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Ex wife gets last laugh. Careful what you wish for

Um pathetic” she said with a laugh while stroking my 6 inch rock hard cock

“why is that?”. I asked my soon to be ex wife who’s hand was jerking me off for what was probably the last time.

“because you are…its disgusting”

“so why are you doing it” i asked”

“closure Iguess.  Besides” she laughed in that bitchy attitude laughwhile talking “if your stupid enough to sign away the house just to live out this stupid fantasy of yours…now can you hurry up and cum…are you close”

Typical.  My wife of 3 years, even on our last time together not giving me even an inch.   See I had always shared fantasies with her including the ones where’s she cheated on me…she would have no part of it in our bedroom not even role playing…although she did end up cheating on me and ultimately leaving me after I found out and confronted her and even told her we could keep it together if she shared details.  She never would except on rare occasions when she had been drinking and would taunt while we were having sex with remarks like “go gentle I’m a little sore”, “I hardly feel you now” or “this is for you to get off.   If I was wanting to get off you know I wouldn’t be here right now”.   I don’t know what hurt more, the fact she was telling the truth or that she was delivering it so fact of  matter.    This was my fantasy to know my wife had been naughty and to compare me..lbut not so honestly withno emotion or love.   She liked being cruel, even when we were intimate .


It was quiet in the basement as she wasn’t talking.  Only her stoking my cock filled the void”

“will you tell me one thing about it?” I broke the silence”

” my god.   Will it make you cum quicker?”. She continued her methodical stroking

“is he bigger than me”

“I told you before I am not going to share my sex stuff with you”

I got angry as in many cases I did as she would push me to an end”. “you cheated on me which I said was ok if you would just tell me things, and you refuse.  To the point you are now screwing him, possibly living with him and divorcing me…and I’m signing away the house in full if you simply give me one hand job on your breasts and you can’t even give me this closing present from our 7 years total together…

“I just don’t get it.  You want to get off knowing that some guy fucked me better than you!?!

“I just want to know…it’s a fantasy and you did it you got to have the fun but never shared it with me.   I want to know how you feel

No answer.  Just a chuckle and the sound of her hand stroking my cock and then she dropped her hand, laughed a little and murmured “fine…hope this gets you off”. She turned and grabbed her purse  I thought she was walking out,but she grabbed her phone and hit a couple buttons…handed me the phone and went back to stroking my cock.


Go ahead” she said staring at me with defiant and angry eyes.   I looked down at the phone and saw she had cued up a video…I hit play and it immediately showed my wife, drinking and being fondled by a guy while she smiled and laughed at e camera.   I looked up at her and she was just staring back with the “fu k you ” eyes I had seen on many of our fights.    The video broke the silence with the sound of The guy talking shit about me ” duche husband wanna see your wif efucked?  “. They were laughing and I heard her telling him many of my secrets that I had shared with only her…

“taped this a few months back”.  She interrupted the video while stroking my cock”  I was just drunk enough and pissed enough that I was going to let you see your fantasy,but honestly never wanted to show it after I sobered up”

I looked down at the video to see her making out with the guy and then him removing her shirt and bra.  Rubbing and sucking her breasts.  My wife’s breasts.   I glanced away and caught her just looking at me continuing to stroke my cock.  “hubby wants to see a real dick” the video continued to add audio while my wife and I simply stood silent    The picture showed her dropping to her knees and pulling out the guys thick, hard girthy cock.   She began to suck on the head and shaft and the guy said something that wasn’t picked up, but she laughed and replied “no, he doesn’t get this attention”.    I heard the guy off camera making jokes about me and my cock…everyonce in a while I’d see my wife stop sucking on this guys cock and chuckle or smile at the stuff he was saying.


I was speechless.  I was heartbroken, humiliated, and turned on.  I couldn’t believe his was actually happening.  The video chimed in again with the sounds of my wife breathing heavy and between energetic sucks saying something about “you are close I can tell…you can cum in my mouth”.   Those are words I had never heard from her.   I mean she gave me occasional blow jobs and let me cum in her mouth maybe 3 times, but practically ran to the sink after, but this blow job looked like she was enjoying it, wanting him to cum…not the “chore” it seemed for her with me.   The guy added something about wanting to fuck and the camera turned upside down followed by more laughter and he video ended

Without a word she dropped my dick, took the phone and flipped to the next video hit play, slapping the phone back into my hand and re grabbing my cock. “this what you wanted”  she said as the video started up and I see them now in a bedroom kissing and grabbing both naked and him close to entering her.

