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A Dream Come True

She did not tell him tht she was coming to town. They had talked and she knew that he would be home that weekend with no plans, so she booked a flight and packed her bags. For almost four years they had been talking back and forth on the computer and had built quite a repore and became very good friends. One thing they shared was their love of writing and sharing fantasies. On many ocassions they had written each other of the dreams they had had and what they would do to one another if they got the chance. Today, she would see those dreams come true. She boarded the plane with a teenage-like anticipation. Something shehad not felt in many years. Anxious to get to her destination, she ordered a drink and sat back into her seat, she would dream while the plane was in route. Once they were on the ground at her destination, she quickly went to a phone and called her friend. He was home as he said he would be, they talked for a few minutes and she told him that a friend of hers was delivering a package for him to a local motel and that she wanted him to go and pick it up. She gave him the time to be there to get the package, he agreed and they hung up. She smiled as she thought to herself, “ou have no idea what kind of package ou will be getting.” she picked up her bag and hailed a cab. Once a the motel, she checked in and told the counterman that someone would be coming to pick up a package, she handed him the name written on a piece of paper. She then instructed him to tell her friend that he had to go to room 102 to get the package, then he was to call the room when the gentleman headed that way. With the help of an extra 20.oo, he agreed. She went to her room and unpacked, pulling out the specail outfit she had purchased just for this ocassion, Red silk with black lace trim, black stockings and a pair of black high heels. She showered and dressed, then lit some candles and got out the glasses for their hello drink. then she waited. it wasn’t long before the phone rang and the desk clerk told her the gentleman was on his way. She opened the door slightly and stepped into the bath to wait for him. A knock came on the door, she replied “Come on in’ He entered the room stating who he was and that he was there to pick up a package, she stepped out of the bathroom and quietly said. “I know..” with a mischievious smile of satisfaction. She walked over and he took her into his arms, they kissed, it was better then anything they had ever written each other about. His arms were strong and held her with force, as his lips moved from hers to her throat then to her breasts. She walked him toward the bed and he lowered her down to a reclining position, kissing further down..she had to stop him and pul him back to her lips…as she kissed him hard and passionatley, she worked off his shirt and moved down to undo his belt, he felt so good…she wa getting lost in him…she turned him over and now he was on top, working her hands down his chest. lightly scratching with her nails..she began kissing his cheest, running her tongue down his abdomen to his waist band. By now the belt was undone and she worked his jeans off, then using her teeth she grabbed the band of his briefs and pulled them down. Once the clothes were out of the way, she began kissing his inner thigh and working her way back to his manhood. The musky smell of him was an intense turn on and she went after him like a hungry lioness. She undid the front of her outfit and exposed her breasts, moving in slowly she placed his cock between her breasts and begn to move back and forth, her hard niples rubbing against his legs..ahe then flicked her tongue across the head of his cock, teasing him with what she had planned. He grabbed the back of her head and sat up, then he bent and kissed her hard as he grabbed and massaged one of her breasts…she returned his aggression with a shove and pshed him back onto the bed..she then moved down to partake of his delicious member..starting at the base, she slowly licked up the underside of his cock…then moved back down to run her tongue around his balls, taking each one into her mouth and rolling them around one a time…the slowly she licked twining her tongur around adn around his cock as she worked her way to the tip..once there she sucked in quickly to cover it with a rush of cold air, then as she began to descend on his gorgeous cock she blew hot air as her mouth covered it and she took him all the way down..a short time spent sucking then pulling back up again..ummm, his precum tasted so good….she continued this teasing for a little while, then with no warning, he grabbed her, and pulled her up to him…kissing hard, tongues flicking in and out of each others mouth, he turned her and buried his face in her hot wet cunt..his tongue working furiously, lapping like a thirsty dog, hitting all the right spots…her back arched to meet his working tongue, just as she was on the threshold, he stopped…he moved up to her breasts and began methodiclly sucking on each one, then he thrust his cock n to her cunt and began slowly moving, her body moving to match his, his strength was atonishing as he held her head with one hand to his mouth and held himself up with other…the force he used was more of a turn on then she had ever imagined..she clung to him, wanting everything he had to give her…is thrusts became harder and faster…his balls slapping against her ass as they fucked…she was more turned on then ever before, she wanted to fell him in her ass and she whispered that request in his ear…he smiled then turned her over…so much of her juices were flowing that nolubricant was needed, gently he slipped the head of his cock to the entrance of her ass…she moved back to meet it, then she moved onto it with ease and intense pleasure…he slid into her ass all the way…she could feel his balls againt her cunt…he reached and grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze…then he moved, in and out…ohhh, it felt so good…he took one hand and began to rub her clit….her ass was now grabing and releasing as he he began to thrust in and out…his balls slapped against her cunt with every thrust and between that the rubing of her clit she was about to cumm…he grabbed her shoulder and began to slam into her ass harder, she began to rub her clit and take each chance to play with his balls that she could get…together they reached that magical moment as she arched her back to meet his final thrust and her pulled her shoulder to pull her closer to his body, his hot cum filling her ass and her hot juice flowed down her hand…she twisted to meet his face and they kissed, again hard and with passion and wanting…together they collasped on the bed, “Interest you in a shower? she whispered..” “Uh huh”, he replied…”Then we can prepare for round two” she said with a sultry smile. “We have almost four years of fantasys to fulfill tonight and I want to get in as many as I can” He laughed then kissed her, “Your wish is my command my lady”, together they entered the bathroom for a shower and the beginning of an even more fulfilling evening….Until chapter 2 comes out…

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