of thought, noise being super concentrated at this point, we her Victoria holler from behind the closet doors, “You boys ready for this?” Right before she burst through JT quickly grabbed the remote controlled stereo and pressed the play button which caused Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold to begin. My heart began to beat really fast and I started sweating. She walked through those doors, waltzing up to us and stood before us in this exact pose. (The Picture Below is so strikingly accurate in depicting exactly what Victoria looked liked, I almost jizzed when I first saw it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found it on the internet. This is basically what we saw)


I knew it was early summer but I didn’t think a white girl could be so perfectly tan. Her nipples were a little bit bigger than the model in the picture but Oh My God did she have the hottest breasts I’ve ever seen. Her stomach so smooth and perfectly sculpted. She looked JT in the eye with a fierce look of a real woman who knew her way around the bedroom. She shook and flung back her wavy, layered, thick, parted brunette hair in the most sexy way. JT then proceeded to manhandle me and force me into the contraption, adjusting the part where my legs were cuffed in. I was essentially suspended, stomach down, legs split and lifted above upper body while parallel to the bed but my head at the foot of the bed. My cock and balls dangled in the air below me. I watched from below as the aroused Victoria, surging with sexual hormones, pushed JT onto the bed. He laughed in excitement as she swiftly ripped his pants down his legs and tore off his shirt with her own hands. The first guitar solo of the song began as she slid her sacred vagina onto his thick, meaty, 9-inch cock. They both looked back at me. Lowering his arm beside the bed, JT spun the wooden paddle that was in his hand, positioned it behind me, and gave me a good THWACK! in the manhood, which means my balls.


Squealing like the Beta Male I am, this profoundly increased the amount of sexual pleasure Victoria was experiencing in the moment, letting out a great moan of erotic passion. The sexy bass of the song and the riffs of the guitar began to synchronize with their motion. For some time, Victoria stroked JT’s massive chest muscles. Running her hands over his bulging, tan pectorals made her increasingly wet as it made me jealous of JT, and that simply aroused JT even more.


He picked up the paddle off the nightstand and wacked my balls once more before proceeding to feel, rub, and squeeze Victoria’s perfect boobs. It was the most intense and erotic agony watching his palms stroke her voluptuous, round, plump, jiggling, soft boobs.


The sensation of touch on her nipples cause her to once again cry out with pleasure.


Victoria Atwell was riding JT’s massive cock while I stayed there and watched as JT periodically humiliated by spanking my balls. The sex just got hotter and hotter. More grunts and moans, more undulating of the bodies. She would look back at me with a devious smile and say in a faint voice, “Smack those nuts again.” THWACK! THWACK! two smacks that time. JT would aggressively assure me by saying, “You go’n feel the wrath of the alpha dog!” JT looked up at Victoria and asked, “You know why I always get the girl, Victoria.” In her super sexy British accent she asked why and he explained like a total meat head, “Cuz I’m the Alpha Male. Herbert is the Beta Male.” Looking down at me with indignation he yells, “Isn’t that right, Herbert!?” I reply “Yes, JT!” He shouts, “I dominate you!” and paddles my balls again. I would cry out, “I submit to the Alpha Dog!” Victoria really got off to that.

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent is like 8 minutes long, which is already longer than I could last, but eventually when the song ended, Victoria got off his junk while JT told her to grab the oils. There was a large bottle of Massage Oil, I think it was coconut and some other stuff (Made sensation on skin more intense). This made me maddingly jealous as it made me aroused. Sitting  up for a second, JT told Victoria to give me a good smack. She slowly waltzed around the contraption I was suspended in, picked up the wooden paddle, and gave me four swift whacks with pauses in between, declaring, “Down with the oppressive White Man! Men like you don’t have the balls to stand up for oppressed like JT! You’re weak! You will submit to the Alpha Dog!”


Luckily, the ball paddling prevented me from getting a boner but everything she was saying was SO cucking and hot. She mounted JT’s cock again and said, “Give me that Massage Oil.” JT then slouched back into the pillows and pressed next on the remote to the stereo which played Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback. The guitar made sounds like a powerful revving engine, which based on her reaction, seemed to symbolize to Victoria the stamina and power of JT’s sexual drive and performance. Victoria shook her hair with her hands and then proceeded to rub massage oil all over JT’s chest muscles.


She would comment on how manly he was, with his good looks, strong muscles, big balls, and for showing bravery in the face of bigotry. Like the douche he was, he made a pec-pumping motion with his chest muscles and said, “That’s what I do.” Victoria bursts with laughter of sexual pleasure and started kissing him all over his neck. Moments later, she swung back up straight and grabbed JT’s wrists. I knew what she was doing and JT knew how much I loved big boobs. She poured massage oil into each of his hands and placed them on her breasts. I squealed in protest but they both shouted harshly at the same time, “Shut the Fuck Up!” She pushed her breasts together like this and he lathered the slippery oil all over her round jiggling chest. She gasped as her brain released massive amounts of oxytocin at the touch of JT’s oil filled hands.


Looking down at me and smiling on my torturous humiliation

Her big boobs shining and sliding in his hands. JT would make groans of immense satisfaction as he glided his palms over the biggest pair of milk jugs her had ever seen. She rode him with passion. By the time the bridge of the song came around, I felt like I was going to cum. The looks they were sharing, the looks they were giving me. They had sex through Animals by Nickelback, Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, Gold on the Ceiling by Black Keys, and then they both simultaneous climaxed during a lesser known song called Run Me Like A River by Bishop Briggs which turned us all on because the powerful vocals, sounds of percussive chains, and perfectly timed base drops.

She rolled over to lay down at his side.


I was weeping from the deeply psychological humiliation, but more the fact that he succeeded in stealing the super sexy Victoria Atwell from me.

They both rested for a few minutes until she got up and went into the closet to change back into her clothes. I was like 1:00 AM at this point. She re-emerged, smiled at JT, thanked him for the shag, and told me “Remember what happened her tonight, racist! I hope I never see you again!”

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