I watched as this guy slowly rubbed his cock on my wife’s clit until her hand guided his tool into her.   I could tell as he pushed slowly that it was filling her up.  On video she was arching her back while this guy thrust in and out of her, alight moan that I knew all to well.   “close yet…this working for you” my wife said aloud, breaking my focus from the video back into the reality of her hand and the constant stare she had in me.   I looked at her with questions , too many to ask all at once.    She just stared back, no answers other than ” tell me when you are close…I don’t want this mess all over my house”.  I looked back at the video where my wife was being soundly fucked hard and enjoying it.  A big cock on a young stud fucking my wife.   I felt my wife’s other hand on my balls while she continued to stroke my cock.  She knelt down on her knees and exposing her breasts.  Tugging my balls and stroking my cock  while I watched in erotic horror as this guy fucked my wife…I looked down and my wife contined the stare.  I glanced between the phone and her. I was close then heard the guy groaning.   I looked back to see him spraying my wife’s gorgeous chest and stomach with spurt after spurt of cum.    She started jerking me harder, cleared her throat and added ” you like that?”

I was hard and about to cum.  I started fucking her hand “did you enjoy it” I asked already knowing the answer”

No answer.  I could tell i was losing it I blurted out “tell me you enjoyed it”. She stared at me,never flinching and. Bluntly answered “he was bigger and better and I’m glad I fucked him…I  never would….”

I blew my load.  All over her beautiful boobs (which to this day not fully certain were natural or not).  She stood up with a degrading chuckle and said “well. Let’s wrap this up”.  She grabbed a cigarette as I had requested in earlier negotiations, lit it up, looked at me and said “you want to clean it up now, ick….go for it” she laughed at me


I hesitated for a second.  This was my fantasy…I wanted her to cuckold me, to humiliate me in private and to own me.   It had just come true and I had lost my wife and was now sad, hurt and feeling embarrassed, nit to mention now that I had came, wanted no part in the clean up duty that I had fought for for so long.

“no no.   Don’t look at me with that I just came and am normal again look” she fired off.   This is your sick perverted fantasy.   I went through with my side, now go through with yours.”.   I started to bawk I gently started to talk “hey…I’m sorry abou”. She reached down and grabbed my dick hard and said with assertion ” I don’t want to hear your bullshit, I just want you to finish this up so”.    I realized I had pushed her too far. That she lived it. I was the one for the past couple years saying to grow some balls and do stuff,yet she did…I was the coward that hid…I had to close this up…I began to,lick the gross tasting sperm off her chest

She inhaled on her cigarette and let out a satisfying grunt as she did when she knew she had won.   “hope yer enjoying your last look at my breasts there buddy”.  She added in a quiet victorious voice “I Didn’t think you would actually lick it up,, but apparently you are a little gay like I told you before”

I tried to stop but she yanked on my cock really hard and said “noooo.  Not done.   Clean it all up freak”

I went back onto her left nipple and licked up a large goo piece

She let out a laugh. “that is so sick.   Oh my god. You are so pathetic.

I alway pictured her getting excited about owning me like this so I went to touch her while I cleaned up.  She chuckled a bit and let my hand touch her through her jeans “you like that….yeah…no no. That’s not for you.   I am so far from turned on right now, but I am getting turned on at how good you are at cleaning up cum”.  She laughed and pushed my hand away as a teasing denial.    “here too” she pointed to a spot…I licked it up”and here…good…alright buddy that should do it” she said dismissively as she pulled her chest away from me, taking one last drag of the cigarette and putting it out and pulling her bra back on.    She pulled her shirt over her head, looked at me and let out a laugh.  “your face looks absolutely hilarious with your own cum all over it…ha.  You were right we should have done this a long time ago…I didn’t know I had married a gay guy…all makes sense now”.  She was heading up the stairs and I tried to stop her “wait…”.  She whipped around “we are done…you got what you wanted and I got…well a good laugh today”.   I pleaded for her to stay to talk anything…she replied with “I could never be with a man that did what you did today.   I can honestly say I lost all respect for you while you sat there and cleaned your mess up.  It makes me embarrassed that I was ever with you, but hey we all do things we regretted, right”.


You don’t mean that…stop the acting and tell me what you really are thinking” I pleaded


I mean we are done, I would never be with a guy I don’t respect and today, you lost most of what was left.  She walked up the stairs…I followed.  Her phone rang and she answered it while walking out the door “noooo I’m done now “she laughed into the phone “I will be over in a few, but have a glass of wine waiting…what?   Jenn is over..awesome I have a story about my ex I cannot wait to share…”she looked directly at me as she opened her car door and added “yeah need to get this off my chest”. She laughed more and I could here the people on the other line laughing as she said “yep….oh my what a day…”.  She cupped the phone as she backed out and said “if my boyfriend ever becomes gay I will send him your way..from what I saw today .im sure you’d like to clean up his big cock almost more than I do!


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